Down with the Struggle

I have to admit even as a plain dumb white guy, that well late into the 1960’s, even years afterward, America’s south had steadfastly based its society, and toU1481040 some extent still based its economy, on a longstanding history of overt, institutional racism. By this I mean, you can pretend that even after the mid-60’s Civil Rights Movement peaked, and federal legislation was passed, and president Johnson announced the advent of The Great Society, Affirmative Action, and forceful federal intervention into school integration and other state and local issues soon became commonplace, the prosepect that “all men are created equal” was still very much a work in progress. It was a process that would take generations. It was not an event–just like Emancipation was not an event, it was the start of a long process.

I don’t know where to put the cutoff date–Michael Jackson’s performance of the “moonwalk” at the Grammies in 1988, his subsequent takeover of all pop music and gradual physical conversion to “whiteness,” or perhaps, definitely by the day in that same year when befuddled old white producers and network owners received the revelation, in stark contradiction to their combined history of “race-music” market research, that Yo MTV Raps made gangsta hip hop the new musical standard of young, white American “Whiggers” nationwide. The realization of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech arrived in a transition that most clearly and rapidly came into effect somewhere in that decade of American youngsters. By then, the “white” American generations of newborns had in fact images (5)passed well beyond accepting any cultural, moral, legal, or scientific validity of the dictionary definition of “racism” as a personal belief in the inherent, genetic inferiority of all “non-white” peoples, and “Negroes” in particular. Young “white” America almost stopped believing in the concept of “race” at all, in favor of perceiving the world’s many peoples as “cultures,” and “ethnic groups.” The notion of anything like “racial purity” was essentially abandoned. Earth became seen by America’s youth as a planet of “mongrels.” We’re all “mutts,” and “diversity” is a virtue. “Racial Purity” is an ignorant myth. And to the point at hand, specifically where African-Americans were concerned, the vast majority of young white American kids envied “black” music, talent, physical prowess and general “coolness.” Being “black” in America was cool. Period. The hard-core, cultural “white” institutionalized racism even in the south, had become at worst a rare throwback surviving in isolated pockets of impoverished, uneducated, deep-urban ignorance, or remote and socially removed enclaves of rural white stupidity.

At least two generations have passed since white America’s first conversion to the
“coolness” of “black.” We have a president who in all honesty was elected simply upon the basis that he was “cool,” and “black.” Not even his supporters had any idea who he really was apart from cool and black, and this much has been all but admitted on all sides halfway at this writing into his second term. In the paraphrased words of Nancy Peloci: “We have to elect him to see what he stands for.” (But he’s cool and black, so vote for him anyway…how bad could it be? At barack-obama-cool-black-coverleast he’s not rich and white. And yes, that was almost literally the platform that got him soundly elected to a second term.)

So, in short, somebody has to go tell Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson: that was then, this is now.

As I began to say of the Civil Rights Movement Era, back “then,” all the arguments and observations I would make today about the state of American race relations would be utterly invalid. Conversely, all the protestations coming out todays crop of professional race-instigators, would have been entirely justified forty or fifty years ago. Yes, I’m today arguing entirely on the opposite side of a question I would have been entirely reversed on twenty-five, or surely thirty, forty, fifty or more years past.

Times have changed. Even as a plain dumb white guy, I have changed to meet those changes. Other plain dumb white guys have either embraced the same changes, or over time and through great social, legal, political, and religious pressure, been forced to concede and accept these changes at least on a pragmatic basis as the new “normal.”

Much of the “black community” however, has steadfastly refused to even admit, much less embrace these changes. They’ve romanticized, institutionalized, and fantasized their roles imagesin “the struggle” to point where, without “the struggle,” they are nothing–either socially, emotionally, or financially.

When the war is over, warriors go home to be bored and drink themselves into suicide and depression. Without one more skirmish to look forward to, they cease to be relevant even to themselves. Thus, elements of the “black community” choose to live in a warm, nostalgic memory of an epic battle for equality against the forces of white repression and the promise of a dream that Dr. Martin Luther King would probably concede today has long been fulfilled. I know his wife and family have, and have done so quite vocally.

