Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Oregon Style

tumblr_o0fnrmwWdl1v0yu0xo1_500About a month previous to this writing, there was a horrible armed rebellion out in the Capturetoolie-weeds of Oregon. Or so to this day, has that story been sold to us by the media. The fact that they have guns in the course of this terrible “occupation” however, is irrelevant. They can legally carry guns. If that alarms you then it’s your own personal insecurity problem. It’s the West. People carry guns in the West. It’s a thing they do. The presence of firearms does not constitute a violent protest or a crime of any sort. They’re guilty of trespassing on public property. That’s it. You media jackals and other whining urban fools who keep going on about their guns are irritating the hell out of me. I will finish this rant and then my head will probably explode.


The “federal building” they “took over” is an empty, off-season, unmanned set of cdhjsdfjoutbuildings with a central office/house big enough for a couple of park rangers to mill about in over the summer. There has been no standoff. There has been no threat to anyone. They’re conducting a protest actually smaller than the mob from Black Lives Matter that took over a local police station for weeks here in Minneapolis, hurling rocks and bottles and shutting down a major city street. And believe it or not, though local cops and politicians have attempted to squelch it, Black Lives Matterdownload (5) threw firebombs at the station on more than one occasion, but no righteous white scythe of lead death came hailing down on any of them, at least not from the cops. A couple of white/Asian race-baiters showed up one night to “counter protest” and make trouble in general. When the local homies gave them their wish and started to kick their asses, the troublemakers pulled out at least one handy-handgun and proved that white punks aren’t images (2)any better shots than black punks, and nobody was seriously injured. But the local chapter of Black Lives Matter was handed all the proof of white, racist villainy it could ever dream of, and now have a couple of butt-shot, bullet-riddle martyrs for the cause. About our local chapter, I can only say, BLM is populated by people determined not to learn even the simplest lesson of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, hey, white people often carry guns. As for the troublemaking white supremacist thugs who tried to ruin their fun? Well, they obviously know how to shoot their mouths off better than their firearms.


The same comical local BLM louts shut down I-94, the main freeway through Minneapolis, and then a main commuter rail line headeddownload (2) for the season opener of the Vikings. They took a run at ruining the Minnesota State images (9)Fair, and threatened to do the same for the Twin Cities marathon till somebody pointed out that the Kenyans always win it over the white guys–that and St Paul kissed the hinder of that city’s local chapter deva sufficiently to make him and his group we call “Renta Mob” happy.


For purposes of moral comparison, the martyr-hero of BLM in Minneapolis is one Jamar Clark. Clark was a violent, convicted criminal who liked to beat his girlfriends. He met his demise while harassing EMT’s trying to administer medical care to his latest victim of domestic abuse.jamarclark




download The central figures out in the Harney County Oregon troubles, is the Hammond family. They run a ranch. They put cows into your burgers. The menfolk of this tribe are accused of practicing a millenial-old method of clearing useless brush and replenishing succulent grassland for livestock and wildlife.


The guys who founded Black Lives Matter did so originally based upon a “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” cry that was a complete, tried, investigated, investigated again, federally images (7)investigated and totally documented lie. (And this via a black attorney general acting for a black president who is about 5-and-0 in “proving” the popular Left’s claim of universal, institutional white police racism through his repeated, direct federal intervention of local police and legal authority.) They then went on to burn down Ferguson and Baltimore, ignoring the truth, looting and pillaging with impunity because nobody dared hurt their feelings, much less bruise their little heads or spank their little bottoms. It’s taken years to get a single prosecution for it. Like the Oregon “militia” occupation, they had guns too, only BLM fans fired into crowds and lines of police. They threw rocks, bottles andimages (10) firebombs. They’ve faced off with whole death squads of state, local and federal officers and not once, as is claimed by BLM and its fanboys, did “Whitey” open up on them and cut them down like mad, white-death-tractor farming racists, harvesting angry black children with machine guns in toasty corn-rows. The undeniable statistics show beyond any doubt at all that the only mass slaughter of young black males and black folk in general, is coming at the hands of those very “black community” martyrs Black Lives Matter chooses to adore and defend.



So, no, if the Bundy Bunch had been black or Muslim, I don’t think the feds would have shot them all down in the blink of an eye, no matter how many times that theme repeats itself on my Facebook feed in meme format.

