Justice For Trayvon, the TV Show

Zimmerman_Trayvon_Oakland_Riot_Verdict (1)Justice for Trayvon Martin? What does that really mean? Do Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, even know what they want out of that demand? And do their lawyers or the syndicated, civil rights mafia she’s fronting even care at all?

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What exactly would justice look like for Trayvon Martin? For most of the Martin camp I tand_image_1373745955hink it would look exactly like a lynch mob. Mom and dad say they don’t want that. They say they don’t want violence. They say they want their son honored. They say they want justice.But…would they even recognize justice if it came up and bit them in the ass as this point? Do they really want justice, or does Sybrina Fulton just want to prove she’s not a bad mom? (Trayvon’s biological mother.) Does Tracy Martin (his biological father) just want to prove he didn’t screw up his marriage and destroy his son’s future because of the home life he shattered three times through poor parenting skills, career laziness and philandering? I’m not making charges, I’m just asking questions–questions that should ask themselves because of what the Martin camp doesn’t tell you, compared to the storyline they weave up front and their overtly weird familial arrangements.

I’m a Scandinavian. I’m a born cynic. There is no such thing as “face value.” Face has no value. But I had Tracy Martin down dead cold before I read any of this:





And I had Sybrina and her lawyers dead cold before I read any of this:


There’s clearly at least two things going on here. One is the George Zimmerman case, which ostensibly is a done-deal. It’s wrapped up. It’s all over and turned out to be a straightforward, open-and-shut self-defense case having nothing to do with either race or gun laws. Wrapped up that is, except for legal reprisals liable to be very embarrassing for the special prosecutor and the Martin family’s Civil Rights Gestapo who usurped normal legal procedure through sheer political intimidation, and skipped right to an asinine 2nd degree murder charge by way of a gubernatorially appointed state-level prosecution (persecution) team that bypassed standard Grand Jury review. Frankly, there wasn’t any effort spared in screwing over Zimmerman’s chance of a fair trial.

A former employee of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey’s office plans to2013-08-02T221608Z_1_CBRE9711PUZ00_RTROPTP_3_USREPORT-US-USA-FLORIDA-SHOOTING_JPG_475x310_q85 file a whistleblower lawsuit against George Zimmerman’s prosecutors, his attorney told Reuters on Tuesday.

The action will put pressure on Corey, who already faces criticism from some legal experts for the unsuccessful prosecution of the case, which led to the acquittal of Zimmerman for shooting unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s defense has also called for sanctions against her and her prosecution team.

Ben Kruidbos, Corey’s former director of information technology, was fired after testifying at a pre-trial hearing on June 6 that prosecutors failed to turn over potentially embarrassing evidence extracted from Martin’s cell phone to the defense, as required by evidence-sharing laws.


That there was no evidence of racism at all, much less killer racism, in the Trayvon Martin shooting was obvious to the original police chief and investigative team in Sanford Florida. It was also obvious to the original prosecuting attorney. It was equally obvious to theProsecution-portrays-Zimmerman-as-overzealous-wanna-be-cop state-appointed special prosecutor who was allegedly assigned the case under the self-righteous state mandate that Trayvon Martin had been the victim of unbridled, naked racism, and that the Sanford local authorities had refused to prosecute a “white” man just for killing a “nigga.” That argument never made it into the courtroom, because the proposition that George Zimmerman was any sort of racist was comical. There was nothing but evidence proving that George was instead, a mild mannered guy who mentored black youth as a volunteer in a community center, led a Civil Rights campaign against white Sanford Police officers who’d abused a homeless black man, and took a black girlfriend to his high school prom. Nonetheless, George’s Zimmerman’s persecutors gamely stumbled on with a brazenly hollow and awkward, self-defeating lineup of courtroom harangues, bad witnesses, unintelligible witnesses, witnesses and evidence that only helped the defendant, thus disproving most of their claims on their own, and pleading appeals to the jury centered around desperate, confusing leaps of illogic and fantasy, in their attempt to pin something or the other on Zimmerman. In the final moments of the case, the prosecution had panicked and determined it had no chance of gaining either 2nd degree murder, or the lesser included possibility of manslaughter. It began begging the judge to allow the jury to consider charges of “child abuse,” because Trayvon was still a minor.