Change is hard. It was obviously hard for many a “Whitey” to stop treating black folks like “Niggers.” And it was no doubt just as hard for some black folks to stop acting like “Niggers,” or at least letting historical, feelings toward “Whitey” keep them locked into an internalized cell that emotionally relegates them to perpetually playing out that long-passed societal role. Apart from a few blessed individuals and a handful of enlightened movements, as a broad body, neither of these two sides of the old racial, economic and images (3)social order in America were ever going to “grow” out of these intensely internalized attitudes. They were simply going to have to die off for America to move on. And that’s just human nature.

The thing is, “Whitey’s” offspring for the most part have moved on. The “black community,” however, has instead gleefully romanticized and perpetuated its role in “the struggle,” teaching its offspring from generation to generation that they have no hope against “white privilege” and “institutional racism” in America. Large portions of young “black” America wax nostalgic for a racial struggle they never fought in. And in rising numbers each year, a war for equality that neither their parents nor grandparents fought in. Indeed, the white, privileged Baby downloadBoomers who eagerly fought alongside the black leaders and warriors of the Civil Rights Movement, have since bred a generation or two of self-hating, white, privileged mall rats convinced that Oprah Winfrey being sidetracked by a well-meaning clerk from looking at a $38,000.00 designer purse in an exclusive Zürich boutique, who deferred her interest instead to to a cheaper model costing only $25,000.00, is “racism” and bigoted “white” persecution on par with theimages (7) local KKK kidnapping young Emmett Till in 1955, beating him to a pulp, shooting him repeatedly, tying a weight around his neck and throwing him in the river, simply for allegedly trying to chat up a white girl at the local diner in some hick town he was passing through down south. And this ideology is maintained as a rational, morally equivalent perspective on the state of “race in America,” even with a sittting, two-term black president in the White House–even after he won a pronounced victory in his re-election against heavy opposition and all the combined sinister forces of all the rich, white Republicans, the corporate conspiracies of the military-industrial-crony-capitalist underground government, and the evil empire of the wealthy white Koch brothers.

America in general has moved on. The old-school stalwarts of the “black community” haven’t. And that’s self-destructive, even if we accept the rather dubious proposition that some images (1)vaporous remnant of nearly intangible elements of “white privilege” actually exist–or that on a case-by-case basis, there are actual white racists who do occasionally affect the “black community” and its individuals one way or another, even if not always violently or openly or very substantially. It’s notasdf enough to keep you out of the White House–or with a black attorney general, keep you from control of the government and entire legal system. There aren’t any two offices higher than those in the United States of America. If American “institutionalized” racism and “white privilege” can’t keep the “black” American from taking those positions by virtue of a huge, entirely voluntary electoral mandate from the American population, then by definition there isn’t any other achievement, title, or authority in the United States that anyone else in the “black community” can’t accomplish.

I guess my message is: It’s time to quit’cher bitchin’.

download (1)

Certainly, below the Mason-Dixon line, well into the 1970’s, the then openly, blatantly racist, southern conception of an eternally and inherently inferior “Negro” based upon a fundamental belief in that “race’s” genetically irreversible intellectual and emotional  limitations, was not going to work itself out “naturally.” Certainly not when the southern notion was also inextricably linked to a Biblical curse from God on the “Negro,” relegating the race to eternal servitude and condemnation. So, even a conservative, libertarian-oriented hack like myself can see that in that context, an admittedly Fascist, socialist concept of allowing the “government” to extend its omnipotent hand down into the

292oppressed black masses and elevate them to equal social and economic status through deliberate, artificial means, would have initially seemed eminently fair and reasonable—certainly to northern white liberals who weren’t personally invested in either culture anyway.

And, again, we must confess that this notion of “Integration,” was never going to Carpetbaggerappear either fair or reasonable to a white, southern ruling class who had already suffered generations of what it considered “indignities” and persecution by a victorious northern political structure which had plagued and beset the south with federal interference in state and local rule since the Reconstruction era. The white-ruled south wasn’t ever going to gradually, naturally come to the conclusion that it had been wrong all along about either slavery or the inferiority of the Negro race. As a people, as a nation then, the government had an obligation to do something to help even out the playing field on behalf of generations of the oppressed.

