Down with the Struggle

I have to admit even as a plain dumb white guy, that well late into the 1960’s, even years afterward, America’s south had steadfastly based its society, and toU1481040 some extent still based its economy, on a longstanding history of overt, institutional racism. By this I mean, you can pretend that even after the mid-60’s Civil Rights Movement peaked, and federal legislation was passed, and president Johnson announced the advent of The Great Society, Affirmative Action, and forceful federal intervention into school integration and other state and local issues soon became commonplace, the prosepect that “all men are created equal” was still very much a work in progress. It was a process that would take generations. It was not an event–just like Emancipation was not an event, it was the start of a long process.

I don’t know where to put the cutoff date–Michael Jackson’s performance of the “moonwalk” at the Grammies in 1988, his subsequent takeover of all pop music and gradual physical conversion to “whiteness,” or perhaps, definitely by the day in that same year when befuddled old white producers and network owners received the revelation, in stark contradiction to their combined history of “race-music” market research, that Yo MTV Raps made gangsta hip hop the new musical standard of young, white American “Whiggers” nationwide. The realization of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech arrived in a transition that most clearly and rapidly came into effect somewhere in that decade of American youngsters. By then, the “white” American generations of newborns had in fact images (5)passed well beyond accepting any cultural, moral, legal, or scientific validity of the dictionary definition of “racism” as a personal belief in the inherent, genetic inferiority of all “non-white” peoples, and “Negroes” in particular. Young “white” America almost stopped believing in the concept of “race” at all, in favor of perceiving the world’s many peoples as “cultures,” and “ethnic groups.” The notion of anything like “racial purity” was essentially abandoned. Earth became seen by America’s youth as a planet of “mongrels.” We’re all “mutts,” and “diversity” is a virtue. “Racial Purity” is an ignorant myth. And to the point at hand, specifically where African-Americans were concerned, the vast majority of young white American kids envied “black” music, talent, physical prowess and general “coolness.” Being “black” in America was cool. Period. The hard-core, cultural “white” institutionalized racism even in the south, had become at worst a rare throwback surviving in isolated pockets of impoverished, uneducated, deep-urban ignorance, or remote and socially removed enclaves of rural white stupidity.

At least two generations have passed since white America’s first conversion to the
“coolness” of “black.” We have a president who in all honesty was elected simply upon the basis that he was “cool,” and “black.” Not even his supporters had any idea who he really was apart from cool and black, and this much has been all but admitted on all sides halfway at this writing into his second term. In the paraphrased words of Nancy Peloci: “We have to elect him to see what he stands for.” (But he’s cool and black, so vote for him anyway…how bad could it be? At barack-obama-cool-black-coverleast he’s not rich and white. And yes, that was almost literally the platform that got him soundly elected to a second term.)

So, in short, somebody has to go tell Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson: that was then, this is now.

As I began to say of the Civil Rights Movement Era, back “then,” all the arguments and observations I would make today about the state of American race relations would be utterly invalid. Conversely, all the protestations coming out todays crop of professional race-instigators, would have been entirely justified forty or fifty years ago. Yes, I’m today arguing entirely on the opposite side of a question I would have been entirely reversed on twenty-five, or surely thirty, forty, fifty or more years past.

Times have changed. Even as a plain dumb white guy, I have changed to meet those changes. Other plain dumb white guys have either embraced the same changes, or over time and through great social, legal, political, and religious pressure, been forced to concede and accept these changes at least on a pragmatic basis as the new “normal.”

Much of the “black community” however, has steadfastly refused to even admit, much less embrace these changes. They’ve romanticized, institutionalized, and fantasized their roles imagesin “the struggle” to point where, without “the struggle,” they are nothing–either socially, emotionally, or financially.

When the war is over, warriors go home to be bored and drink themselves into suicide and depression. Without one more skirmish to look forward to, they cease to be relevant even to themselves. Thus, elements of the “black community” choose to live in a warm, nostalgic memory of an epic battle for equality against the forces of white repression and the promise of a dream that Dr. Martin Luther King would probably concede today has long been fulfilled. I know his wife and family have, and have done so quite vocally.

Change is hard. It was obviously hard for many a “Whitey” to stop treating black folks like “Niggers.” And it was no doubt just as hard for some black folks to stop acting like “Niggers,” or at least letting historical, feelings toward “Whitey” keep them locked into an internalized cell that emotionally relegates them to perpetually playing out that long-passed societal role. Apart from a few blessed individuals and a handful of enlightened movements, as a broad body, neither of these two sides of the old racial, economic and images (3)social order in America were ever going to “grow” out of these intensely internalized attitudes. They were simply going to have to die off for America to move on. And that’s just human nature.

The thing is, “Whitey’s” offspring for the most part have moved on. The “black community,” however, has instead gleefully romanticized and perpetuated its role in “the struggle,” teaching its offspring from generation to generation that they have no hope against “white privilege” and “institutional racism” in America. Large portions of young “black” America wax nostalgic for a racial struggle they never fought in. And in rising numbers each year, a war for equality that neither their parents nor grandparents fought in. Indeed, the white, privileged Baby downloadBoomers who eagerly fought alongside the black leaders and warriors of the Civil Rights Movement, have since bred a generation or two of self-hating, white, privileged mall rats convinced that Oprah Winfrey being sidetracked by a well-meaning clerk from looking at a $38,000.00 designer purse in an exclusive Zürich boutique, who deferred her interest instead to to a cheaper model costing only $25,000.00, is “racism” and bigoted “white” persecution on par with theimages (7) local KKK kidnapping young Emmett Till in 1955, beating him to a pulp, shooting him repeatedly, tying a weight around his neck and throwing him in the river, simply for allegedly trying to chat up a white girl at the local diner in some hick town he was passing through down south. And this ideology is maintained as a rational, morally equivalent perspective on the state of “race in America,” even with a sittting, two-term black president in the White House–even after he won a pronounced victory in his re-election against heavy opposition and all the combined sinister forces of all the rich, white Republicans, the corporate conspiracies of the military-industrial-crony-capitalist underground government, and the evil empire of the wealthy white Koch brothers.

America in general has moved on. The old-school stalwarts of the “black community” haven’t. And that’s self-destructive, even if we accept the rather dubious proposition that some images (1)vaporous remnant of nearly intangible elements of “white privilege” actually exist–or that on a case-by-case basis, there are actual white racists who do occasionally affect the “black community” and its individuals one way or another, even if not always violently or openly or very substantially. It’s notasdf enough to keep you out of the White House–or with a black attorney general, keep you from control of the government and entire legal system. There aren’t any two offices higher than those in the United States of America. If American “institutionalized” racism and “white privilege” can’t keep the “black” American from taking those positions by virtue of a huge, entirely voluntary electoral mandate from the American population, then by definition there isn’t any other achievement, title, or authority in the United States that anyone else in the “black community” can’t accomplish.

I guess my message is: It’s time to quit’cher bitchin’.

download (1)

Certainly, below the Mason-Dixon line, well into the 1970’s, the then openly, blatantly racist, southern conception of an eternally and inherently inferior “Negro” based upon a fundamental belief in that “race’s” genetically irreversible intellectual and emotional  limitations, was not going to work itself out “naturally.” Certainly not when the southern notion was also inextricably linked to a Biblical curse from God on the “Negro,” relegating the race to eternal servitude and condemnation. So, even a conservative, libertarian-oriented hack like myself can see that in that context, an admittedly Fascist, socialist concept of allowing the “government” to extend its omnipotent hand down into the

292oppressed black masses and elevate them to equal social and economic status through deliberate, artificial means, would have initially seemed eminently fair and reasonable—certainly to northern white liberals who weren’t personally invested in either culture anyway.

And, again, we must confess that this notion of “Integration,” was never going to Carpetbaggerappear either fair or reasonable to a white, southern ruling class who had already suffered generations of what it considered “indignities” and persecution by a victorious northern political structure which had plagued and beset the south with federal interference in state and local rule since the Reconstruction era. The white-ruled south wasn’t ever going to gradually, naturally come to the conclusion that it had been wrong all along about either slavery or the inferiority of the Negro race. As a people, as a nation then, the government had an obligation to do something to help even out the playing field on behalf of generations of the oppressed.