So that’s the Zimmerman trial. That’s one issue sorted out. Or should be. And then there’s this coalition of black American pissers-and-moaners determined to erect or resurrect careers as professional free-lance race-baiters or perhaps find or re-establish their position as “House Niggas” somewhere on the fertile plantation of the “Great Society.”Cornel2 And make no mistake about it, for this lot, they don’t really give a damn about Trayvon Martin except as an excuse to bitch, a venue for their bitching, and a convenient framework upon which to hang their collection of longstanding excuses for their own failure as “leaders” in the “black community.




It would be easy to single out Sybrina Fulton’s lawyers as the backroom orchestrators of this national production of a particularly clumsy racial farce. But that’s what they do. That’s how they make their living, and God Bless America I suppose. America is the land of opportunity, and they’re certainly opportunists. They’ve already pocketed around a half a million dollars paid out by the housing association of Retreat at Twin Lakes, where Trayvon died. They’ve tapped a victim’s compensation fund out of the state of Florida that may get them some petty cash, around 30,000.00 at the most. They’ve no doubt got a piece of the FL TRAY GPB Crump, Sharpton, JJ in backgroundTrayvon Martin Foundation, and who knows how much money that guilts-in off of “Whitey.” Their plan A, however, which was obviously suing George Zimmerman himself, ran into a snag when their coerced criminal prosecution culminated in an epic fail. (And I’ll bet Retreat at Twin Lakes is kicking themselves for not waiting.)

But, so far, Sybrina and Tracy have about a million or more reasons between them to play “happy couples” on the Twin Lakes settlement alone, in case you’re wondering why they’re back together all of a sudden after more than 14 years of hating each other’s guts.download (19)

Brandy Green, the married woman Tracy Martin was shacking up with at Twin Lakes the day Trayvon was shot, is out of the picture cold. Though you’ll hear her described cheerfully as Tracy Martin’s “fiancé,” that’s obviously not true since she’s already married and has long since vanished. Make of that what you will. Brandy Green is not Tracy Martin’s “fiancé” and never was. Not really. Maybe he told her that. But not really. It just sounded better for the cause than “lover” or “shack-up partner.”

Alicia Stanley, the woman who actually raised Trayvon Martin, and who is still may be married to Tracy Martin, is out in the cold also. But don’t count on that. Lawyers. Custody. Community property etc. It’s just a matter of time. Will CNN and MSNBC cover the follow up of that development? Not likely.

Stanley, who spent 14 years helping raise Trayvon, became emotional again when talking about how painful it was to not be able to sit in thedownload (22) front row at her slain stepson’s funeral.

“They told me to ‘get in where I fit in,’ ” Stanley said, getting choked up. “I can’t sit on the front row at my son’s funeral to see him home. That hurt me, that was the most painful thing they could do to me.”


For a whole year, the public had been sold an ex-wife. The public had been sold a fiancé. Turns out neither of these two women actually had anything to do with bringing up Trayvon Martin. The woman who did raise Trayvon wasn’t even mentioned, wasn’t even part of the narrative. The real question to ask about Alicia Stanley after she parted her way through the Martin machine’s vapor of conniving fart-gas and appeared out of the cosmic ether to sit down before the cameras of CNN, is how much are they now paying her to shut up and go away?