At some point, the playing field has gotten pretty damned even. That stands to reason if the job is a serious assignment and has been in progress since the mid-1960’s. And yet, the job of “field-levelling” pays quite well, so naturally, the playing-field-eveners want to collect a paycheck for as long as they can whether they’re done with the actual job or not. If they have to, they’ll start piling it up on the side that used to be the low ground. They get paid to dig, so download (2)dig they will. It’s just basic physics and human nature. The question becomes, how level is level, who gets to measure it, and ultimately, is “level” really good enough? There seems to have been no foreman or inspectors assigned to make that determination when the work started. And the “workforce” has already decided that even isn’t good enough. To be “even,” your really have to slant it a bit in favor of the “oppressed” at least for a while to “make it up” to them. This of course, becomes an unending task since nobody is assigned or has final authority to make a clear determination about when “up” has been “made.”

cityworkersWhen the Civil Rights Movement and it’s governmental legacy set all this “field levelling” and socio-economic earth-moving equipment in motion some four or five generations ago, apparently nobody was told to blow the whistle when it was time to knock off for the day. So everyone’s just out hustling dirt around whether it makes sense or does any good for anyone, as long as the paymasters keep paying them to shuffle dirt back and forth.

But the payoffs, the make-ups, the hand-outs do have to come to an end at some point. At some point, getting on with life is just your own damned problem. The eternal-collective-bitch-machine has to grind to a halt and you have to solve your own problems by yourself, one at a time, one-on-one as they come up. Otherwise, we ought to just admit that it’s America’s official position that black folks are too stupid, or lazy, or just helpless in general, to take care of themselves, and need to be appointed permanent wards of the State as a perpetually coddled and protected class.,r:10,s:300,i:34&iact=rc&page=8&tbnh=176&tbnw=235&ndsp=47&tx=125&ty=93#imgdii=09cFowDyCyLcpM%3A%3BmpPVdIPRRt-L6M%3B09cFowDyCyLcpM%3A

I didn’t grow up in the Jim Crow South. Neither did most of you probably—whatever color you think you are. Certainly, neither did most of the current crop of “black” activist-whiners sniveling for some sort of restitution or compensation for “400 years of slavery” in America. Today’s reality even in the south is radically divorced from the bona fide racists three or four generations back who ran Dixie at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. pretensions that nothing has changed in all tpassing_strange03hese generations is nothing less than self-serving BS. But Stew in the wonderful musical play Passing Strange says it best:

  • “Do you know what it’s like to hustle for dimes on the mean streets of South Central?”
    • “Nobody in this play knows what it’s like to hustle for dimes on the mean streets of South Central.”

I spent a year in East Tennessee, Johnson City, or more precisely, Jonesborough, (Jonesboro) in 1968.  I was a 13-year-old Yankee at that point from Bellingham Washington. They called me “puffesser,” apparently because I read at grade level and could do basic mathematics. The geography simply wowed them. Yes, indeed, I could name almost all of those countries the teacher pointed to on the globe. What I didn’t know, was that my black friend Nelson couldn’t go into the 7-11 with me and get an Icee. Lesson learned. One year was plenty for me. That was not a fun year to be black in Tennessee. Or to be a “nigger-lover.”

They played a game down there called “Yanks andmap_TN_JohnsonCity Rebs.” Oddly enough, the Rebs were the good guys. The rules were, you chase the “Yanks” through the woods and throw rocks and sticks at them. If you catch them they get “nutzed.” I needn’t tell you who got to be the “Yank.” I know they were still fighting the “War Between the States,” as late as the Spring of 1969. And I bet they’re still fighting it, in fact I know they’re still fighting it. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

No, I’m not “down with the struggle,” but I got a taste of it and that was enough to last me a lifetime. Much of the “black community” however, seems to imagine that just being black automatically gives you a complete understanding of the history of the “struggle.” It doesn’t. I can tell you a lot of very creepy stories about the way white folks talked about black folks back in Tennessee in 1968, and that was after all the Civil Rights legislation and federal intervention. And they 1346780081_the-civil-rights-movement-brought-an-end-to-businesses-thatdidn’t just talk bad about black folk. They tended to shoot them a lot for very little reason. And beat them up frequently for sport.