At some point, the playing field has gotten pretty damned even. That stands to reason if the job is a serious assignment and has been in progress since the mid-1960’s. And yet, the job of “field-levelling” pays quite well, so naturally, the playing-field-eveners want to collect a paycheck for as long as they can whether they’re done with the actual job or not. If they have to, they’ll start piling it up on the side that used to be the low ground. They get paid to dig, so download (2)dig they will. It’s just basic physics and human nature. The question becomes, how level is level, who gets to measure it, and ultimately, is “level” really good enough? There seems to have been no foreman or inspectors assigned to make that determination when the work started. And the “workforce” has already decided that even isn’t good enough. To be “even,” your really have to slant it a bit in favor of the “oppressed” at least for a while to “make it up” to them. This of course, becomes an unending task since nobody is assigned or has final authority to make a clear determination about when “up” has been “made.”

cityworkersWhen the Civil Rights Movement and it’s governmental legacy set all this “field levelling” and socio-economic earth-moving equipment in motion some four or five generations ago, apparently nobody was told to blow the whistle when it was time to knock off for the day. So everyone’s just out hustling dirt around whether it makes sense or does any good for anyone, as long as the paymasters keep paying them to shuffle dirt back and forth.

But the payoffs, the make-ups, the hand-outs do have to come to an end at some point. At some point, getting on with life is just your own damned problem. The eternal-collective-bitch-machine has to grind to a halt and you have to solve your own problems by yourself, one at a time, one-on-one as they come up. Otherwise, we ought to just admit that it’s America’s official position that black folks are too stupid, or lazy, or just helpless in general, to take care of themselves, and need to be appointed permanent wards of the State as a perpetually coddled and protected class.,r:10,s:300,i:34&iact=rc&page=8&tbnh=176&tbnw=235&ndsp=47&tx=125&ty=93#imgdii=09cFowDyCyLcpM%3A%3BmpPVdIPRRt-L6M%3B09cFowDyCyLcpM%3A

I didn’t grow up in the Jim Crow South. Neither did most of you probably—whatever color you think you are. Certainly, neither did most of the current crop of “black” activist-whiners sniveling for some sort of restitution or compensation for “400 years of slavery” in America. Today’s reality even in the south is radically divorced from the bona fide racists three or four generations back who ran Dixie at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. pretensions that nothing has changed in all tpassing_strange03hese generations is nothing less than self-serving BS. But Stew in the wonderful musical play Passing Strange says it best:

  • “Do you know what it’s like to hustle for dimes on the mean streets of South Central?”
    • “Nobody in this play knows what it’s like to hustle for dimes on the mean streets of South Central.”

I spent a year in East Tennessee, Johnson City, or more precisely, Jonesborough, (Jonesboro) in 1968.  I was a 13-year-old Yankee at that point from Bellingham Washington. They called me “puffesser,” apparently because I read at grade level and could do basic mathematics. The geography simply wowed them. Yes, indeed, I could name almost all of those countries the teacher pointed to on the globe. What I didn’t know, was that my black friend Nelson couldn’t go into the 7-11 with me and get an Icee. Lesson learned. One year was plenty for me. That was not a fun year to be black in Tennessee. Or to be a “nigger-lover.”

They played a game down there called “Yanks andmap_TN_JohnsonCity Rebs.” Oddly enough, the Rebs were the good guys. The rules were, you chase the “Yanks” through the woods and throw rocks and sticks at them. If you catch them they get “nutzed.” I needn’t tell you who got to be the “Yank.” I know they were still fighting the “War Between the States,” as late as the Spring of 1969. And I bet they’re still fighting it, in fact I know they’re still fighting it. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

No, I’m not “down with the struggle,” but I got a taste of it and that was enough to last me a lifetime. Much of the “black community” however, seems to imagine that just being black automatically gives you a complete understanding of the history of the “struggle.” It doesn’t. I can tell you a lot of very creepy stories about the way white folks talked about black folks back in Tennessee in 1968, and that was after all the Civil Rights legislation and federal intervention. And they 1346780081_the-civil-rights-movement-brought-an-end-to-businesses-thatdidn’t just talk bad about black folk. They tended to shoot them a lot for very little reason. And beat them up frequently for sport.

Today’s thugged-out urban black youth, especially in the north, throw the names and places and dates of epic Civil Rights Era battles around as if they understand it all, but they don’t even know the basics. And oddly enough, they almost universally don’t know that the attack dogs and fire hoses set on their forefathers during the Freedom Marches were let go by Democrats. They don’t know the Republicans are the party of Lincoln and emancipation, and the heritage of Civil Righteousness during the Reconstruction of the south that gave them the vote, 40 acres and a mule. They don’t know the Democratic Party was the political arm of the KKK well into the 1970’s, and that when Dr. King was fighting the Klan, he was fighting Democrats.4f70d35763e36.image They don’t know that where the “black community” was concerned, Malcolm X called you a “chump” and a “traitor to your race” for continuing to vote for Democrats who were doing you no good:

Anytime you throw your political weight behind a political Party that controls two-thirds of the government and that Party can’t keep the promises made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around and identify yourself with that Party, you are not only a chump but you are a traitor to your race.

Martin Luther King simply demanded that America enforce a Constitutionally guaranteedAfrican-Americans-Flee-the-South set of basic human rights, give black folk the same status as white folk, and let everyone get on with it. Hit the ground running he argued in a sense, and let’s take it from here. Malcolm X was even plainer in stating that the Negro didn’t want or need a handout. Just an even chance at what America AA-Civil Rights-FN66897 - 3 copyhad to offer. What happened instead in America, was that the white, political movers and shakers of the day, listening to “progressive” “black community leaders,” who weren’t intellectually or spiritually worthy to lace up the shoes of the original Civil Rights icons like King and Malcolm X, who had died in the fight. Latecomers. Opportunists. “Black community” parasites filled in the leadership vacuum and sunk in their fangs, and gripped in their grubby meat hooks to become permanently attached to the political payoff sow. Soon the “white power structure” got intellectualized, evangelized, and popularized, into a collective sense of northern, liberal white guilt and initiated a series of legislative acts that have permanently fogged over Dr. King’s bright American dream, with a debilitating haze of permanent entitlement.

As Malcolm X observed: If they give it to you, they can take it away. If you demand more than equality, then next time you’ll expect more than that. He added, that by accepting the temporary solution of a handout from the “white power structure,” (meaning in his day basically the government) the immediate problem is solved only for you, but not your children and not theirs, because the real problem will never be solved by redistribution of wealth from the white “ruling class” to the Negro:

1856_Tammany56911Lyndon Johnson called it “The Great Society.” What it really was, is a system of paybacks and handouts in exchange for votes. Johnson didn’t invent it. It was an old Democratic Party program. It dates back to the Irish influx into New York versus the “Nativists” in all through the 1800’s. Hell, if the Micks can vote, then we want the Irish vote. That’s how Tammany Hall continued the Democrat’s rule in a changing ethnic environment in the day.

And still today, starting from the Civil Rights Era to the present situation, the Democrats figure, if the “Niggas” can vote then why not? A vote’s a vote. As long as they vote for us.

(Fill in the blank with any given “oppressed” class or minority that can vote as a block.)

But race or immigrant status is not at all the key component of the scheme. It’s primarily a class warfare approach. Race or immigrant status is only coincidental to overall economic status, and therefore “representation” in the American cultural theatre, both politically and socially, becomes dependent upon these identifiable economic, often ethnically related classes uniting as a block vote to promote their own interests. Forfdr example, in the same era that black Americans were seeking basic civil rights, and the new-born Democratic Party of “Civil Rights,” as opposed to “States Rights,” was courting their votes, president John Kennedy created a massive federalized employee union system under the same theory of “protecting” the “underclasses.” Kennedy and his party thereafter, succeeded in buying the “union” vote in general, owned the public employee vote, and within a generation had likewise perpetually obligated the “black” vote to the Democratic Party. This is oddly enough, in spite of warnings from major Labor Movement heroes like FDR, the most lauded president in the history of organized labor, who on several occasions lectured at length about the nationally suicidal evils of giving trade unions control of the nation’s bureaucratic, legislative, logistical and other critical functions and infrastructure.