When Trayvon was a toddler, Tracy cheated on his biological mother, Sybrina, for some period of time, with at least Alicia Stanley and probably others. He then slithered himself out of Sybrina’s life and took up with Alicia. At some point early in his father’s divorce from Sybrina, Trayvon was shopped over to Alicia and Tracy, and they raised Trayvon as a couple in the same house, from the age of 3 until shortly before his death. That’s all 14 years of his conscious life. By then, Tracy had been shagging Brandy Green for some months, and when that became a problem for Alicia, Tracy moved in with Brandy at Retreat at Twin Lakes. He was probably just tired of Alicia by then anyway.

Though Trayvon had grown up with Alicia as his mom, and was raised with Alicia’s two tm1daughters from a previous marriage as sisters, when Tracy left Alicia, he for whatever reason, decided to send Trayvon to live with this biological mother, who Trayvon didn’t really know or care much about it seems. According to Alicia, he spent 90% of his time living in her household as he was growing up, and only had the occasional visit or sleepover with Sybrina and her mixed offspring from various relationships, including Tracy Martin. In any case, Trayvon didn’t take to that adjustment very well, and when Trayvon started getting into trouble in and out of school, Sybrina sent him to stay with his father and Brandy Green, at Twin Lakes.

The rest is history.

I think we can assume Trayvon didn’t like rooming with his father’s new girlfriend much either. The night he was killed, he had only arrived that day. Instead of hanging out with dad and his new squeeze, he walked off to the store, and then wandered outside in the rain all over the housing complex for almost an hour that night, talking to a girl “friend,” instead of coming back home to daddy. And then again, there’s the probability that neither Brandy nor Tracy were even home that night, and that they’d left Trayvon home alone to watch his little brother. Nobody’s publicly asking those sorts of questions for some reason, and though the police reports are no doubt quite detailed concerning such matters, no media outlets have bothered to pull from those either and explain it to us.

So, if the legend of George the “nigga killer” Zimmerman, is the first Big Lie told by the Martins, the second Big Lie the Martin camp tells is this tale of the perfect happy home with mom and dad and baby Trayvon. images (57)The Martin faction and its lackey press have systematically lied about all the basic relationships between Tracy, his son, Sybrina, Alicia, possibly still his wife, and Brandy, the married lover initially being passed off as a “fiancé.” Pretending that Sybrina and Tracy are simply a couple of grieving parents wins civil damage awards, gets you on the cover of Ebony, but Tracy and Sybrina Martin are a triple washout as a family. Trayvon actually came from three broken homes stacked on top of each other. Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are not a family at all and haven’t been for over 14 years. They are not “co-parenting” as the popular idiots pretending to be “reporters” or “journalists” in the mainstream media pretend. Tracy Martin is a shameful example of fatherhood, and by all accounts Sybrina Fulton couldn’t tell you what Trayvon’s favorite breakfast cereal was, or what hand he used to sign his name, or even if he could write.




To pretend that Trayvon Martin’s overtly dysfunctional multi-household family based largely upon serial adultery and abandonment isn’t likely to have factored into cultivating his thug-like behavior is idiotic. Trayvon Martin is a case study in why good kids go bad without sound male and female parental role models. But that’s not what the Martin team is selling. That’s certainly not what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, or Spike Lee want you to think about. They don’t make money off of that problem. They’d never pull off a rally themed: We Oughta Kick Our Own Asses For The Way We Sabotage Our Own Community!

No, instead, the “New” Black Panthers put a price on Zimmerman’s head, and hypocrites like Spike Lee Tweet out what he thinks is George’s address and invites his quarter of a million militant black acolytes on Twitter to go and get him.

Twitchy, a site founded by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, has been leading the charge against Lee’s actions by posting photos of his retweet alongside several tweets from others who advise that a visit to Zimmerman’s alleged address is in order.

“Get this mutha fucka!!” says one tweet with the address. “Dies,” says another that also includes the address. “Ima get a group of niggas to KILL George Zimmerman (the fat ass racist ass white man who killed Trayvon Martin)! He deserves to DIE!!!!” says another.