Today’s thugged-out urban black youth, especially in the north, throw the names and places and dates of epic Civil Rights Era battles around as if they understand it all, but they don’t even know the basics. And oddly enough, they almost universally don’t know that the attack dogs and fire hoses set on their forefathers during the Freedom Marches were let go by Democrats. They don’t know the Republicans are the party of Lincoln and emancipation, and the heritage of Civil Righteousness during the Reconstruction of the south that gave them the vote, 40 acres and a mule. They don’t know the Democratic Party was the political arm of the KKK well into the 1970’s, and that when Dr. King was fighting the Klan, he was fighting Democrats.4f70d35763e36.image They don’t know that where the “black community” was concerned, Malcolm X called you a “chump” and a “traitor to your race” for continuing to vote for Democrats who were doing you no good:

Anytime you throw your political weight behind a political Party that controls two-thirds of the government and that Party can’t keep the promises made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around and identify yourself with that Party, you are not only a chump but you are a traitor to your race.

Martin Luther King simply demanded that America enforce a Constitutionally guaranteedAfrican-Americans-Flee-the-South set of basic human rights, give black folk the same status as white folk, and let everyone get on with it. Hit the ground running he argued in a sense, and let’s take it from here. Malcolm X was even plainer in stating that the Negro didn’t want or need a handout. Just an even chance at what America AA-Civil Rights-FN66897 - 3 copyhad to offer. What happened instead in America, was that the white, political movers and shakers of the day, listening to “progressive” “black community leaders,” who weren’t intellectually or spiritually worthy to lace up the shoes of the original Civil Rights icons like King and Malcolm X, who had died in the fight. Latecomers. Opportunists. “Black community” parasites filled in the leadership vacuum and sunk in their fangs, and gripped in their grubby meat hooks to become permanently attached to the political payoff sow. Soon the “white power structure” got intellectualized, evangelized, and popularized, into a collective sense of northern, liberal white guilt and initiated a series of legislative acts that have permanently fogged over Dr. King’s bright American dream, with a debilitating haze of permanent entitlement.

As Malcolm X observed: If they give it to you, they can take it away. If you demand more than equality, then next time you’ll expect more than that. He added, that by accepting the temporary solution of a handout from the “white power structure,” (meaning in his day basically the government) the immediate problem is solved only for you, but not your children and not theirs, because the real problem will never be solved by redistribution of wealth from the white “ruling class” to the Negro:

1856_Tammany56911Lyndon Johnson called it “The Great Society.” What it really was, is a system of paybacks and handouts in exchange for votes. Johnson didn’t invent it. It was an old Democratic Party program. It dates back to the Irish influx into New York versus the “Nativists” in all through the 1800’s. Hell, if the Micks can vote, then we want the Irish vote. That’s how Tammany Hall continued the Democrat’s rule in a changing ethnic environment in the day.

And still today, starting from the Civil Rights Era to the present situation, the Democrats figure, if the “Niggas” can vote then why not? A vote’s a vote. As long as they vote for us.

(Fill in the blank with any given “oppressed” class or minority that can vote as a block.)

But race or immigrant status is not at all the key component of the scheme. It’s primarily a class warfare approach. Race or immigrant status is only coincidental to overall economic status, and therefore “representation” in the American cultural theatre, both politically and socially, becomes dependent upon these identifiable economic, often ethnically related classes uniting as a block vote to promote their own interests. Forfdr example, in the same era that black Americans were seeking basic civil rights, and the new-born Democratic Party of “Civil Rights,” as opposed to “States Rights,” was courting their votes, president John Kennedy created a massive federalized employee union system under the same theory of “protecting” the “underclasses.” Kennedy and his party thereafter, succeeded in buying the “union” vote in general, owned the public employee vote, and within a generation had likewise perpetually obligated the “black” vote to the Democratic Party. This is oddly enough, in spite of warnings from major Labor Movement heroes like FDR, the most lauded president in the history of organized labor, who on several occasions lectured at length about the nationally suicidal evils of giving trade unions control of the nation’s bureaucratic, legislative, logistical and other critical functions and infrastructure.