I don’t come from a Republican/Democrat American historical frame of reference. One side of the family were Mormons, a very communal bunch rather isolated from national politics, and on the other side, my people actually founded the Farmer Labor Party, an European Socialist near-Utopian body of God-fearing and hard-working immigrants from Scandinavia who formed communal systems of self-support based upon generations of not having good land or weather or mediapolitical influence with which to aggrandize themselves as individual, completely independent, financial or social successes. And it was only begrudgingly in the later 20th century that they held their noses and were forced to associate with the national Democratic Party for purposes of being represented in national elections that they became the “Democratic Farmer Labor Party.” Previous generations of Scandinavian Americans were far more inclined to be nationally associated with the Abolitionist party of Abraham Lincoln–the new Republican Party.

While most of my ancestors arrived in the mid-late 19th century, my paternal grandfather’s people came here in 1928 and they were mostly interested in escaping Adolph Hitler and a really bad economy in Europe. Grandpa Trygve, formerly of the
Danish Merchant Marines, “went up the street” as they say, in Superior Harbor, and never came back. The whole slavery, “black” experience in America didn’t really come into play one way or the other as far as I know for my direct lineage. In my defense however, my state, my “people,” and I’m sure somewhere in the blood lines if I looked it up, the Scandinavian, Minnesota population in general, were arguably the first regiment of volunteers from the North to rally to the cause of Emancipation and go deliver a serious beat-down of those Johnny Rebs at Gettysburg, take their frigging Confederate Battle Flag, and tell them where they could come and get it back if they had the moxy.

mf001634It was only a few years ago that the Southern rebels we took it from were begging for it back as some sort of symbol of national conflict resolution. Our then governor, Jesse “The Odd” Ventura (James Janos) told them we won it fair and square, and they could have it back when they came up here and took it from us the same way we took it from them. Go Vikings!

But a few years after that initial request, they were back at it, wanting the flag to fly at a re-enactment “commemorating” the 150th anniversary of the battle in which they lost it. Even our current, Lefty, “feel good” Liberal Governor Mark Dayton, current leader of our fine state, had this to say about the latest request for its return as of this writing:

The governor of Virginia earlier this year requested that the flag be loaned, quote, unquote, to Virginia to commemorate–it doesn’t quite strike me as800px-1st_Minnesota_at_Gettysburg something they would want to commemorate–but we declined that invitation.

It was taken in a battle at the cost of the blood of all these Minnesotans. And I think it would be a sacrilege to return it to them. It was something that was earned through the incredible courage and valor of men who gave their lives and risked their lives to obtain it. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a closed subject.

The significant point in this Minnesota battle over a Civil War trophy, is that the 1st Minnesota Volunteers, volunteered, and volunteered specifically to fight for the emancipation of Southern, black slaves. The Micks and Jocks, the Scotch-Irish, the Germans, Pols, Jews, Slavs, Balkans, the mixed bag of all other immigrants from Lincoln’s Northeast, the soldiery Lincoln scraped off the pavements and out of the curbs of thecivil-war-239.-recruiting.-nyc.-antique-print-1907-wdjb--128164-p[ekm]400x248[ekm] Northern urban empires of the Union–they were a mixed batch of rascals with few honorable motivations. Conscription, poverty, adventurism, blood lust, opportunism, a chance to shoot Johnny Reb indiscriminately, whatever. They were not in any manner motivated by, or unified over any urgency to free the enslaved black prisoners of white racism down South.

But my people were.

So, I’m just sayin’. Crap on me for being a racist and it really rubs me wrong. And it loses you a friend. But then, those “black” factions habitually hurling around such claims against all “white” people don’t want to make friends. They want to be oppressed, or more importantly, be seen legitimately as an oppressed class, because it validates their failures in life and allows them to demand of society a free ride and excuse for general being a bum and ne’er-do-well. In the long run it dumbs-down the argument of racial politics and society in general and devalues the meaning of the label “racist,” or “racism.” Ultimately it is a losing proposition for those dependent upon the tactic, because eventually the claims become so absurd that even their friends and brothers-in-arms are shamed and embarrassed by the hyperbole.  Call me a “racist” because I think some saggy-pants home boy with his baggy-pantsdrawers spilling out looks like an idiot I would never hire, or a man I would prefer to have walking on the opposite sidewalk rather than shuffle down my side, and you’re the one who looks foolish. Not me.

I could go into an Emperor is Naked metaphor but I’ll quote the Bauhaus Manifesto instead:

Everything inside your head, your thoughts, your ideas, is a construct, put there by a system. Therefore: What’s inside is just a lie.

I can only see American racial relationships from my personal and family perspective. I’llimages (87) never see the situation from a “black” perspective. Still, I contend that most of what the “black community” is calling “racism” today, is perceived, not tangible. That’s an empirically demonstrable argument. It’s not just my opinion. It’s an impression they collectively enforce for social, historical, and political reasons. But it’s not reality.

It’s a construct, but in their heads, by a system.

Most of what the “black community” is calling “profiling,” isn’t “racism,” it’s common sense. They’ve chosen to poison a word, but the word remains valid and the concept it represents is a reasonable and accurate concept. Stereotype is the word aaaapoisoned in previous generations for the same reasons. But stereotypes are almost always based upon a very real, very common, very definable “types.” That’s what the word means. It may be wrong to “stereotype” all black people as “thugs,” but it’s just common sense to assume that those black people who are the right size, the right age, dressed in the official “thug” costume, talking the official “thug” language, and hanging out where “thugs” usually hang out in the dark of night, might be thugs. It is therefore quite reasonable to take some basic precautions in case they actually are thugs. That’s just the law of experience and probability working naturally in your head.

The thing nobody in the “black community” seems willing to ask themselves, is, am I being stereotyped, or is that all I really am? Have I become a walking and talking stereotype? Am I being profiled, or do I just actually fit the profile?

nprjuanwilliamsThe dirty secret, as Juan Williams, former NPR commentator, found out some years ago, is that black people profile black people. Black people profile people of color. Black people are people and people profile other people. That’s what people do. If you admit that out loud however, you get fired.

That’s not “racism.” Setting dogs on you, beating you senseless, and hanging you from a street lamp because you dared walk your “nigga” ass into a whites-only soda shop is “racism.” That’s what America’s great Civil Rights Struggle was all about. It wasn’t about some night watchman giving you funny looks or tailing you a bit because you’re dressed like a hood and prowling around in the dark. Dr. Martin Luther King didn’t give his life so Oprah Winfrey could bitch about not being shown aUS National Guard troops block off Beale Street as Civil Rights marchers pass by on March 29, 1968. $38.000.00 dollar handbag in Zurich because the clerk didn’t think it was in her price range. That’s just a load of asinine BS Oprah’s going to have to deal with on her own. If Barack Obama wants to bemoan America’s racism because he thinks as a youth, old white ladies would clutch their purses as he went by, because grampa White always put a hand on his wallet as he passed, it was just foreshadowing the day when he would become president and send armed IRS agents to take grandma and grampa White’s money directly out of their paychecks by force.

barack-obama-dope-2-smoking-punEven following our president’s observations following the Zimmerman verdict, what you’re really talking about today, is getting a few nervous looks from “white people” or being followed through the store by some wary shopkeeper who thinks there’s a good chance you’re going to swipe some goodies off the shelf when they’re not looking. Every kid under about age 30 of any race, creed, or color in America gets that from every shopkeeper. Even the black ones. It’s annoying. It’s insulting. I believe it happens and that it really annoys you. But it doesn’t really rank up there with police dogs up your ass and riot sticks to the head. It it isn’t equivalent to being lynched for using a public toilet labelled “Whites Only.”

If the Trayvon Martin example is going to be the impetus for some pretended national, or some ludicrous world referendum on race-relations, it’s imperative that we don’t just images (67)accept whatever the Martin Corporation is selling the nation and the world about the case itself, on the premise that all they’re seeking is the “TRUTH” about how their son met his end. They’re just people. Not particularly sophisticated people. Their kid is dead. They’re pissed off. They feel like they’ve been screwed over by somebody and they want somebody to pay. They’re looking not for “justice,” entirely for the sake of “justice.” No rational human being could believe that.

They are clearly looking for some sort of payback.44-Rosa_Parks Either revenge, or dollar signs. Not very much MLK in that desire.

Furthermore, the grieving Martin clan may however unlikely, actually be entirely genuine in their pretensions to pure motivations, but even so, they are surrounded by, or have surrounded themselves with, a support structure of commercialized, professional “black community leaders,” and industrial-grade “black activists” and other race-baiting lobbyists who have been in the business of profiting from tragedies in the “black community” just like Trayvon Martin’s death for decades, even some of them, a couple of generations. Most of mainstream “white” America simply won’t listen to anything they have to say if Trayvon Martin’s cause is connected with these racial ambulance-chasers.