Perhaps it’s been fatally ingrained in the “black community” that the drama and adventure, the eventual profiteering from the Race Industry that began in the Civil Rights Era, is thedownload (32) epitome of “black” stardom. Perhaps racialists like Spike Lee and the Martin family circus are simply trying to cash in on the fame and respect of being seen as a Civil Rights Champion, because there simply is no other success the “black community” really respects. The fact that one of their own has become president of the United States they have for so long hated and maintained as an eternal oppressor nation, rather than fulfilling their fondest wishes, just lets the gas out of their biggest bag of wind. Perhaps that’s why Jesse Jackson was crying at Obama’s election victory. He thought he was out of a gig.

Never mind. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, has been a textbook example of courage in the seventeen months since her youngest son was killed by George Zimmerman. Thrust into the public sphere during a time of great personal tragedy, Fulton has carried her pain with incredible poise. It was no different when she spoke before the National Urban League in Philadelphia this past Friday. She told the audience: “My message to you is please use my story, please use my tragedy, please use my broken heart to say to yourself, ‘We cannot let this happen to anybody else’s child.’ ”

In that moment, she made the connection between herself and Mamie Till, mother of Emmett Till, the teen slain in 1955 for Emmett-&-Mamie-1954allegedly whistling at a woman, even stronger. Speaking on her decision to have an open casket at his funeral after her son’s face had been so badly beaten and disfigured he was unrecognizable, Mamie said: “I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.” These mothers of black sons publicly asked us to use their pain to seek justice. However, the way we use that pain cannot diminish the reality of the people who live with it. By which I mean, we have a bad habit of acting as if black women exist only as props in the story about black men and it’s time to stop.


Selling the lie. Selling the lie.

Trayvon Martin died because he doubled-back on George Zimmerman, a night watch volunteer who was keeping an eye on him until the police arrived after a spate of violent crimes 171496020and burglaries in the neighborhood. Trayvon did not normally belong there, he’d just arrived and nobody knew him. It was dark, raining, and Trayvon had been milling around out there for going on an hour, far away from the house where he was visiting. He did not just run down to the store for tea and Skittles. He was not just on his way back to his father’s crib. He was skulking around in the dark in a strange neighborhood for an hour in the cold and dark and rain. Trayvon had 4 minutes just to go home after Zimmerman lost sight of him, reporting that he was running away. His place of temporary residence was less than a minute away at an easy walking pace. Twenty seconds at a run, if that’s where he was really running. If he was truly concerned about being watched or followed he could have easily juTrayvonMartin_GunViolencwst gone home. Instead, annoyed at being “profiled” by a “white” man, he apparently snuck back around some buildings and got the jump on  Zimmerman, the night watchman who was annoying him with his vigilance. When Trayvon Martin was shot, he was on top of George Zimmerman, had him pinned down, was in complete control of the situation, and was wailing away, bashing Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk like a madman, while Zimmerman screamed for help.

And it wasn’t even close. The jury believed Zimmerman’s entire scenario based upon the evidence provided: Trayvon assaulted him, mounted him, beat on him, and Zimmerman ended the assault with one gunshot. But the best argument the prosecution could have even hoped to prove, is that the whole encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was a mutual clusterfook. Sybrina Fulton even confessed that this was her belief at one point during a fleeting moment of honesty and insight. She soon recanted this assertion when reminded by her attorneys that all the money they were going to get was based upon a conviction, and any conviction for anything was dependent upon her playing the victim and continuing to scream about racism.

Fulton was interviewed on NBC’s “Today” show the morning after George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the death of her son.

When asked what she would say if she could talk to Zimmerman face to face, Fulton said a person should apologize if they are remorseful. She then said she believed the shooting was an accident and things got out of control.



UPDATE, 1:20 p.m. ET: Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton, who said on the “Today” show early Thursday that she believed the killing of her son was an “accident,” has retracted those comments.

“George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood,” told MSNBC in a separate interview.