I don’t come from a Republican/Democrat American historical frame of reference. One side of the family were Mormons, a very communal bunch rather isolated from national politics, and on the other side, my people actually founded the Farmer Labor Party, an European Socialist near-Utopian body of God-fearing and hard-working immigrants from Scandinavia who formed communal systems of self-support based upon generations of not having good land or weather or mediapolitical influence with which to aggrandize themselves as individual, completely independent, financial or social successes. And it was only begrudgingly in the later 20th century that they held their noses and were forced to associate with the national Democratic Party for purposes of being represented in national elections that they became the “Democratic Farmer Labor Party.” Previous generations of Scandinavian Americans were far more inclined to be nationally associated with the Abolitionist party of Abraham Lincoln–the new Republican Party.

While most of my ancestors arrived in the mid-late 19th century, my paternal grandfather’s people came here in 1928 and they were mostly interested in escaping Adolph Hitler and a really bad economy in Europe. Grandpa Trygve, formerly of the
Danish Merchant Marines, “went up the street” as they say, in Superior Harbor, and never came back. The whole slavery, “black” experience in America didn’t really come into play one way or the other as far as I know for my direct lineage. In my defense however, my state, my “people,” and I’m sure somewhere in the blood lines if I looked it up, the Scandinavian, Minnesota population in general, were arguably the first regiment of volunteers from the North to rally to the cause of Emancipation and go deliver a serious beat-down of those Johnny Rebs at Gettysburg, take their frigging Confederate Battle Flag, and tell them where they could come and get it back if they had the moxy.

mf001634It was only a few years ago that the Southern rebels we took it from were begging for it back as some sort of symbol of national conflict resolution. Our then governor, Jesse “The Odd” Ventura (James Janos) told them we won it fair and square, and they could have it back when they came up here and took it from us the same way we took it from them. Go Vikings!

But a few years after that initial request, they were back at it, wanting the flag to fly at a re-enactment “commemorating” the 150th anniversary of the battle in which they lost it. Even our current, Lefty, “feel good” Liberal Governor Mark Dayton, current leader of our fine state, had this to say about the latest request for its return as of this writing:

The governor of Virginia earlier this year requested that the flag be loaned, quote, unquote, to Virginia to commemorate–it doesn’t quite strike me as800px-1st_Minnesota_at_Gettysburg something they would want to commemorate–but we declined that invitation.

It was taken in a battle at the cost of the blood of all these Minnesotans. And I think it would be a sacrilege to return it to them. It was something that was earned through the incredible courage and valor of men who gave their lives and risked their lives to obtain it. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a closed subject.

The significant point in this Minnesota battle over a Civil War trophy, is that the 1st Minnesota Volunteers, volunteered, and volunteered specifically to fight for the emancipation of Southern, black slaves. The Micks and Jocks, the Scotch-Irish, the Germans, Pols, Jews, Slavs, Balkans, the mixed bag of all other immigrants from Lincoln’s Northeast, the soldiery Lincoln scraped off the pavements and out of the curbs of thecivil-war-239.-recruiting.-nyc.-antique-print-1907-wdjb--128164-p[ekm]400x248[ekm] Northern urban empires of the Union–they were a mixed batch of rascals with few honorable motivations. Conscription, poverty, adventurism, blood lust, opportunism, a chance to shoot Johnny Reb indiscriminately, whatever. They were not in any manner motivated by, or unified over any urgency to free the enslaved black prisoners of white racism down South.

But my people were.

So, I’m just sayin’. Crap on me for being a racist and it really rubs me wrong. And it loses you a friend. But then, those “black” factions habitually hurling around such claims against all “white” people don’t want to make friends. They want to be oppressed, or more importantly, be seen legitimately as an oppressed class, because it validates their failures in life and allows them to demand of society a free ride and excuse for general being a bum and ne’er-do-well. In the long run it dumbs-down the argument of racial politics and society in general and devalues the meaning of the label “racist,” or “racism.” Ultimately it is a losing proposition for those dependent upon the tactic, because eventually the claims become so absurd that even their friends and brothers-in-arms are shamed and embarrassed by the hyperbole.  Call me a “racist” because I think some saggy-pants home boy with his baggy-pantsdrawers spilling out looks like an idiot I would never hire, or a man I would prefer to have walking on the opposite sidewalk rather than shuffle down my side, and you’re the one who looks foolish. Not me.