0913_COVER_MARTINSINK.inddThe question that still baffles me, is how the black population can be so willing to believe that a clearly dorky and almost entirely harmless George Zimmerman turns into a bloodthirsty White Werewolf after dark and goes out to chase baby black toddlers and eat them, and yet becomes indignant over the suggestion that overt race-hucksters like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson et al might have some sort of profit-and-fame-angle in this case. (We’re not talking about Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King here–though history now shows that Rosa Parks was a staged publicity stunt concocted by the NAACP.) Al and Jesse, most popular clowns at the Martin family circus, are clearly all about making a buck off of racial strife—not about ending it. It is dumbfounding to most “white” people, that the “black community” is that gullible. It is dumbfounding to me that anyone possessed of any level of basic intelligence, black or white, could so consistently bow to these racially embarrassing, cartoon characters as if they had any credibility left at all.

It’s not me out of the blue picking on these two naturally and perhaps, righteously aggrieved parents. It’s those two and their posse shoving their family business into my face every minute of every day for the last year until we as a nation all had to give their tantrums the time and respect they demand of us all. Well, they got their trial. It was one helluva31f17b40-0df7-4e25-82e1-d83c171927de-620x372 railroad job on Zimmerman and they lost anyway. Now I’m tired of hearing about how “dignified” Sybrina Martin has been. She barely knew Trayvon Martin. I’m tired of hearing about her at all. I’m tired of hearing about Tracy Martin the “perfect father” and “loyal co-parent.” He’s a cad and a philanderer who destroyed three family units and totally screwed up Trayvon’s head. I’m tired, tired, definitely tired of hearing about “Trayvon the Pure,” the holy martyr and Sainted black youth.

They got their trial. They lost. The evidence only served to point more fingers at Trayvon Martin, his parents, their family life and parenting abilities, than the nasty, bigoted, fictional, evil “white man” they had been promising to expose. They picked the wrong straw man to try to burn. They threw tar and gasoline and flaming torches at him for a year to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, all in court and on national television aided and abetted by an eager and willing media. George Zimmerman the straw man never lit up. Nobody could find the much-touted, absolutely guaranteed image of a ra173466202.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largebid, racist baby-killer in either the evidence, or the personal history or nature of George Zimmerman. And we all had to look. And look. And listen. And listen.

Zimmerman has been politically exploited throughout this ordeal, as little more than a racial scapegoat upon whom Trayvon’s devoted cadres of irrelevant old has-been post-Civil Rights Era protest-codgers now want to pin the blame for all the self-destructive, cumulative problems of the nation’s under-achieving black youth. George Zimmerman has been shamelessly threatened, legally cheated and persecuted, hounded into a show trial through sheer political and racial brute force and intimidation. Having 1112346300failed miserably to get him strung-up at the end of that process, his tormentors now demand of the nation another crack at it through the Justice Department and the US Presidency–both of which are controlled by the two highest ranking officers of the US government, both of which happen to be black.

And of course, the New Black Panthers will put out another hit out for him if that ploy fails.

America wake up. And by that I mean liberal white America. And if you can, black America should wake up too. I know it’s easier to sleep and cash the government check from the Civil Rights Plantation, but sooner or later the “black community” is just going to have to wake up early, get out of bed, go out and get a job all on its own.

Don’t let a simpering, whimpering, weeping and sometimes even conciliatory Sybrina Fulton sit there between her legal, mercenary mouthpieces, prop her recently re-domesticated ex-husband up by her side, praise Jesus and then pour a thick coat ofimages (59) linguistic icing all over your plate to camouflage the big chunk of turd cake she’s serving up. Emotionally she’s very convincing, and naturally, you want to support her. But dead babies, like cute puppies are a cheap trick used by newsmen, documentary film makers, and other con-artists, to win a crowd over. That’s not logic, evidence, or reason. A good, long, fair and honest look at what she’s baked up for us will tell anyone with any sort of discernment that it isn’t pretty under that shiny emotional frosting. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and it stinks.

The friends of Trayvon Martin continue to put out contracts on George Zimmerman’s life repeatedly and openly. They’re still going on “whitey beating” sprees, brutalizing the old, the helpless, women, children, the outnumbered, shouting, “That’s for Trayvon,” as they run away laughing. That’s the crowd Trayvon Martin hung with. That’s the sort of legal, spiritual and intellectual geniuses we’re dealing with in his fan blos-angeles-trayvon-martin-protestase–not his mommy and daddy as annoying as they’ve become. Not even Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or other any of the aging, obsolete, professional race-pimps who instigate and encourage this sort of violence with their hysterical rhetoric and their constant thunder of jungle war drums as they threaten us with Black Armageddon.

Let’s face it: What the Martin’s group of political and legal gangbangers did both in and out of the legal system was to literally threatened to burn down the state of Florida or kill every last cracker in it unless Trayvon got his day in court. And he got it. You can’t honestly say any family ever got a more favorably biased, more rigged courtroom in which to maintain their claims. They got a prosecutor who stalled, hid, obfuscated, withheld evidence favorable to the defendant. They got a team of enthusiastic and very theatric11702c3f08d51fd1a4d98e1e7b9f2b2cal prosecuting attorneys who stood before the jury, repeatedly pointed at Zimmerman, ranted against his inherently evil nature in melodramatic cadence, rising to a histrionic peak with the oft-hurled accusation: “Liar!!!!!!” It was like they were there auditioning for the role of Grand Inquisitor in a high school play about the Salem Witch Trials, more than executing a reasoned prosecution strategy. On more than one occasion these clowns literally begged the jury to ignore what they’ve seen, ignore the evidence, the witnesses, the testimony, and just pretend what might have happened. What could have happened–saying almost in these words: go with your gut feeling and convict the guy if you want to. Maybe he’s not as guilty as all that, but you know he’s guilty of something. You can’t just let him get off Scot-free… dffsaThere’s a dead kid involved. Somebody’s got to be punished!

But not even a kangaroo court full of hopping, clever little prosecutional Joeys could get the job done for Clan Martin. And now they’re threatening to burn down the entire nation if we don’t let them have another go at George Zimmerman. To paraphrase the words of the immortal Barack Hussein Obama: “Seems to me I won.” And it seems to me, George Zimmerman won.

Because a man has a right to defend himself.

As Malcolm X put it:

“Concerning nonviolence: It is criminal to teach a man not to defendMalcolm_X_1-300x300 himself, when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law.”

“It doesn’t mean that I advocate violence, but at the same time, I am not against using violence in self-defense. I don’t call it violence when it’s self-defense, I call it intelligence.”

Time to shut up and go home. Move on. It was a simple case of self-defense. Race never entered the trial. Stand your Ground laws never entered the trial. Nothing more to see here folks. If you want to make some greater point about race in America, you’re going to have to start somewhere else other than Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. And if you’re going to bring great “black community leaders” like Oprah Winfree into it at all, you’ve already lost “white America.” You’re talking to yourselves out there. And nobody but you wants to hear it any more.

Getting your feelings hurt in Zürich over a clerk who thought a $38,000.00 might be out of your price range for a custom-designed alligator purse is not the same as “institutional racism.”

Wake up and Smell the 21st Century.

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The Organ Grinders

Lately, self-designated “leaders” of the “black” underprivileged class (whatever the hell that means at this point) are hopping out of the weeds like swarms of pissed-off locusts, coming at us from around corners, falling out of the trees, scrambling down theimages (64) street to gather up their “black community” lynch mobs as they go to avenge the memory of Trayvon Martin. As far as their message goes, if we just throw George Zimmerman into prison, somehow all their problems are resolved. They cry out for “justice” for Trayvon, and they keep marching for it and protesting for it, and singing anachronistic Civil Rights Era ballads for it. What is it then? “Whitey” just gets nagged and threatened and bullied into putting Georgie Z behind bars? Is that it?

And then what? Some “nigga” in stir gets to shank him?

