The Curious Story of Tamir Rice

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Actual firearm


Tamir’s actual “toy” pistol

On November 22, 2014. 12-year-old Tamir Rice was hanging around a public park with what looked exactly like a semi-automatic pistol. As people walked by, he would stroll up and shove it in their faces and threaten to shoot them, and take imaginary shots at passers-by. It doesn’t matter what color he was or how old he was. This sort of behavior will get you shot, and it did. If not by the cops–even conceding that it was accomplished by a sketchy, trigger-happy rookie–it would eventually have probably been performed by somebody else. I probably would have shot the little bastard if he came up and pointed a gun at me.

No, sorry to say, this isn’t a perfect example of the “Trayvon Martin” fantasy narrative either. This cop did not just drive up to the nearest little black boy and shoot him down for jollies. Race didn’t enter into it at all. The cops were responding to a report of a black youth in the park threatening people with a gun. Tamir Rice was a black kid in the park with a gun. End of story.

Much is made by the “black community” of the 911 caller who added the afterthought to his urgent-sounding report, “it’s probably fake….” But that bit of speculation never got relayed to the officers responding. And yes, the rookie in question took only a few seconds as he exited the vehicle to determine if it was fake or not. But that doesn’t count the time observing him rise and grab the “weapon” out of his waistband as they’re pulling up. So, likewise, much is made by the apologists for tamir rice clevelandthis idiot youth, that the cops never really saw the gun clearly at all. Its missing, bright orange “safety tip” is an irrelevant issue they claim. The point is however, that the pedestrians getting this “toy” jammed in their faces, and the concerned citizen who called it into 911 (I’m betting they’re all black) saw this very realistic weapon quite clearly, and it had no glowing “toy alert” tip on it. It looked, to them, though I’m repeating myself, exactly like a genuine semi-automatic pistol. If the safety tip had still been in place the call would never have been made and the police would never have been involved. That orange tip was a stupid thing to remove, and pointing a wicked-looking “toy” gun in the faces of passers-by was overtly suicidal. This is particularly true if the boy removed the tip deliberately (as is most likely) to make the “fake” weapon look more realistic.

Tamir Rice was not innocently “playing in the park” as claimed by his “black community” apologists and self-hating white liberal justifiers. He was threatening people with a gun.images (1) If that’s “playing,” then it’s a very stupid game and he lost. You can punish the cops all you want. You can make all the excuses in the world. You can argue quite convincingly that this “innocent” child had every right to “play in the park” even if it was with a “toy” gun. You can contend with a lot of conviction that the police should be more patient and observant. But Tamir Rice is still dead. You may win the debate in the end, but Tamir won’t be around to celebrate your victory. The least Tamir Rice, even at twelve, should have known to expect was getting the crap beaten out of himself by some annoyed commuter. And it’s obvious Tamir was deliberately freaking people out, knew it, and was having fun at it. There’s no way he didn’t know he was cruisin’ for a bruisin’ of some sort. You can defend his idiocy by claiming a 12-year-old would never have suspected he’d get shot just for tweaking his neighbors with a toy pistol. He was wrong. But then, these days youth in general, and black youth in particular, have some deep-held delusion that the cops, or “Whitey,” or whatever authority figure is involved, “wouldn’t dare.” They are all wrong. Yes they would dare.

I can’t muster the interest or energy to tear this one down for you any more than that. If youb4932796a0a8dadc1a4193b31feb0744 can’t see how this dumb-assed kid contributed to his own death you just aren’t bright enough or honest enough to bother arguing with. Most of the problems in the “black community” are a product of the “black community.” Black Attitudes Matter. If I can’t make it any plainer, take it from El Haj Malik El Shabazz.

Pointing a gun at people in the park is a good way to get yourself killed. I come to minister, not be ministered unto, and if you can’t even see that much you cannot be healed.

…The boy was told to raise his hands and was shot when he pulled the pellet gun from his waistband, though he hadn’t pointed it at police or made verbal threats.

‘Our officers at times are required to make critical decisions in a split second,’ Chief Calvin Williams said.

‘Unfortunately this is one of those times.’


…The 911 caller said the gun was ‘probably fake,’ then added, ‘I don’t know if it’s real or not.’

Deputy Chief Edward Tomba said Monday that he didn’t know whether a dispatcher shared that information with responding officers.

The president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association has said the officers weren’t told the caller thought the gun might be fake.

An attorney for the boy’s family, Timothy Kucharski, said Tamir went to the park with friends Saturday afternoon, but he did not know the details of what led to his shooting.