EARLIER: Trayvon Martin’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, said in an interview on the “Today” show Thursday that she believes it was “an accident” that George Zimmerman shot and killed her son in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26.

“I believe it was an accident,” Fulton said. “I believe that it just got out of control, and he couldn’t turn the clock back. I would ask him, did he know that that was a minor, that that was a teenager and that he did not have a weapon? I would ask him that I understand that his family is hurting, but think about our family that lost our teenage son. I mean, it’s just very difficult to live with day in and day out. I’m sure his parents can pick up the phone and call him, but we can’t pick up the phone and call Trayvon anymore.”


With all due respect to the mysterious juror B29, George Zimmerman download (38)got away with homicide, not murder. Because it was justifiable. But apparently, even though she couldn’t quite grasp the vastly different connotations of those two words, B29 was quite able to come to the understanding that even if she wanted to personally call it “murder,” there are times when “murder” is “justified.”

(Here we see a snapshot of ABC’s Robin Roberts physically putting those infamous words into B39’s mouth.)


The whole truth, is that legally, however the scuffle between Zimmerman and Martin started, at the point where Zimmerman was pinned to the ground being beaten with impunity and fearing for his life or serious bodily harm, he still had a self-defense case. It was homicide, there was never any question about that. But it was justifiable homicide.

Despite the race-baiting bluster of the Martin offensive, it was never in the cards that George Zimmerman was going to be portrayed in the courtroom as a murdering redneck–even though that’s the exclusive proposition the Martin camp pitched to the entire nation for over a year and still tries to. That’s the entire premise upon which the “Justice for Trayvon” movement was contrived. 99414891-trayvon-martinHowever, in practical, legal terms, it was far too obvious a lie that would only give them away in court. Outside of court however, that never did and still doesn’t matter to the worshippers of Saint Trayvon of Martin. Lie away. And just keep repeating it.

To compare Sybrina Fulton to Mamie Till, is to take a big dump right on Mamie Till’s legacy. To compare Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till, is to suggest that Emmett, like Trayvon, almost certainly had it coming. There is no legal similarity or moral equivalency between these two fatal incidents, the trials that followed, or the people involved in them. I’m tempted to suggest that those are the sorts of comparisons only terminally brainless people make: Uninspired, undiscerning idiots who don’t have the intellectual capacity or honesty to perceive things as they are, and are only capable of projecting what they feel emotionally about any given subject into their perception of the world so that what they want to be true becomes the truth. Emotion becomes their reality.

In the real world, Emmett Till was dragged out of his house, his eye gouged out, he was beaten about his face in till it was unrecognizable, he was tortured, shot, and dumped in a river by a group of actual dumbassed rednecks who killed Picture of Emmett Tillhim expressly for allegedly touching or flirting with a white woman. They came in, said “Give us that Chicago Nigger,” explained how they were going to teach him a lesson for his filthy behavior with their pure white flowers of southern womanhood, transported him to a secure location, battered him into a pulp and then shot him to death. Trayvon Martin in contrast, was shot cleanly once through the heart in order to get him to stop smacking the hell out of a defenseless neighborhood watchman he had pinned down in some sort of paranoid fit of macho bravado. The man who shot him was a fairly dark-skinned man from a multi-racial minority, a mentor of young black children, a service volunteer who lived in a diverse community, citadelyearbookwho dated black women, and a man who was decidedly brown, not “white.”