Surely, the “Justice for Trayvon” fad will piss away into history, just like every other big modern Civil Rights fad. But it is only a matter of time before some other affected outrage will trigger yet another string of race-riots and street violence in the “black community.” And it’s our own fault—all the plain dumb white folk and plain dumb folk of color who meant well but basically destroyed the entire “black community” identity as self-actualizing human beings. We as a nation have taught the “black community” and its “leaders,” that all prosperity in the United States of America lies in getting money or other concessions out of THE MAN. And the best way to do that is by doing a sort of “monkey dance.” I’m dating myself, but in the days of the poor immigrant barrel-organ grinder, the grinder’s monkey dances, puts out his hat, and we toss coins in his cup for the amusement of it all. Now, the original organ grinders were just impoverished foreigners fresh off the boat, simply trying to survive. There was no internet, TV, radio was rare and expensive, and the theatre or flickers (movies that is my American youth) were expensive as well. But cute little monkeys were all about amusement. And the grinder would hang out anywhere he found a crowd. You couldn’t ignore them. Gosh that monkey’s working hard! Give him something man, you gotta! Come on you cheap bastards! Fork over for the cute little monkey! And even in poor neighborhoods, the pennies would always tinkle into the cup.

Even though today’s organ grinders are all about drama, fear, and racial desperation, it’s the same concept: We put on the show. You get all involved. You feel morally compelled to pay for it. “You” meaning “us” meaning “We the People.” All of the “people.”

In response to the furious organ-cranking of the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who inflame and incite the indignant rise of the “black community,” with their histrionic, musical strains, we see the legions of long-trained and well-rehearsed little dance monkeys eager to join the call, put out their hats and hit the street corners and public squares, anywhere a crowd might be gathered for a show. But we also see the white liberal political doc51c860c25fe943146388123establishment hopping out of the same trees and scrambling out of the same bushes, rushing along with the faddish new black street-dance troupes. These self-hating white liberal guilt-mongers, are quite eager and willing to give these collectives of “black community” musical street theater companies, guilt-relieving payoffs through taxes and various “government social programs” funded by extorted “donations” pulled straight out of the paychecks of plain dumb working folk of all colors.

Man you gotta give these cute little dance-monkeys something! They’re working so hard!

This arrangement, this dramatic, choreographed socio-political dance, has become a fixed, symbiotic relationship between the “oppressed masses,” those who exploit them internally, and those who pander to them externally. And to tell the truth, if you step back, take a really good look, it’s stilly a pretty funny little act. Very amusing indeed.

In about 100% of these cases, a goodly portion of benefits skimmed off the wages of productive citizens, goes directly into the bank account of some self-designated “leader” or “leaders” of said minority community. In the case of America’s present racial tension, this proposition is tolerated for the most part, because “Whitey” collectively concedes the notion that somehow he owes “Blacky.” Furthermore, “Whitey” is often willing to believe Elenor Holmes Norton First Hearing Congressional x2V52jwiettlthat somehow, because “Whitey” has a job, works hard and makes money, this very activity, his various labors and efforts and industry, his very existence and financial success, can only have come, can only continue to come, at the expense of the “underprivileged.” It’s not new thinking by any means. It’s the root of Marxist economic and social theory. It’s also the reason the Soviet Union collapsed. Because, it’s generally not all that true. In fact, it can only be completely true in a State controlled by permanent one-party rule, dictatorship, monarchy, or fascist, crony capitalism, where the State, ruler, king or Party chooses all the winners and losers from a select list of supporters by caveat, whim, or legislation, and awards or redistributes the nation’s wealth according to personal or ideological dictates. In short, the sort of State Barack Hussein Obama envisions.

Even in a communist State, where kings are deposed by farmers and shopkeepers and thefidel-jesse-1984-300x192 dictatorship of the masses rules, eventually the peasants realize the Party is just as big an arsehole as the Czar was, and they still don’t have a damned thing to show for all their efforts. The late-great Chinese revolutionary and communist dictator, Chairman Mao, claimed, sooner or later, every revolution goes conservative. What he really meant was, after you kill off the monarchy, all the academics, the intellectuals, the petite bourgeois, the doctors, lawyers, businessmen, skilled artists and craftsmen and productive merchants, it’s hard to keep selling the masses on the idea that they’re still really having fun, that they really need the party, that their continued hard work remains vital to the struggle, when all life really comes down to is working your ass of all day same as you ever did before, and all you get out of it is a bowl of rice.

130308110317-jackson-chavez-story-topRevolution is all exciting and warming when you think you’re opening a big can of “whoop ass” on the emperor. Payback is a bitch baby. But after that fun is all over, you start to realize you’re still just digging around in a turd-filled rice paddy for a living, only, instead of a landlord who built an agricultural empire standing over you, now it’s some Party committee chair who used to repair bicycles on the street corner, who knows nothing about farming yet he’s nagging you day and night about quotas and productivity in the collective. As the Soviets found out, it doesn’t matter how loyal to the Communist Party good ol’ Yuri the tractor mechanic is. Most of the time when you pull him off the shop floor, make him a hero of the revolution, and put him in charge of the whole production line, it turns out he’s a miserable failure as a factory manager. And since you just killed all the bastard capitalists who used to run the place so productively, you’re stuck with Yuri for the duration. Or someone just like him.

The American Civil Rights Movement has many parallels with the Labor Movement or evenmarch8-602x365_thumb2 all-out communist or socialist State-wide revolutions, and I don’t just mean a general, socialist orientation in its ideology. For one thing, a big cheer goes up for the end of segregation, or emancipation, and the next day you’ve got 40 acres and a mule and you’re still farming rocks in a crap-hole village somewhere in Alabama, with nothing else to your name. Or you can now proudly use the whites-only water fountain and sit at the counter in the soda shoppe. But you still don’t plowinginsclocahave a damned dime to pay for the lemon fizz.

Like most socialist-style revolutions, the two brightest, most educated and self-educated, leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, or El Haj Malik El Shabazz as he became known later, were killed off just as the revolution 20061206_robertkennedy_2they started had peaked. Whereas communist revolutions often deliberately kill off their best and brightest so the Party can ultimately rule from an inherently stupid, but popular base of former troglodytes and tinkers, the Civil Rights Movement seems to have lost its greatest minds via the actions of external foes. (Ostensibly, but not proven inarguably.) However, 1948_Humphreylike the Russian Revolution, after the fighting was over, the movement carried on under often predatory, lesser visionaries. Some of them blind visionaries. Some of them just village idiots who rose to power in the Party. Likewise, John and Bobby Kennedy, the two Ivy-League,  northern, white, liberal political leaders who’d made Universal Civil Rights a populist movement, were assassinated in the course of the struggle. They left behind them, Lyndon Johnson and Teddy Kennedy, to stumble through theijfkandlbjr own often ignorant and feeble pretentions to the Kennedy throne of political righteousness. In Minnesota, we had the well-meaning but typically 2nd tier favorite, Hubert Horatio Humphrey, the man who actually set the Kennedy’s off into the Civil Rights Movement as part career enhancement, and part crusade.

Martin Luther King said:

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.


Malcolm X said:

“I am not a racist. I am against every form of racism and segregation, every form of discrimination. I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color.”

This religion recognizes all men as brothers. It accepts all human beings as equals before God, and as equal members in the Human Family of Mankind. I totally reject Elijah Muhammad’s racist philosophy, which he has labeled ‘Islam’ only to fool and misuse gullible people as he fooled and misused me. But I blame only myself, and no one else for the fool that I was, and the harm that my evangelical foolishness on his behalf has done to others.

His successor, some say, his executioner, Louis Farrakhan, continues to preach about thedownload-29_thumb “White Devil.”

Teddy Kennedy’s most famous moment came at theABC_JOHN_ROBERT_TED_KENNEDY_090617_wn bottom of a tidal pond on Chappaquiddick Island, where he went off the road drunk and killed his date.

Jesse Jackson’s only claim to fame is that he happened to be on the balcony when King gotgty_mlk_assassination_kb_130403_wmai shot and some guy took a picture of him pointing dramatically at something. He’s currently on his second or third major sex scandal, on top of a series of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and other funding-related scandals connected to his “Push Coalition.”