I’ve seen a number of asinine variants on the concept in often very precious memes floating by on the web on this topic. Most of them quiet-mike-militia-e1451917730901are emanating from occupydemocrats.com or similar sources, and just drip of self-righteous sophomorism. You would think that a blatantly partisan political propaganda outlet wouldn’t be making allusions to their pet designated permanent underclass constituency in this context, inasmuch as it invites dangerous “conservatives” like myself to point out how said constituency has recently burned down three or four of images (8)their own liberal, neo-socialist, Democratically run pilot cities to the ground under their own leadership after throwing hundreds of billions of their own man-hours, dollars, and political capital at them in exchange for a dependable voting block. No matter how convenient this “militia” action in the West seems at the moment you’d think some of them would be insightful enough not to openly invite a fair comparison like this in public. Even so, what’s going on in Oregon at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge has nothing whatsoever to do with a black president or Right-Wing talk radio. Black Lives Matter is no more a legitimate protest group than most of those “miltia” members in Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and parts West, still fighting the efforts of the federal government to seize private land and drive download (4)out ranchers and a way of life dating back to 1870 and earlier.download (15)

The first Federal scam to steal this Oregon land we find in question today, came under Teddy Roosevelt, who in the first decade of the 20th Century, discovered that all the irrigation channels, lakes, ponds and livestock watering holes developed by the ranchers who had settled there, attracted large flocks of migratory birds. Having no compelling authority or serious legal premise to do so, he created a fictional Indian reservation that gobbled up all the land not already under private ownership. Of course there were no Indians living there. That didn’t slow him down any. He soon declared through executive moxy alone, that it was a bird sanctuary under what became the BLM, Bureau of Land Management. This is a status he created out of whole-cloth.

Roosevelt some of you may know was a Republican.

Now, some of you may note that the local remnant of the Northern Paiutes recently told the Bundy-led occupiers of the Malheur birdland to go take a hike. While they made some half-valid allusion to violating sacred tribal ground, the truth is, the Natives were actually driven off the area in dispute, which is indeed their ancestral territory, when Oregon 1879-01-05-paiutesbecame a State, because for some reason they took exception at all the settlers moving into their midst. After a number of scuffles and one all-out war, they were driven north of the Columbia into what would become Washington State. (Half-naked, barefoot, and in the dead of winter as usual.) So it really comes down to a dog-in-the-manger scenario. If the Paiutes can’t have it back (and hell will freeze over before that happens) then at least they can help kick the remaining evil white ranchers off of it.

Apparently the only restoration to tribal lands the Northern Paiute have achieved so far is what has been billed as “An acre down by the garbage dump.” And that’s just how the federal government rolls. Ask any Native about the wonderful treatment they’ve been given by the Bureau of Indian Affairs–the BIA, the even more evil twin sister of the BLM




Other local complaints about the occupiers stem from the pointless closing of schools and the massive, heavily armed federal law enforcement presence. Of course this has little to do with actual threats or probable threats posed by the protesters far away from any local populations at the isolated wildlife preserve. It’s all down to theoretical threats. Hypothetical threats.

download (1)The federal sanctuary’s encroachment on these privately and quite ecologically sound and well-managed ranches has continued through administrations of both parties for generations. However, in spite of federal insistence that ranching activity was a danger to wildlife, academic studies actually proved that wildlife fared far better in the ponds, lakes, canals, watering holes and various other water systems run on the nearby private ranch property than the allegedly pristine wilderness it sought to justify. In retaliation, federal wildlife agencies and the BLM since the mid-70’s have illegally cut off water rights, harassed ranchers out of business by outrageously raising taxes on grazing rights, diverted water and flooded several ranchers out by raising a lake to flood them out, then having bought the flooded land cheap, drained the lake to claim the once again valuable property. The ranchers are down to basically one family, and its not Cliven Bundy or his son Ammon and his paramilitary imports from Nevada, now causing the trouble in the Oregon wilderness—these cohorts are in reality a gift from Harry Reid.