He said ‘an innocent boy was shot and killed’ by a rookie tamir-rice-protest-471x652officer. According to 9 Action News both of the officers are white.

Kucharski said: ‘This is not a black and white issue. This is a right and wrong issue. This is not a racial issue.

‘This is about people doing their jobs the right way.’

‘I don’t want to make a rush to judgment,’ he said.

Kucharski said he wants to talk to witnesses himself and get more facts.

‘We’re ultimately going to find out what happened,’ he said.

State Rep. Alicia Reece of Cincinnati announced Sunday that she will introduce legislation to require all BB guns, air rifles and airsoft guns sold in Ohio to be brightly colored or have prominent fluorescent strips.

FACEBOOK_CLIP__Tamir_Rice_at_park_with_t_2297090000_9973790_ver1.0_640_480It is modeled after a bill signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Reece said she is introducing the bill in response to the fatal shootings of the boy [Tamir] and 22-year-old John Crawford III.

Crawford was fatally shot by police August 5 after a man called enhanced-buzz-wide-32218-1412287135-7911 to report that Crawford was carrying a gun in a suburban Dayton Wal-Mart store.

Police said they believed the air rifle Crawford had picked up was a real rifle and that he didn’t respond to commands to drop it.

A special grand jury concluded police officers’ actions were justified.

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the shooting.

…They say the boy [Tamir Rice] was told to raise his hands and was shot when he pulled the pellet gun from his waistband, though he hadn’t pointed it at police or made verbal threats.

‘Our officers at times are required to make critical decisions in a split second,’ Chief Calvin Williams said.

‘Unfortunately this is one of those times.’

Read more:

Samaria Rice, finds a new team of attorneys who will make it about race. Samaria Rice, center, speaks about the investigation into the death of her son Tamir Rice, at a news conference with attorneys Walter Madison, left, and Benjamin Crump in Cleveland, Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015. A Cleveland police officer fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice on Nov. 22, 2014, as he played with a toy gun outside a recreation center. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Here’s “Justice.” Here’s “Truth:” Tamir Rice instigated his own death. His family’s [initial] attorney is correct. This wasn’t about “race” at all. This was about fatal idiocy. Perhaps also idiocy on the part of the cops, but initiated by the victim himself. The family attorney is wrong however, about Tamir being “innocent.” Kids do stupid things and Tamir was doing a stupid thing. In his case however, the stupid thing he was doing is technically a felony: Making terroristic threats. Any time you brandish a gun in public it’s a criminal act, much less actually staring down “pretend” victims and playing like you’re a random, public executioner.

Tamir Rice put himself in a position to be in danger of a police over-reaction, and in this case even though the cops embellished their story to make it look like they took more time and made more of an effort to “disarm” Rice, this “innocent” child would never have been facing down a frenzied police charge had he not deliberately undertaken a lengthy, open, public display of possibly deadly, armed, threatening behavior right out front of the local community center.

usa-police-baltimoreTamir Rice attracted the attention of the police–the police did not go out looking for
black kids to hassle. Tamir Rice was literally begging for trouble. Add to this list, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and a host of other less celebrated black alleged “martyrs” to police brutality, or “white” racism. Black men, especially young black men, and black people in general, are demonstrably singled out by the police for scrutiny for the most part, quite obviously because of their own behavior around cops and other authority figures, particularly “white” authority figures.THESE-HOES-DRIVING-A-NIGGA-CRAZY_thumb.jpg Whatever happened after the police got involved in most of these cases, however overboard or marginal or outright abusive these police officers may or may not have become in the process, essentially every single one of these high-profile, riot-inducing incidents of “systemic racism,” being promoted by the “black community” and its lackeys, have so far come down to some black dude acting like a jackass and inviting an ass-kicking from the police or worse.

I’m sorry Tamir Rice’s mom is now in a homeless shelter. (She got out recently due to the contributions of her new funding organization.) She says she wants “justice.” What would that be then? A foundation and an income? A piece of Al Sharpton’s action? A fat lawsuit? Or should we just indict her for criminal child neglect? Charge her dead son with terminal stupidity? Who bought him the gun? Who let him take off the safety nose? Maybe there’s a reason Tamir download-13.jpgand his sister were wandering the park alone with a gun all day without supervision. Maybe his mom would care to explain that to us.