553414_10151465395921793_2138243192_[2]His son, Jesse Jackson Jr.,  was just convicted and sentenced to00 30 months in jail for embezzling $750,000.00 out of his campaign funds and spending it on personal items. So, not much hope for a legacy there either.


cAl Sharpton began as a bottom-feeder and veritable nobody in the “black community.” But bravado easily fills a vacuum in leadership in those circles


apparently. Sharpton is a veritable scandal magnet compared to either of the Jacksons. He’s not always involved in personal scandal that is, but he just likes championing them on behalf of others who are personally involved. He never gets them right however. And then of course, he was was behind the demise of his mentor, Jesse Jackson, who had an affair with the executive director of his nonprofit organization. It was Sharpton who first passed the rumor that Jackson had fathered a lovechild, and used it to knock him down a few pegs in the competition for head “spokesman” for theTracy Martin Rev Jamal Bryant Trayvon Martin RhDFIkn0l3Mx “black community.” When some years later Sharpton abruptly announced his own divorce under mysterious circumstances, he changed his self-righteous tone, and  countered suggestions of his own adultery by preaching, “he who is without sin cast the first stone.”,,20099354,00.html


Al Sharpton’s biggest claim to fame is making a lying brat named Tawana Brawley a cause for national black retribution on the “white” race a generation ago, when he held her up as the victim of a brutal white gang rape, only to have images-39_thumb1the world eventually find out that she invented the whole story.



Sharpton followed the Brawley fiasco with a couple of other ltCrownBlacksnotorious hoaxes, including the Crown Heights riots, where in 1991 he inflamed the “black community” surrounding a Jewish neighborhood, over the unfortunate death of a black child who was killed by a prominent Jew in a truly accidental motorcade crash, where another child was also severely injured, setting off days of riots and the murder of a randomly selected Jew named Yankel Rosenbaum.

In 1991, a Hasidic Jewish driver in 6a010536b72a74970b015390c4a251970b-800wiBrooklyn’s Crown Heights section accidentally kills Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old black child. Anti-Semitic riots emerged with Sharpton leading demonstrators to march through the Jewish neighborhood, chanting, “No justice, no peace.” An angry mob surrounds rabbi student Yankel Rosenbaum yelling “Kill the Jews!”. Rosenbaum was stabbed to death.

Not content with only two scenes of racial mayhem and murder, Sharpton went on in 1995 to perpetrate mass murder-by-riot in the Freddy’s Fashion Mart melee.

It all started as a rent dispute in the summer of 1995:

The United House of Prayer, a large African-American church was also a asdfadfmajor landlord in Harlem. They raised the rent Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned clothing store which had operated from the same Harlem location for over 40 years. In turn Freddy’s had to raise the rent on its sub-tenant, a black-owned record store. A landlord-tenant dispute ensued. As he has done so often in his life, Al Sharpton turned this non-racial economic dispute into a racial conflict.

The Sharpton-led protests began in August and came to a head on the morning of Friday, December 8th when Roland James Smith, Jr., who had been part of the Sharpton’s protests, walked into Freddy’s Fashion Mart, pulled out a gun, ordered all the black customers to leave, spilled paint thinner on several bins of clothing and set them on fire — a fire that resulted in killing 7 people plus Smith. The only African American left in the store was Freddy’s security guard Kareem Brunner, 22-years-old, who 51246_news_19082011_59316was ordered to stay by the mass murderer Smith.

At the time the faux-preacher claimed he wasn’t involved in the protests, he was only there to mediate. He also claimed there was no Antisemitism involved in the protests, but he has been proven to be a liar.

Soon after the massacre, the Jewish Action Alliance, a New York-based civil-rights group, released audiotapes of several of Sharpton’s weekly radio show in which Morris Powell, leader of the 125th Street Vendor’s Association, can be heard using racial and anti-Semitic language to encourage Harlem residents to boycott Freddy’s. Learning from his Crown Heights experience Sharpton let others push the anti-Semitic hatred but it was all done on his show.

“We are going to see that this cracker suffers,”  Powell is heard telling a crowd in one broadcast on  Aug. 19.

“Reverend Sharpton is on it. We have made contact with these crackers. We don’t expect a lot out of them. They haven’t seen how we feel about anything yet. We are going to show them.”

He also said:

They think they gonna drive this man out of business, they gotta be out of their minds. We are not gonna stand idly by and let a Jewish person come in Black Harlem and methodically drive black people out of business up and down 125th Street. If we stand for that, we’ll stand for anything. Which we’ve been doing.

At a rally was recorded on Sept. 9, Mr. Sharpton is heard telling a crowd:

1370263164496.cached“I want to make it clear to the radio audience and to you here that we will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business on 125th Street.

Ironically Sharpton was the interloper, he was living in Hollis Queens at around the time Freddy’s opened in Harlem and living in New Jersey when Freddy’s was burned Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 9.32.37 AMdown. When other white-owned businesses fled the neighborhood as the population became more African-American, Fred Harari the owner of Freddy’s continued to serve the neighborhood.

On an October 21st broadcast Norman “Granddad” Reide said:

I am saying to the Jewish community and specifically to Abraham Foxman, that you come out and utter a word, accusatory remark against Reverend Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Donna Wilson, Reverend Shields, or Gary Byrd, we will boycott you and nobody loves money any more than the Jewish people. Thank you.

In court papers filed the day before the fire, Harari and two employees described weeks of protests outside the clothing store in which demonstrators threatened employees, hurled obscenities at “bloodsucking Jews” and talked of burning down the store.

Sharpton, the professional bigot criticized NYPD investigators for quickly linking the fire to the protesters. But the police evidence and the tapes from the Jewish Alliance proved him to be a liar. After first telling the press “What’s wrong with calling someone a white interloper?” he apologized for using that term.  He never apologized for the Jew-hatred broadcast on his radio shows and spoken at the rallies he helped to organize.  He continues to deny that the rallies had anything to do with the firebombing
Of course Sharpton never apologized for Tawana Brawley or slandering DA Pagones by with the unfounded charge that Pagones was the rapist,

“I did what I believed….They are asking me to grovel. They want black children to say they forced a black man coming out of the hard-core ghetto to968837_553640044700629_926300148_n his knees….Once you begin bending, it’s ‘did you bend today?’ or ‘I missed the apology, say it again.’ Once you start compromising, you lose respect for yourself.”

..nor did he apologize for saying the “Central Park Jogger” was raped by her boyfriend and leading demonstrations calling the woman who was raped and beaten to within a hair of death a whore…
…and he certainly never apologized for the anti-Semitic Pogrom he led at Crown Heights.

Sharpton continues to be the darling of MSNBC, of the Democratic Party, and of course the voice of Trayvon Martin and the “black community” in general. So here’s just a little sample of today’s current voice of “Civil Rights”:

That same year, anti-Semitic riots erupted in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights1994-0404-cover-250 section after a Hasidic Jewish driver accidentally ran over and killed a 7-year-old black boy. Delivering the eulogy at the boy’s funeral, Sharpton told the mourners:

“Talk about how Oppenheimer in South Africa sends diamonds straight to Tel Aviv and deals with the diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights. The issue is not anti-Semitism; the issue is apartheid…. All we want to say is what Jesus said: If you offend one of these little ones, you got to pay for it. No compromise, no meetings, no coffee klatsch, no skinnin’ and grinnin’.”

Within three hours, a black Crown Heights mob had hunted down and slain an innocent rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, in retribution.
Undeterred, Sharpton declared that it was not merely a car accident that had killed the black child, but rather the “social accident” of “apartheid.” He organized angry demonstrations and challenged local Jews––whom he derisively called “diamond merchants“––to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house” to settle the score. Stirred by such rhetoric, hundreds of Crown Heights blacks took violently to the streets for three days and nights of rioting. Sharpton reacted to the chaos by stating, “We must not reprimand our children for outrage, when it is the outrage that was put in them by an oppressive system.” Further, he repeatedly shouted the mantra, “No justice, no peace!” According to Norman Rosenbaum, article-2252507-16A2A721000005DC-791_634x418brother of the murdered Yankel Rosenbaum, “Based on everything we have seen and read, Sharpton never called upon the rioters to stop their anti-Semitism-inspired violence. He never called on the rioters to go home.” Rosenbaum adds:

“The riots were the product of anti-Semites taking advantage of the tragic death of a child to justify inflicting their violence on innocent people — the Jewish community of Crown Heights — and murdering Yankel Rosenbaum, a Jew from Australia, amid the cries of ‘Kill the Jew!'”

Sharpton ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 1992 and 1994, and he received 32 percent of the vote in the 1997 Democratic mayoral primary in New York City.