I could go into an Emperor is Naked metaphor but I’ll quote the Bauhaus Manifesto instead:

Everything inside your head, your thoughts, your ideas, is a construct, put there by a system. Therefore: What’s inside is just a lie.

I can only see American racial relationships from my personal and family perspective. I’llimages (87) never see the situation from a “black” perspective. Still, I contend that most of what the “black community” is calling “racism” today, is perceived, not tangible. That’s an empirically demonstrable argument. It’s not just my opinion. It’s an impression they collectively enforce for social, historical, and political reasons. But it’s not reality.

It’s a construct, but in their heads, by a system.

Most of what the “black community” is calling “profiling,” isn’t “racism,” it’s common sense. They’ve chosen to poison a word, but the word remains valid and the concept it represents is a reasonable and accurate concept. Stereotype is the word aaaapoisoned in previous generations for the same reasons. But stereotypes are almost always based upon a very real, very common, very definable “types.” That’s what the word means. It may be wrong to “stereotype” all black people as “thugs,” but it’s just common sense to assume that those black people who are the right size, the right age, dressed in the official “thug” costume, talking the official “thug” language, and hanging out where “thugs” usually hang out in the dark of night, might be thugs. It is therefore quite reasonable to take some basic precautions in case they actually are thugs. That’s just the law of experience and probability working naturally in your head.

The thing nobody in the “black community” seems willing to ask themselves, is, am I being stereotyped, or is that all I really am? Have I become a walking and talking stereotype? Am I being profiled, or do I just actually fit the profile?

nprjuanwilliamsThe dirty secret, as Juan Williams, former NPR commentator, found out some years ago, is that black people profile black people. Black people profile people of color. Black people are people and people profile other people. That’s what people do. If you admit that out loud however, you get fired.

That’s not “racism.” Setting dogs on you, beating you senseless, and hanging you from a street lamp because you dared walk your “nigga” ass into a whites-only soda shop is “racism.” That’s what America’s great Civil Rights Struggle was all about. It wasn’t about some night watchman giving you funny looks or tailing you a bit because you’re dressed like a hood and prowling around in the dark. Dr. Martin Luther King didn’t give his life so Oprah Winfrey could bitch about not being shown aUS National Guard troops block off Beale Street as Civil Rights marchers pass by on March 29, 1968. $38.000.00 dollar handbag in Zurich because the clerk didn’t think it was in her price range. That’s just a load of asinine BS Oprah’s going to have to deal with on her own. If Barack Obama wants to bemoan America’s racism because he thinks as a youth, old white ladies would clutch their purses as he went by, because grampa White always put a hand on his wallet as he passed, it was just foreshadowing the day when he would become president and send armed IRS agents to take grandma and grampa White’s money directly out of their paychecks by force.

barack-obama-dope-2-smoking-punEven following our president’s observations following the Zimmerman verdict, what you’re really talking about today, is getting a few nervous looks from “white people” or being followed through the store by some wary shopkeeper who thinks there’s a good chance you’re going to swipe some goodies off the shelf when they’re not looking. Every kid under about age 30 of any race, creed, or color in America gets that from every shopkeeper. Even the black ones. It’s annoying. It’s insulting. I believe it happens and that it really annoys you. But it doesn’t really rank up there with police dogs up your ass and riot sticks to the head. It it isn’t equivalent to being lynched for using a public toilet labelled “Whites Only.”

If the Trayvon Martin example is going to be the impetus for some pretended national, or some ludicrous world referendum on race-relations, it’s imperative that we don’t just images (67)accept whatever the Martin Corporation is selling the nation and the world about the case itself, on the premise that all they’re seeking is the “TRUTH” about how their son met his end. They’re just people. Not particularly sophisticated people. Their kid is dead. They’re pissed off. They feel like they’ve been screwed over by somebody and they want somebody to pay. They’re looking not for “justice,” entirely for the sake of “justice.” No rational human being could believe that.