But as we see, it’s never “mom’s” fault. It’s never a problem with black culture or the “black community” itself. It’s certainly never a black male youth–not even when he burns down the Kwik Trip and half the neighborhood just for fun. The “black community” is apparently incapable of self-government, logic, reason, and self-control. Black people are invariably the helpless victims of other people’s actions–“white” people’s actions. The world is an inescapable system designed entirely to enslave and torment black people. Even when black people kill each other, that’s the fault of “white” people. (Even if there are no “white” people involved, because they system itself is a construction of “white” people.) Black people can’t be expected to use common sense about even the most fundamentally obvious and instinctive of new-black-panthershuman interchanges, like knowing you shouldn’t be sticking what looks like a real gun in people’s faces as they walk by the playground just to watch them flinch and cringe, for jollies.

(And I can hear the New Black Panthers already scribbling out placards denouncing the “White Power Structure” that markets deadly toys to poor black kids.)


A little more of this action and a little less marching in the streets with whining placards blaming “The White Power Structure” for all your troubles would go a long way in solving some of the “black community’s” problems with crime and “justice.”

If black lives really matter, black parents and the “black community” should teach their black babies to not do stupid things that invite trouble around the police and other civil authorities. I know you’re going to knee-jerk back with, “now you’re blaming the victim,” but do you want me to spare your precious “black” feelings and perpetuate your victimhood, or do you actually want to stop sending your kids out into the street to get shot either by cops, or if not cops, then each other? If Black Lives Matter, then teach your children that if they do become the object of authoritative interest, not to go apey and throw some sort of self-righteous hissy-fit. Copping an “attitude” around the cops is never helpful. Though you may be entirely in the right, remember that “Nigga Moments” can be fatal.

The death of Tamir Rice was “directly and proximately” caused by the 12-year-old’s own Cleveland shooting  Tamir Rice 2actions, the city of Cleveland has argued in a defense document following a civil claim from the boy’s family. Rice was shot dead by a police officer last November.

When he was shot, Rice was holding a toy gun that police mistook for a real firearm. The incident sparked widespread criticism that officer Timothy Loehmann, who killed Rice, employed a drastic overuse of force.

The city of Cleveland’s defense, filed with the US district court on Friday, argues that both Rice and members of his family are to blame for any damages, injuries and losses arising from the incident. The argument lists 20 lines of defence, including that Rice did not “exercise due care to avoid injury” and that members of his family, including his mother and teenage sister, who have lodged the claim, sustained damages “caused by their own acts”.

Video footage of the incident outside the Cuddell Recreation1416718108122_Image_galleryImage_Cleveland_Police_are_inve Center in Cleveland was obtained by local media under freedom of information laws. It shows Rice’s 14-year-old sister pushed to ground, handcuffed and taken to the back of a patrol car after arriving on the scene and seeing her brother lying in front of her.

The plaintiffs argue in a submission that was revised at the end of January, after the family took on a new legal team, that the 14-year-old screamed “my baby brother, they killed my baby brother” before she was tackled to the ground by officers.images (2)

The lawsuit also claims that Loehmann and his partner, Frank Garmback, did not administer first aid to the 12-year-old as he lay bleeding. It was four minutes until another law enforcement official arrived on the scene and administered medical assistance, the submission claims.

The city’s list of 20 defenses does not go into detail. A request for further comment from the Guardian on Sunday was not responded to by deadline.

download (2)

The police completely blanked out the person he was pointing his gun at because they are idiots and technologically retarded, but you can see this better on the video, even though it’s still overly blurred. Many versions of this video edit out this footage and show only the police arriving, putting the culmination of Rice’s escapades entirely out of context.

The 41-page response frequently cites an ongoing police investigation, conducted by the Cuyahoga sheriff’s office in Ohio, as reason for not responding in full. The Cuyahoga sheriff’s office did not respond for a request for comment on the expected date of the investigation’s completion.

The plaintiffs also argue that Loehmann should not have been employed by Cleveland police, after he had been judged unfit for service by another department two years previously.

Loehmann’s personnel file from November 2012, first reported by local media, found the officer “could not follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections, and his handgun performance was dismal”.

imagesClearly the Cincinnati police bungled a number of procedural items in this case. However, in all fairness to officer Loehmann, the above quote has been selectively edited from a firing range coach, and applies singularly to firearms training. In actual practice, officer Loehman seemed pretty damned proficient with his firearm. He dropped Tamir Rice with a single shot and it only took two or three seconds to get it off. That’s probably too proficient, but then, maybe he was over-compensating for that disparaging performance review.


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