During the administration (1989-93) of New York City mayor David AlSharpton_Leibovitz_prDinkins (an African American), Sharpton angrily denounced Dinkins (when the latter was unsupportive of Sharpton’s activism) in the following terms:

“David Dinkins, you wanna be the only ni**er on television, only ni**er in the newspaper, only ni**er that can talk. Don’t cover them, don’t talk to them, ’cause you got the only ni**er problem. ‘Cause you know if a black man stood up next to you, they would see you for the whore that you really are.” (Click here for audio.)

On another occasion, Sharpton referred to Dinkins as “that ni**er whore turning tricks in City Hall.”

395818400_rev_al_sharpton__300x300_answer_3_xlargeIn 1994 Sharpton was re-baptized into the Baptist faith and became a minister of that denomination.

Also in 1994, Sharpton delivered an incendiary speech at New Jersey’s Kean College, where he said:

“White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building75432543 empires … We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”[2]

Sharpton subsequently explained that while his use of the word “homos” may have been “irresponsible,” it “is not a homophobic term”[3]
The Kean College speech also featured Sharpton explaining that America’s founders consisted of “the worst criminals, the rejects they sent from Europe … to the colonies.”[4] “So [if] some cracker,” he continued, “come holder20sharpton2020ap_0and tell you ‘Well, my mother and father blood go back to the Mayflower,’ you better hold you pocket. That ain’t nothing to be proud of, that means their forefathers was crooks.”[5] Sharpton later defended his use of the word “cracker,” calling it merely a “colloquial term used to describe a certain kind of bigot, who hates both blacks and Jews. It’s certainly not a racist term and certainly not an anti-Semitic term, because a cracker hates Jews and blacks.”[6]

The Central Park Jogger case is of note mostly because of Sharpton’s immediate claim that centralparkfiveit was entirely racist and that the white power structure (in less polite terms) had simply rounded up a random group of black kids (and Hispanic actually) all from Harlem and railroaded a conviction. While these “Central Park Five” were all “troubled” youth, all known for “roving” the park and thought to be involved in other “wilding” incidents that had become such the rage with young black men at that time, with modern DNA testing they all turned out to be most likely entirely uninvolved in the infamous rape and beating of Trish Meili. Most of them immediately re-offended on other counts, and have since their release been re-jailed. One might think that ol’ Al was vindicated in this case, except for the fact that he also claimed the jogger had been raped by her boyfriend and repeatedly called her a “whore” saying it was all a fake and just a conspiracy to jail a bunch of black youth. Unfortunately for Al, shortly after the statute of limitations expired on the crime, one Matias Reyes came forward from the hinterlands, and admitted his images (1)complete guilt, further supporting the DNA studies that had already helped get the “innocent” parties released. And unfortunately for Al as I say, Reyes was black. And looked a lot like Trayvon Martin. He was the same age as Trayvon Martin. Same size as Trayvon Martin. And the crime was committed while he was out roaming the night aimlessly in his cute little “thug” hoodie. (In the thug-fashion of the day, it would have actually been some baggy “phat” pants, a white T or some other athletic gear, and a ball cap on backwards.) And, unfortunately again for Al, Mattie is also guilty of four other rapes and the murder of a pregnant woman. So, there is that. Apparently then, sweet, 17-year-old little black, Trayvonesque babies are capable of brutal butchery after all. It’s just hard to tell sometimes which one is responsible for which crime. In this case they got the wrong ones. But still, it was “one of them.” The heinous rapist-killer exactly fit the criminal “profile” of a thug teen rapist and murderer.

Perhaps, If Obama had a son, he would have also looked like Matias Reyes. Since he looked just like Trayvon Martin. Not very reassuring.

He wiped her blood off his hands and went home. Left behind, in a shallowcentralpark1c_14_205 ravine near Central Park’s 102nd Street transverse, was the brutalized body of a 28-year-old woman. Matias Reyes says he had raped and beaten her so viciously that he assumed she would die. The curly-haired 17-year-old boy calmly strolled north, into the night.

Thirteen years later, Reyes returns to the scene of the crime. This time he is in handcuffs, after a six-hour drive from the cell in a state prison near the Canadian border where he’s serving 331⁄3 to life after pleading guilty, in 1991, to four rapes and the murder of a pregnant george-zimmerman-lawyers-release-photos-of-trayvon-martin-holding-guns-blowing-smokewoman. For this visit to the 102nd Street transverse, on a spring day in 2002, Reyes is accompanied by investigators from the Manhattan district attorney’s office. They want to test the claim that Reyes waited until this year to make: that on the night of April 19, 1989, he and he alone attacked the woman who became known around the world as the Central Park jogger.

Not content with arson and mass-murder, Sharpton moved on to promoting still another race-baiting fable, by hopping on the backs of the Duke Lacrosse1a team with his Civil Rights jack-boots. The Duke athletes were also white, and likewise accused of brutally gang-raping a black woman at a team party. It turned out she was a hired stripper, who’s stripping partner later claimed had said nothing at all that night about having been raped. Phone videos and photographs of the girls being constantly snapped during their brief visit to the party, accounted for nearly every second of their presence there except for a few minutes, during which  time witnesses said they were in a images-47_thumb1bathroom together, apparently changing clothes, freshening up and doing their nails. There was no physical evidence of rape, and particularly, none of the ample DNA she was storing inside her, matched any of those she was accusing. Sharpton, as he would later do in the Trayvon Martin case, exploited an eager media, kept pressuring the political players he had leverage with, extorting the legal system, and dragging the team and the school through the mud at great expense until the whole matter Petered out unrewardingly a year later. Duke’s accuser has already been convicted of child abuse in connection images-51_thumb1with felony arson during an assault on her previous ex boyfriend, though the latter charge hung the jury and a mistrial left her free of the 7 year prison sentence it carried. Thus she found herself available to try to kill the next guy she hooked up with via stabbing him. As of this writing, the woman is currently out on bond awaiting trial on the charge of attempted murder.

Lyndon Johnson? The Great Society? Johnson lied us into Viet Nam. Then, basically destroyed the entire concept of a black family in America and replaced it with a governmental dole system that replaced the husband and father as head of the household and breadwinner. Then he drafted the hell out of the impoverished, fatherless youth he claimed to be saving and sent them out to THE NAM as cannon fodder. The welfare system of America to this lbj1day, systematically rewards illegitimate births and single mother households, while rewarding black men to impregnate and abandon them, or impregnate them to increase the monthly grant, and then live unmarried on the premises via the dole.

Obama? I guess the”black community” loves him. He’s their current Supreme Leader and they like him. He can do no wrong in their eyes. In my eyes, all I see is a wealthy, Ivy League frat boy–a limousine liberal dipped in bronzing solution. He’s no Malcolm X. He’s no Dr. Martin Luther King. He’s not even Hubert Humphrey. Sure, so far he’s obama-smoking-joint-or-cigarette1_thhanded out 800 billion dollars in paybacks to almost entirely white union and other liberal, institutional supporters. Not to mention Fiskers and GE and Solyndra (scam) and the jobs and money these directly exported out of the country. Very little of that “payback” seems to be directed at helping the “black community” however. By most measures, young black males in particular are suffering over 15% unemployment rates by most estimates. And those are the cooked rates they’ve massaged by not counting those who’ve just given up looking, or never bothered.


ObamaBelieveWebPresident Obama is “Barry the Cool.” He’s what happens when a bunch of youth and aging adult children vote their favorite pot head from the college dorm into the White House, because he always used to throw the best parties on campus. Vote for Pedro and I’ll make all your wildest dreams come true…

The Right has correctly identified his


“hip” commie/socialist sympathies and  connections to once-radical 60’s revolutionaries. But his conception of “revolution” is entirely trendy and superficial. It was popular on campus in the day. It serves political purposes occasionally. But mostly he’s a Chicago-machine, crony capitalist who only understands that the way to make money and win influence, is to exploit mass unrest and demand power and paybacks from the rich, from industry and business, in exchange for “peace.”

Jesse Jackson probably had it right during Obama’s first campaign when he questioned Obama’s “blackness.” I’ve seen Barbershop twice. And the sequel. I probably know more ObamaKingBubblesabout the black experience in America than Barack Obama. But of course, I actually grew entirely up in America, and therefore am probably a bit less confused about the matter.


