What’s the deal with this blog?

6a016766faffa0970b017c3478b12e970b-800wiWhat are you rebelling from? Waddaya got?

Let’s talk about crime, social upheaval, injustice and frustration. Why not? It’s better than what’s on TV.

OK, that is what’s on TV. It makes great TV. But you’re probably tired of yelling back at the boob tube and the radio. You’ve been at it so long you’re starting to believe you can hear it reply in a little voice in the back of your head.

That’s not healthy.

So get it off your chest here. That’s what I’m doing. It will make you feel better to get it all out in a nice rant. Don’t let it fester up inside. You don’t need that sort of stress in your life. Come on, you’re among friends. Let it out. What’s bugging you today? What’s really busting your chops?

Here’s what’s bugging me at the moment…


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