They are clearly looking for some sort of payback.44-Rosa_Parks Either revenge, or dollar signs. Not very much MLK in that desire.

Furthermore, the grieving Martin clan may however unlikely, actually be entirely genuine in their pretensions to pure motivations, but even so, they are surrounded by, or have surrounded themselves with, a support structure of commercialized, professional “black community leaders,” and industrial-grade “black activists” and other race-baiting lobbyists who have been in the business of profiting from tragedies in the “black community” just like Trayvon Martin’s death for decades, even some of them, a couple of generations. Most of mainstream “white” America simply won’t listen to anything they have to say if Trayvon Martin’s cause is connected with these racial ambulance-chasers.

0913_COVER_MARTINSINK.inddThe question that still baffles me, is how the black population can be so willing to believe that a clearly dorky and almost entirely harmless George Zimmerman turns into a bloodthirsty White Werewolf after dark and goes out to chase baby black toddlers and eat them, and yet becomes indignant over the suggestion that overt race-hucksters like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson et al might have some sort of profit-and-fame-angle in this case. (We’re not talking about Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King here–though history now shows that Rosa Parks was a staged publicity stunt concocted by the NAACP.) Al and Jesse, most popular clowns at the Martin family circus, are clearly all about making a buck off of racial strife—not about ending it. It is dumbfounding to most “white” people, that the “black community” is that gullible. It is dumbfounding to me that anyone possessed of any level of basic intelligence, black or white, could so consistently bow to these racially embarrassing, cartoon characters as if they had any credibility left at all.

It’s not me out of the blue picking on these two naturally and perhaps, righteously aggrieved parents. It’s those two and their posse shoving their family business into my face every minute of every day for the last year until we as a nation all had to give their tantrums the time and respect they demand of us all. Well, they got their trial. It was one helluva31f17b40-0df7-4e25-82e1-d83c171927de-620x372 railroad job on Zimmerman and they lost anyway. Now I’m tired of hearing about how “dignified” Sybrina Martin has been. She barely knew Trayvon Martin. I’m tired of hearing about her at all. I’m tired of hearing about Tracy Martin the “perfect father” and “loyal co-parent.” He’s a cad and a philanderer who destroyed three family units and totally screwed up Trayvon’s head. I’m tired, tired, definitely tired of hearing about “Trayvon the Pure,” the holy martyr and Sainted black youth.

They got their trial. They lost. The evidence only served to point more fingers at Trayvon Martin, his parents, their family life and parenting abilities, than the nasty, bigoted, fictional, evil “white man” they had been promising to expose. They picked the wrong straw man to try to burn. They threw tar and gasoline and flaming torches at him for a year to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, all in court and on national television aided and abetted by an eager and willing media. George Zimmerman the straw man never lit up. Nobody could find the much-touted, absolutely guaranteed image of a ra173466202.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largebid, racist baby-killer in either the evidence, or the personal history or nature of George Zimmerman. And we all had to look. And look. And listen. And listen.

Zimmerman has been politically exploited throughout this ordeal, as little more than a racial scapegoat upon whom Trayvon’s devoted cadres of irrelevant old has-been post-Civil Rights Era protest-codgers now want to pin the blame for all the self-destructive, cumulative problems of the nation’s under-achieving black youth. George Zimmerman has been shamelessly threatened, legally cheated and persecuted, hounded into a show trial through sheer political and racial brute force and intimidation. Having 1112346300failed miserably to get him strung-up at the end of that process, his tormentors now demand of the nation another crack at it through the Justice Department and the US Presidency–both of which are controlled by the two highest ranking officers of the US government, both of which happen to be black.

And of course, the New Black Panthers will put out another hit out for him if that ploy fails.

America wake up. And by that I mean liberal white America. And if you can, black America should wake up too. I know it’s easier to sleep and cash the government check from the Civil Rights Plantation, but sooner or later the “black community” is just going to have to wake up early, get out of bed, go out and get a job all on its own.