The current drama’s victims of federal oppression are actually the Hammond family. Not the bunch of free-lancing out-of-staters occupying the wildlife sanctuary. The old man and his son lit a back-fire or two back in the 80’s to extinguish or control lightning ifffmages (1)fires in range grass and control noxious shrubs, and crossed accidentally over onto federal land without a permit. In spite of this sort of backfire being standard procedure and accomplishing it’s mission, the feds sold this ecologically beneficial and safe practice as an act of terrorism to a court where nearly all the defense witnesses were banned or cut short and none of the jury were ranchers and so they knew nothing about standard free-range management. The Hammonds were dragged into a rigged monkey trial and railroaded into years of prison. When they’d done their time and returned to ranching, the feds dragged them back into federal court on the same charges claiming the original judge had given them less than the mandatory five years. They also fined them 400,000.00 bucks, half of which is still due to the BLM and they were forced to give the BLM first right of refusal if they have to sell-out to make the payoff. That’s the way it works with the BLM. If they can take the Hammond males off the ranch for just a few more years, they’ll go bust and the feds can pick up the ranch for nothing.

Hell. Click a link or two. Google it. Learn something before you go meming. I can’t believe so many of you were out in the streets forty or fifty years ago, burning draft cards, facing down images (12)fire hoses and police dogs protesting the MAN.

You fought the MAN. You beat the MAN. Now you ARE the MAN.

(Or ignorant, willing lackeys of the MAN.)

Full Story About What’s Going on In Oregon – “Militia” Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…

These western “militias” in the news today may have their fair share of Alex-Jones images (2)omniphobes but they do also certainly have legitimate grievances and until they start shooting at somebody, they’re merely engaged in peaceful, non-threatening civil disobedience–disobedience so far, much less threatening than little Tamir Rice, who got himself shot because he was pointing a perfectly genuine looking gun into people’s faces and pretending to shoot passers-by in a public park forFACEBOOK_CLIP__Tamir_Rice_at_park_with_t_2297090000_9973790_ver1.0_640_480 almost an hour before the police rolled up and took him out. (Rice is somehow being thrown into this mix by the Left. Not by me.) Until you have militia men wandering the bird sanctuary pointing guns at people, or walking up and sticking rifles in their faces, pretending to shoot them, there is no logical or moral equivalency in the comparison.

So far, none of these “militia” crackpots have pointed images (6)any guns at anyone or even threatened to. They’ve been more peaceful than the crybabies at MoZoo with their ginger-fairy communications cheerleader huffing about like a green-clad wood sprite, threatening the media and calling in thugs to drive them out.

And while I’m at it, the hypothetical Muslim “terrorists” we’re meming about, for some DifferenceG copyidiotic reason in the same context, are actually blowing people up and shooting up movie theaters and a host of other public venues nationally and world-wide. If a bunch of Muslims took over the local museum with automatic rifles shouting “death to America” and “Allah u Akbar,” you’re damned right law enforcement should take that pretty seriously. They bombed the Boston Marathon. Remember? They’re not peacefully holed up at the local abandoned ranger station airing their grievances about national farm policy to the cameras. They’re cutting off the heads of liberal, progressive cameramen and making snuff videos for YouTube all over Europe and the middle east.


images (11)So, why don’t we call these scary western “militias” “terrorists?” Because they haven’t so far terrorized anyone. There was no armed invasion of a “federal building” even though I keep hearing about it. Nobody’s even been scolded and made to feel “unsafe.” They’ve got a clear and non-violent objective: legal and legislative review of a number of ranching and federal land-grab issues based upon the basic concept of state and local sovereignty as Constitutionally granted to members of the Union. What you’re largely arguing when you talk about killing them off is that you’re an urban bigot who’s afraid of “flyover country” and the people who live in it. You don’t mind some enraged blackimages (17) criminal in Ferguson shouting “burn this motherfecker down” through a bullhorn at an angry, large mob when a legal case doesn’t go his way, but because you prefer to eat tofu and granola while birdwatching and hiking on the ranch land your federal goons are seizing for you, as the beneficiary of cowboy exploitation you deem that cowboy ire is unjustifiable and dangerous, thus you have no problem urging the forces of the MAN to open fire on a group of ranch hands who so far are essentially just staging an extended weenie roast in a civil protest at a public park. A park they own as much as you do.

And, contrary to another phrase I keep hearing, this isn’t about what some rancher can do images (14)on public lands anyway. This is about land owned, leased or otherwise legally in the possession of these ranching “militias” you so fear. It’s about the feds running them off their own land through the notion of a federalized “eminent domain” on steroids. This is not about private citizens stealing public land for private use. This is about you and the people you elect stealing private land because you feel as an educated, elitist “progressive,” it’s your god-given right to rule over these ignorant cattle-punching yahoos. Not surprisingly, imageedit_4686_8509830404the yahoos don’t like that. And yes, they have guns.