In the real world, The entire jury, the judge and court hearing the Emmett Till case was staffed from the start with KKK members. It was overseen by the avowed, racist white power structure that ran the whole south at the time. In spite of the evidence in Emmett’s case being so clearly against the accused, a jury of completely white, hillbilly racists nullified the obvious evidence and let Till’s admitted killers go free. Emmett’s murderers admitted right after exoneration that they had indeed done it, and boasted of all the details openly without any reprisals whatsoever. They lived peacefully on to become obscure old men. George Zimmerman’s court was conversely,kkk_lynching1 rigged entirely against him from the local mayor to the black president of the United States and his black Attorney General, who even in light of Zimmerman’s complete exoneration under an intensely slanted prosecution, continue to ponder tactics through which to perpetuate his persecution on a federal level, once again, pretending to be avenging some great racist travesty of justice. This in spite of the fact that Zimmerman had already been investigated by the FBI, the Sanford police department, and the Florida state attorney general. Not deterred by the facts, federal Attorney General Eric Holder put up a web site and a tip line hoping to drum up spies, white-lynching-partyfinks, stool pigeons, and back-stabbers, in the event that there was some old girlfriend or some guy he cut off in traffic once who still had a big enough stick up his backside over it that they’d come up with something good to use against George Zimmerman.

So far…nothing. Except for this:

Benjamin Todd Jealous, the head of the NAACP, launched a petition shortly after the verdict which read that “George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin.” The petition has since received over one million signatures.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/21/legal-experts-dojs-zimmerman-tip-line-merely-gives-impression-that-agency-is-acting/#ixzz2cHIq7cU3



Contrary to Emmett Till’s killers, George Zimmerman has been in hiding and protective custody for over a year and will likely have to remain permanently underground for fear of his life from the black hoards of threatening  Trayvonites.

All the Martinistas of today are capable of comprehending is that in Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin, they see two dead black youth. It’s utterly beyond their capability to reason or discern that these two youth in two entirely different eras, arrived in that condition via two entirely dissimilar paths, and at the moronhands of two utterly disparate agents of death. Their perspective is fundamentally racist, and they frankly, often aren’t bright enough to tell the difference between overt racist brutality and death through misadventure. Moreover, about 98% of them won’t have a clue what “misadventure,” “disparate” or “dissimilar” mean, won’t be able to extrapolate the meaning of the pun “Martinista,” and will be too lazy to look any of it up. They won’t even sound out “extrapolate” because it’s got too many syllables.

If Emmett Till’s grisly slaughter openly at the hands of boasted white racists, and the openly biased trial that set free his well known killers, became the spark that ignited the fire of the American Civil Rights Movement, then the excuse-making farce of a witch hunt that Sybrina Fulton and her race-baiting conspirators call “Justice for Trayvon,” may well be the bucket of dank, senseless, hysterical piss-water that extinguishes that flame.




Unlike the accomplished, educated, productive, model of a single mother, Mamie Till, Sybrina Fulton as we’ve come to know her, is a woman who barely even knew Trayvon Martin, her own son, and in early interviews couldn’t give any details at all about him. Comparing her charlatanism to the dedication and dignity of Mamie Till should be embarrassing to all the shameless fools who propose it. If Sybrina Fulton doesn’t want any more dead Trayvons, tell her to teach young black david_shankbone-via-Flickr-CC-BY-2men not to freak out and beat up night watch commanders in housing complexes where they don’t live and nobody knows them.

To compare Trayvon Martin the cocky, wannabe thug, to Emmett Till, or to equate Emmett’s hick, bigoted assassins to George Zimmerman, the multi-racial mentor of minority children, is stupidity and ignorance on a massive scale. It only feeds the stereotype that “niggas” will believe anything. It only confirms the popular “white” belief that when it comes down to it, black people are the most racist ethnic group in the world. (Next, arguably, to the images (91)Japanese.)

Sybrina Fulton and her team of lawyers is engaged in performance art. They’re re-enacting the Civil Rights Era for fun and profit. It’s street theatre and they’re all playing out their favorite roles from historical Civil Rights models.

Above all else, Tracy Martin isn’t Sybrina’s loving spouse, that’s just a cash-enhancing motif rolled into the script they’re performing by their handlers. Tracy’s been groomed up by the “suits”and is tugging along, drawn by the big chain attached to his ever-fattening wallet.  The reason Sybrina Fulton now always appears with Tracy Martin by her side is because she doesn’t actually know a damned thing about Trayvon Martin. I doubt if she even likes Tracy at all, but she relies on him to feed her anecdotes and data about Trayvon and needs the symbolism of his presence by her side to maintain the credibility of her performance.