Don’t let a simpering, whimpering, weeping and sometimes even conciliatory Sybrina Fulton sit there between her legal, mercenary mouthpieces, prop her recently re-domesticated ex-husband up by her side, praise Jesus and then pour a thick coat ofimages (59) linguistic icing all over your plate to camouflage the big chunk of turd cake she’s serving up. Emotionally she’s very convincing, and naturally, you want to support her. But dead babies, like cute puppies are a cheap trick used by newsmen, documentary film makers, and other con-artists, to win a crowd over. That’s not logic, evidence, or reason. A good, long, fair and honest look at what she’s baked up for us will tell anyone with any sort of discernment that it isn’t pretty under that shiny emotional frosting. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and it stinks.

The friends of Trayvon Martin continue to put out contracts on George Zimmerman’s life repeatedly and openly. They’re still going on “whitey beating” sprees, brutalizing the old, the helpless, women, children, the outnumbered, shouting, “That’s for Trayvon,” as they run away laughing. That’s the crowd Trayvon Martin hung with. That’s the sort of legal, spiritual and intellectual geniuses we’re dealing with in his fan blos-angeles-trayvon-martin-protestase–not his mommy and daddy as annoying as they’ve become. Not even Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or other any of the aging, obsolete, professional race-pimps who instigate and encourage this sort of violence with their hysterical rhetoric and their constant thunder of jungle war drums as they threaten us with Black Armageddon.

Let’s face it: What the Martin’s group of political and legal gangbangers did both in and out of the legal system was to literally threatened to burn down the state of Florida or kill every last cracker in it unless Trayvon got his day in court. And he got it. You can’t honestly say any family ever got a more favorably biased, more rigged courtroom in which to maintain their claims. They got a prosecutor who stalled, hid, obfuscated, withheld evidence favorable to the defendant. They got a team of enthusiastic and very theatric11702c3f08d51fd1a4d98e1e7b9f2b2cal prosecuting attorneys who stood before the jury, repeatedly pointed at Zimmerman, ranted against his inherently evil nature in melodramatic cadence, rising to a histrionic peak with the oft-hurled accusation: “Liar!!!!!!” It was like they were there auditioning for the role of Grand Inquisitor in a high school play about the Salem Witch Trials, more than executing a reasoned prosecution strategy. On more than one occasion these clowns literally begged the jury to ignore what they’ve seen, ignore the evidence, the witnesses, the testimony, and just pretend what might have happened. What could have happened–saying almost in these words: go with your gut feeling and convict the guy if you want to. Maybe he’s not as guilty as all that, but you know he’s guilty of something. You can’t just let him get off Scot-free… dffsaThere’s a dead kid involved. Somebody’s got to be punished!

But not even a kangaroo court full of hopping, clever little prosecutional Joeys could get the job done for Clan Martin. And now they’re threatening to burn down the entire nation if we don’t let them have another go at George Zimmerman. To paraphrase the words of the immortal Barack Hussein Obama: “Seems to me I won.” And it seems to me, George Zimmerman won.

Because a man has a right to defend himself.

As Malcolm X put it:

“Concerning nonviolence: It is criminal to teach a man not to defendMalcolm_X_1-300x300 himself, when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law.”

“It doesn’t mean that I advocate violence, but at the same time, I am not against using violence in self-defense. I don’t call it violence when it’s self-defense, I call it intelligence.”

Time to shut up and go home. Move on. It was a simple case of self-defense. Race never entered the trial. Stand your Ground laws never entered the trial. Nothing more to see here folks. If you want to make some greater point about race in America, you’re going to have to start somewhere else other than Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. And if you’re going to bring great “black community leaders” like Oprah Winfree into it at all, you’ve already lost “white America.” You’re talking to yourselves out there. And nobody but you wants to hear it any more.

Getting your feelings hurt in Zürich over a clerk who thought a $38,000.00 might be out of your price range for a custom-designed alligator purse is not the same as “institutional racism.”

Wake up and Smell the 21st Century.


About Royce Lerwick

I have a lot to say about a lot of things. This is probably because I have a brain the size of a small planet. To prevent my cranium from exploding from the sheer mass of intelligence it is forced to contain, I am compelled to spew it somewhere. This is where I have chosen to spew it. My apologies. Get over it. Move on.
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