On the plus side of this reality, do you see how much more politely the wicked, bigoted police are when the citizenry is armed and trained, and legally constituted to fellowship in this armed condition?

Do you know who’s shops didn’t get burned out of Compton and Watts back in the day? It was the Koreans who went up to the roof with rifles to defend themselves. And do you download (7)know who almost got beat to death in the street? The aging hippy, Reginald Denny, trying to get through with a truckload of rocks who got pulled out and shot and beaten by dancing little black devil monkeys. Reggie didn’t have a gun.

Hell, if this was Black Lives Matter out there in Oregon, you’d be cheering them on as they loot the Information booth of all its bird watching brochures looking for liquor and Swisher Sweets. You’d be weeping in sympathy as the big bad coppers come down on them with mace and teargas and rubber bullets.

Isn’t that just what it’s all about? Black Lives Matters is selling the notion of how download (8)intolerable it is to have these self-righteous, power-mad, bigoted Pigs and government operatives that back and direct them, shaking them down for fines and tickets and court penalties–coming down on innocent citizens who were just minding their own business when the Fascist Fuzz started beating and shooting them for no reason? You really think that only happens to black people? Government and it’s agents and agencies only persecute and exploit black people?

And for my Irish friends, and I mean no offense to either side of the Troubles, but I didn’t hear any of this sort of anti-“militia” bravado from the liberals of the 1970’s when it was the IRA actually blowing men, women and children up, or executing the cops and politicians they opposed as oppressors. No, the same people who cheered that group of lads on I see now pissing all over these American variants of the same “patriotic” movement to defend and preserve their own heritage in their own land.download (9)

Did you learn nothing from Ruby Ridge, or Waco? Bill Clinton executed Randy Weaver’s wife at Ruby Ridge simply because the feds wanted to check his gun ownership and didn’t like his politics. They thought it was a dangerous mix and wanted to take him down a peg. He sued the shite out them and download (11)won. Bill Clinton and his scapegoat Janet Reno burned to death some hundred and more men, women and children at Waco, again, primarily because the feds didn’t like his religion and suspected he might have more guns than they were comfortable with. The survivors sued the shite out of the feds and won.

So, go ahead. You don’t probably even know or remember who Randy Weaver is, or what I mean by “Waco.” You short-sighted, ego-centric idiots go enjoy your bloodbath. Maybe you can prove they were really up to something this time. Maybe that’ll help you sleep better at night.

Just remember: An actual federal building was bombed all to hell and hundreds of download (10)innocents died specifically because of the way the federal government handled Ruby Ridge and Waco. Bill Clinton, everybody’s favorite liberal, in that sense directly created Oklahoma city. It’s a tremendous hypocrisy to claim GW created ISIS, or bolstered the ranks of Al Qaeda by invading Iraq, or for that matter, even that Barack Obama created oklahoma-city-bombing-ABISIS by taking his ball and bat and going home, and then pretend that pointlessly mowing down a peaceful protest in the weeds of Oregon with gas and machine guns just to put them in their place is not going to have incalculable repercussions for the law and society on a deeply moral and civil level.

Remember too, that you won’t always have a liberal, Leftist president and “progressive” Congress to help you get your freebies, benefits and “entitlements,” and keep the squares off your back and under control.  Payback is likely to be a bitch, as they say.

Yeah, the rebel ranchers have guns. And that bothers you mindless ideologues of the Far Left. I don’t mean liberals–real liberals. Or just Democrats. Or even Socialists. I’m talking just plain brainless partisanism. When it’s your favorite, violent, raging black loonies beating up random white folk shouting “Justice for Trayvon,” you’re all in on that. That you say, is justified by the generations of institutional (read: governmental) persecution. But a bunch of hick rednecks out in the scrub lands of Oregon or Nevada somewhere, getting screwed by the BLM, well hell, they’re White and they’re Hicks. So what? What do they contribute to society anyway?