It’s an act.

From the very beginning the descriptions of Trayvon Martin by his parents did not make sense. Listening to questions of Tracy and Sybrina, and their answers – their responses were often disconnected, contradictory and, well, just odd in their lack of depth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=71Ytt7zTB6A

On example is this early interview with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother.   Note this is very early on before the media handler (Ryan Julison) took control of the scripting, [screening and pre-approving the questions to be asked] and made sure Tracy and Sybrina appeared together.

Another example was about 2 months later when Sybrina travelled todownload (30) London, England and was questioned again. Even months later, when asked the same or similar general questions, she just never seemed to be able to describe Trayvon.   Very odd.

Additionally odd was upon hearing of Trayvon’s death Sybrina never left North Dade (Fort Lauderdale) to travel to Sanford. She stayed home.   The first time she actually went to Sanford was to attend a press conference on March 8th.

Also, Sybrina was unable to describe Trayvon’s likes or dislikes. She gave conflicting information about his favorite foods, sports, and things he enjoyed. Sybrina said Trayvon loved basketball, but Trayvon told everyone in his social network he disliked basketball.

When asked about his favorite meal Sybrina said Trayvon liked Fried Chicken; the next time she said hamburgers, and yet another time she described something totally different.

Sybrina told investigators she did not know that Trayvon had a twitter account, and she did not know his name on Facebook.  Sybrina Fulton knew nothing about Trayvon’s U-Tube account, his following of Mixed Martial Art combat fighting,  or his home made movies from street fights to video’s of his cousin.

On the morning she found out he was shot, she sat in the parking lot of her work for a few minutes then drove home – and stayed there.


Look at poor Bill Cosby. He’s a black media pioneer and legend. You could sum up Cosby’sbill-cosby whole pitch with a phrase he uses frequently: It’s not about color. It’s about behavior. And a large element of the “black community” calls that condescending. A large percentage of the “black community” argues essentially, or sometimes specifically, that “nigga-ness” is every bit as good as being intelligent, well-spoken, employable, well-mannered and properly groomed. Those things are “white” things. “Nigga” don’t need to act white.






Sybrina Martin and her cohorts are actually arguing in favor of young black males dressing and acting like thugs, and I suppose, assaulting white men at will. When they say, “We are all Trayvon Martin,” they mean, any one of us all thugged and doped-up in our cute, official thug-hoodies could flip out and start pasting “Whitey” in the face if he looks at us askew. It’s patronizing for Bill Cosby to expect us to dress well, speak clearly, and not dole out an 64391_cbb4f23fb852523fc43614680ea9cdd1_ec5fcec805c934110af2909d52ac163bobligatory ass whoopin’ on “Whitey” now and then. Since we obviously can’t control our behavior, they argue in essence, it’s not fair that sometimes “Whitey” has a gun. They think “Whitey” should take his beating and not make a big deal out of it. Most of the time “Whitey” isn’t going to get killed. Just “ass whooped.” They don’t think that their vicious, degenerated offspring should have to risk their lives to simply deliver a routine thumping on “Whitey.”

Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon’s girl “friend” made exactly that argument on Piers Morgan shortly after Zimmerman was acquitted.



But it’s not usually “Whitey” with the gun these days. It’s Trayvon or one of his peers. The professional negroes in the Civil Rights industry who malcolm_x_by_esclamazione-d4dierxare so gleefully reveling in the tragedy that is the Trayvon Martin story, just want you to fixate upon the shiny thing they’re dangling in front of you. Hey, look at this giant racist hillbilly killer with a gun running around Florida’s “gated” white neighborhoods slaughtering helpless baby negroes just for “walking black!” They want you just to never mind all that “broken black family” nonsense. Don’t you listen to Bill Cosby when he tries to tell Trayvon Martin and his friends to pull their pants up, lose the hoodie, the drugs, the guns0 (1) and the bling, stop acting like thugs and learn to speak English. Don’t you dare bring that up you heartless bastard!  Tracy and Sybrina just lost their son!