And again I say, it probably really just pisses you folks on the Left off that simply having a Ferguson1byTheNewsCommenterBannergun and hanging around with other people who may also have guns isn’t inherently criminal and prosecutable. You want to call in the same cops you claim are killing off download (12)thousands of innocent baby Trayvons every year, the same military and paramilitary governmental law enforcement agencies you blame for abuses that created this justifiable “black rage.” You ironically however, don’t mind them having guns at all for some reason when they’re pointed at a bunch of WHITE conservative protesters. Then they’re “good” cops all of a sudden. You argue, the average citizen with a gun? That’s just dangerous. What’s he gonna do with it anyway?

I suppose he could, say, defend himself from unrighteous dominion? Shoot back at the cops who are trying to kill poor baby Trayvon? Wouldn’t that be an inherently GOOD thing?

Oh yeah, you say, let’s just let Baltimore burn. Those rioters need their space to be violent images (20)if they want to. It’s just property. No big deal. But, cowboys in a frozen, abandoned bird sanctuary that’s absent even of birds for the next three or four months, well, those guys need to get beat down and beat down hard right now! They have guns and they don’t like the BLM. Praise be the Federal Government–savior of all things sacred. You have profaned the BLM. You must pay penance! You must be made an example of!

Well, on the other hand, if we were using our brains at all, we could all see that it’s pretty obvious if you left those saddle-bagging “patriots” alone for a few months without suppliesimages (21) till they got hungry and bored to death, even if they burned the whole “federal” complex to the ground and finally went home, it wouldn’t cost what five minutes worth of your downtrodden black community heroes in Ferguson or Baltimore did to their own neighborhoods built and supported by the billions of my tax dollars your political allies have wasted on it.

So what’s your hurry?

Of course, it’s all over but the shouting by now. A couple of days ago, the FBI put an end (mostly and for the time being) to this otherwise peaceful occupation of a group of sheds out in the Oregon wilderness by a handful of ranchers pissed off at the way the Bureau of Land Management and other images (22)federal agencies throttle their activities on both public and private land, as well as resort to outright theft, intimidation and trickery to accumulate private ranch property for federal projects. I’m sure all the Black Lives Matter folk are happy now to see that “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” doesn’t work for an old white cowboy any better than it does for a young black hold-up man.

To complicate this comparative criminal debate, BLM used to stand for the Bureau of Land Management, a Western, rural staple of anti-federal intrusion complaint. Now it’s meant to abbreviate Black Lives Matter in all urban contexts. At any rate, unlike the angry black mobs that burned down their own neighborhoods for the honor of Michael Brown’s martyrdom, and to avenge his racist-white-cop-based “murder,” the equallyScreen_Shot_2016-01-30_at_3.59.38_AM_1024x1024 angry white “militias” of Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and parts West, who likely hate both BLM’s with a passion, is smart enough or honest enough to admit for the most part that their own sainted hero, LaVoy Finicum didn’t die on his knees begging to surrender peacefully. In fact, by one account he “charged” the cops, and while this is not true, by the video evidence it could be argued that he was going for his gun at the fatal moment or at least was making some dodgy moves that would easily have been seen that way by the officers already eager to nail him.

I’m white. I admit that right up front. (To my everlasting, privileged shame…) I’m a Mormon, and most of the Bundy/Finicum ammon-bundybunch were/are Mormons as well. (How could you not be a Mormon and have names like Ammon or LaVoy?) My mom’s people settled Southern Idaho. I’ve got a bias there I suppose. But I’ll also add that when I first heard the claims of LaVoy’s “execution” with his hands up while kneeling in submission, I didn’t burn down my neighborhood, or torch the quickie mart in outrage. In fact, I was pretty dubious.

A couple of observations:

images (15)

The Bundy Crew freezes in the middle of nowhere not bothering anyone

The media is once-again parroting off the FBI/government talking points perfectly. First, they called it an “armed takeover,” of a “federal building” when it was more like a bunch of cowboys wandering into an isolated birdkeeper’s shed off-season and just spontaneously camping out without permission. They had guns, but as I keep saying, there’s nothing inherently sinister or illegal about having guns.

images (1)

Black Lives Matter occupies Plymouth Avenue Mpls and shuts down the 4th Precinct Station

Nobody was driven out at gunpoint. It wasn’t a “takeover,” it was a “wander-in.” They called it a “stand-off” or “armed stand-off,” in spite of the fact there was nobody standing them off, and apart from a couple of conversations with the sheriff no police lines ever formed and no orders were pressed by force of arms either to stay or to go.

And now the media is dutifully reporting that LaVoy Finicum died in a “shoot-out” after a “traffic-stop.” They mindlessly repeat the phrase, “shots were fired,” during the stop, and “it is not determined who fired first,” without even being curious enough to ask, “who was shooting whom?” The details being released by the cops are so very suspiciously sketchy one would think any real journalist would be all over it in righteous fury.

Likewise, this certainly wasn’t just a “traffic stop,” this was an ambush. A large pre-images (23)positioned contingent of snipers and tactical shooters went to a remote location the protesters were known to be headed for–they were cut off and shot up. That’s called an ambush, not a traffic stop. (The talking heads obviously aren’t that discerning.)

So, because we know the code used by the FBI to cover their own asses, we can also say for certain that it was the FBI who fired first. Had it been the other way around they would have been all too happy to advertise the fact that they were “fired upon” and they “returned fire” which they would then say resulted in one death and one injury, thus putting the whole deadly scheme down to the “bad guys” and owning no blame whatsoever for all the gun-play.

We can also know with certainty that the protesters not only didn’t fire first, but probably never fired a round or pulled a weapon. Had they done so, it would have been first and foremost in the FBI, State Patrol and county sheriff’s statements to the media and citizenry. Though not as good as the “militiamen” initiating the “shoot-out,” having the heroic visual of safe_imageinjured cops from “militia” gunfire would go a long way towards proving that these villains were indeed as dangerous as claimed, thus deserving of a good shooting-up anyway, and making the federal tactical bullies seem wise and well-prepared, than leaving them looking like a bunch of thugs with rifles and itchy trigger fingers. Which they are.

Much is also made of the FBI agent that LaVoy “nearly ran over” as it is billed. The video however, shows LaVoy more than likely just bailing out of a headlong collision, and this jackass of an agent is apparently hurling his own self in front of the oncoming truck, possibly firing as he goes. And what’s missing entirely of course, is the presence of any audio, so one can’t really tell if LaVoy is being shot at the whole time. Indeed it appears he may have been shot in the left side accounting for his jiggity spinning download (14)and grabbing. It is claimed he had a 9mm handgun holstered on his left side. What doesn’t appear to be happening in the video however, is the drawing of said weapon to bear on the super cops shooting at him. Had he meant to do that, no doubt he was proficient at it and wouldn’t need a bunch of tries to get it out–though in fairness neither these or any other law enforcement agents are under any obligation to calmly consider exactly what he was doing reaching to his side and making furtive gestures, instead of waiting to be cuffed patiently as he should have been. If the cops think you’re drawing on them they’re going to just drop you before you get a chance. LaVoy Finicum obviously knew that much, so he must have had good motivation of some sort for his movements.

The bottom line here, is LaVoy Finicum got himself killed and put a carload of friends into the line of an FBI firing squad. I’ve been in front of one of those and it’s not pleasant. Finicum definitely did all the wrong things. Things that almost always get you shot. He knew what the score was when they rolled up on him. He knew that they were gunning for him when he was “allegedly” fired on at the first stop. He knew that the game was on when heimages (25) bugged out from the first stop. He knew that he was courting disaster when he rolled up on the second blockade. He knew that his time was almost up when he didn’t just shut up, put his hands on his head and stand still, waiting for the cuffs. But all that being said, the FBI isn’t the bunch of law-enforcement geniuses and heroes for justice that they, a simpering Left just itching to put down a bunch of ranch hicks, and a lackey media is painting them to be either. The FBI doesn’t set up a large, heavily armed blockade/backdoor-multi-protected ambush with armed drone air support without intending to shoot it out. They waited there eagerly for the arrival of their prey, and looked for the slightest excuse to open up on them. LaVoy gave them one. Let that be a lesson to us all:

“Wigga Moments” can be fatal too.

Do I need to link Chris Rock again?


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  1. Thanks. “He knew that he was courting disaster when he tried to run the second blockade.” Seems clear that he avoided crashing into the law enforcement vehicles in place for the ambush.

    • Yeah, I’ll clarify that–he may have just not had enough time to slow down, but either way he clearly decided to bail out into the snow bank rather than any serious attempt to drive around the roadblock.

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