Trayvon Martin’s not on trial!

No, but he should be. Had he lived, he would be. And  I think, his parents too.

I’m happy to engage in a serious and deep conversation with the “black community” about race and racism in America. But I’m not going to negotiate reality with the “black community.” And I’m not going to have much of a conversation with a “community” that invariably calls me a “racist” and threatens to kill me or do me serious bodily harm every time I write or say something that they disagree with. So I’ll let Charles Barkley say it for me:

BARKLEY: And let me say, Mr. Zimmerman was wrong to, he was racial profiling.

BARTIROMO: Absolutely.

BARKLEY: But I think Trayvon Martin, God rest his soul, I think he did flip the switch and start beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman. But it was just a bad situation. And like I said, the main thing I feel bad for, it gives every white person and black person who is racist a platform to vent their ignorance.


BARKLEY: You know, that’s the thing that bothered me the most because I watched this trial closely, and I watched all these people on television talking about it. A lot of these people have a hidden agenda. You know, they want to have their racist views, whether they are white or black.

BARTIROMO: The bias comes out.

BARKLEY: The bias, it definitely comes out. It was a bad situation. We all lost. And I feel bad for his parents. You don’t ever want to see anybody lose a kid.




For instance, if getting to the bottom of why Tracy and Sybrina lost their son is really the point of this major legal, social, and political shouting match over who’s to blame for all theI-want-to-hear-more-about-Trayvon-Martin nation’s little dead Trayvons, one would think it pertinent to note that Trayvon’s dad is a career philanderer and apparent member of or hanger-on to the Crips. Though he’s covered his tats and no long makes “gangsta” hand signs in photographs, he lived a lifestyle in any case that destroyed Trayvon’s infancy and relationship with his biological mother, then destroyed Trayvon’s relationship with his step-mother, the only woman he grew up calling “mom,” and just before he began to have serious behavioral problems in and out of school, Trayvon was being tossed between his dad’s current shack-up lady-buddy and his somewhat estranged biological mother, who sent him back to Tracy because by then she couldn’t handle him.


Trayvon-Martin-Thug1-600x350The “black community” isn’t interested in conceding Trayvon’s dabbling in the “thug life” at all, and Sybrina Fulton is particularly in denial on this count:

The Truth? You can’t handle the Truth!

One could never say with any assurance that Trayvon Martin’s multiply-broken home lifetraycandthecrips contributed to his turn toward playing the thug, or lashing out at George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman who was simply curious about what he was up to out in the dark and rain. But his departure into the world of “gangbanger” behavior was directly coincident to his being torn out of the home and out of the arms of the woman he called “mom.” His father, still married to the woman he had always called “mommy,” further sent him to live with his long-estranged biological mothertracymartincrips rather than take him along with to the Retreat at Twin Lakes to shack up with his new girlfriend who was still married to some other guy. And you have to wonder why Sybrina would surrender a three-year-old Trayvon to a philandering father and the woman he cheated on her with. Or how it came to be that Alicia would have surrendered Trayvon to anyone.

You also have to wonder, where’s Mr. Fulton in all this? Is he dead? Gone? What? A cypher? Where is he all the time Tracy is making photo ops with his wife?

The whole Fulton/Martin relationship and all it’s inter-connected links are pretty F’d up as they say. But that’s not rare at all in the “black community,” so maybe that’s why they don’t think it’s any big deal. That’s not obama-gangsterthe troubling story they want to tell.

Nobody’s perfect. There are no perfect parents. There’s no perfect family. But the Fulton and Martin Street Theater Workshop is doing its best to convince you they are all of the above. But then, they get paid to show you what you want to see.





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