Obama’s signature “accomplishment,” so-called “affordable” health care, isn’t affordable. In fact, his administration has missed most deadlines and granted employers and unions and numerous public and private institutions complete exemptions from participation in “Oba111solyndramacare.” Funding has therefore been transferred de-facto entirely to the taxpayer and consumer. We have yet to see that the primary target of this great “benefit,” the lower classes dependent upon public largesse for healthcare, are ever going to get a damned thing out of it. But more to the point, whatever the publicly dependent classes get, it is already apparent that the gainfully employed and productive citizens are even in the opening stages of this idiotic scheme, being raped of thousands of dollars a year to support the bureaucracy, and what it has actually exposed itself to be is a huge boon for the insurance companies as they simply pass on the increased expense of Obmacare’s mandated “Cadillac” healthcare policies directly to the consumer.

And all of the above don’t take into account his expansion of the Patriot Act, domestic spying programs, his abuse of the IRS to persecute political foes, and drone assassinations of American citizens at will from a personally authored “hit list.” Hard for me to figure how that makes a strong “civil rights” leader out of him.

In any case, today’s “black leaders” are watered-down hucksters in comparison to the legitimate warriors of the Civil Rights Era. Their causes are images (72)watered-down, and the “racism” and “outrage” they protest is watered down. More often than not, the causes they champion are trumped-up, over-inflated petty complaints, imagined insults, or just outright frauds and fakes. Trayvon Martin’s “cause” is a case in point. There was never any racism, systematic, institutional, or personal, whatsoever found to be connected to Trayvon Martin’s death or the fact that Zimmerman was not initially prosecuted. The9f60f-freedom2bor2bdeath2bfor2bgeorge2bzimmerman only systematic, institutional racism that ever came into play was the “black community” persecution of George Zimmerman. There is indeed a “black power structure” in America today, and starting with the Martin family and supporters, it extended itself up the political ladder until it reached the Florida governor’s office and threatened to burn the state down if George wasn’t prosecuted for something, with or without evidence. Race was never even mentioned in the trial because there was no evidence suggesting it had anything to do with why Trayvon Martin ended up tragically dead. The only racism manifest in the prosecution’s evidence, and yes, it was quite overt racism, was the repeated, constantly abusive characterizations of George Zimmerman being made by Trayvon Martin that night. It was Trayvon Martin who hurled images (68)rabidly homophobic, overtly racist epithets a Zimmerman, not the other way around, according to the prosecution’s own key witness, Rachel Jeantel.

Trayvon Martin’s case was not ignored or repressed because of racism or corruption or because George Zimmerman was “white,” or because he was related to some state judge somewhere. There never was a case against George Zimmerman to ignore or repress. The only way to get George Zimmerman into any courtroom at all to face any sort of charges, had to be accomplished through a politically motivated act of legal treachery that bypassed a waiting Grand Jury that normally would have determined if the state had a case worth hearing. Instead, hired legal assassins appointed from the Governor’s office went straight to charges of 2nd degree murder with a politically designated hand-picked special prosecutor and a images (73)politically appointed judge. To get their grubby little paws on George Zimmerman in a courtroom, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin’s black coalition of race-baiting legal and political muscle heads, bypassed the well-considered opinion of the Sanford city prosecutor’s office, bypassed the professional opinion of the chief of police and the investigating detectives, all of whom said it was a clear case of self defense, in fact, the Sanford Mayor fired the chief of police because the Martin posse was threatening riots, and the chief refused to arrest a man without any charges or make up charges he knew would never hold up before a Grand Jury just to placate a mob. To get at George Zimmerman, the Martin team didn’t insure justice for Trayvon. They just bypassed justice for George, so they could continue to beat the crap out of him just like their favorite son was doing at the time he g636_Eric_Holder_flagot himself shot.

But Sybrina Fulton’s organization didn’t do it all alone. It had help all the way to the highest office in the land. On top of putting out tattle-boards online and recruiting dirt of any sort on George Zimmerman, Eric Holder’s Justice Department under Obama’s guidance Sharpton_s640x427actually sent trainers and security to facilitate a number of the major “Justice for Trayvon” rallies to keep the heat on the racial boiler. THE MAN is black in this paradigm. There is a “black power structure” in America, and it’s not just whining in the streets with its hand out any more. It’s running the government.

Everything most of you think you know about Trayvon Martin has been a fantasy script 010213-national-sybrina-fulton-trayvon-martin-gun-laws-essence-magazinewritten by the Martin camp and their bigoted, hysterical handlers in the race-baiting industry. The notion that evil white racists with guns are chasing down innocent baby black boys in the dark for daring to walk through restricted white “gated communities,” is a boogie man scenario invented specifically to shock and alarm the “black community.” Roving bands of white, racist baby-negro-killing fiends is also quite easy to sell to the liberal, guilted, white “progressives.” Both groups have ideological and emotional investment in evangelizing the notion that all people of color are the victims of oppressive white, systematic, institutional racism, thatimages (70) they have no chance in America, and that they are failures only because white people keep them down. If you’re living in a mental time-warp where it’s forever 1963 and Dr. King is perpetually at the Lincoln Monument preaching world peace and brotherhood, demanding equal rights for black folk right in the face of an universally bigoted white-ruled government, while meanwhile, all over the south his brothers and sisters are being lit on fire, shot, lynched, blown up, and have barely got a claim to second-class citizenship, I suppose that sounds like an accurate observation to you. Malcolm X however, moved on from that. Dr. King’s family moved on from that. Betty Shabazz moved on from that. Why don’t you?

birthI’m not buying the palpable specter of a still-ruling Jim Crow south, alive and well in a pickup full of hillbilly rednecks out all night lynchin’ “niggas” as a major risk to the “black community” in 2013. Not with a black president for openers. Not when the Sanford Florida Mayor tells the chief of police to arrest and charge an overtly innocent “white” man to keep the “niggas” happy. Not when the Governor of Florida takes it away from the Sanford Mayor and local prosecutors, when the “niggas” threaten the whole state. And not when the Governor of Florida is further motivated to immediately produce an innocent”white” man in chains to avoid a threatened federal intervention from a black Attorney General, and a keenly interested black president. Not when the biggest problem the NAACP can find in America today, is some hick rodeo clown in an Obama mask teasing a bull at the Missouri state fair. When a broken-down cowboy in baggy pants and a Halloween mask being chased around by a bull urgently demands a federal investigation, there can’t be much in the way of actual racism in the nation to complain about.



But a racist, rodeo hell in Missouri, has only been the latest “white outrage” perpetrated against the black American. Not only do the white supremists who own and run everything in the USA threaten to run over black America’s de-facto king, Barack Hussein Obama,1376053437000-oprahwith a cow, but only the week before this shocking insult to American blackness, Oprah Winfrey, the richest woman in the world, valued at roughly 3 billion dollars, owner of one of the biggest media franchises in America, walked into a very high-end Zurich fashion boutique dressed in the shop’s estimation, like a cheap poser. She found she couldn’t persuade the clerk to reach up and hand her down a particular handbag she wanted to see. Well, that’s down to racism isn’t it? Or was it sexism? Was it just that she was a lard-ass and a victim of fat-ism? Did that fashionista just think Oprah needed a more massive bag to balance out her massive bag? Or was it just the fact that the Swiss-speaking clerk had a little trouble with English and was simply trying to explain to some curious American housewife, that the Tom Ford crocodile Jennifer bag she wanted to see was the very high end of the line and worth $38,000.00 at a minimum by outside estimates, and the shop valued the bag at $42,000.00. This would by most reasonable assumptions, be well over the budget of the average American poser. The clerk indeed, later explained that she was trying to steer herimages (96) customer to less expensive versions of the same bag.

When Oprah Winfrey can’t fly to Zurich to visit her tax-sheltered money, run her tubby toes over all the cash in her secret Swiss accounts, and browse handbags that cost more than a new Corvette, without some nosey white foreign shop assistant not recognizing who she is, what a racist world we live in!

Nigga just ain’t gotta chance!

trayvon-martin-cartoonThe Martin family and their social, political and legal mouthpieces should give some serious thought to what they think they’re going to accomplish by continuing to rub the nation’s nose in their son’s death. If the case had been clearly and surely anything like the picture they painted a year ago, I wouldn’t have anything to say against them, however crassly they exploited it for fun and profit. But there hasn’t been a shred of truth connected to their entire story. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin have spent over a whole year, not telling the truth, not seeking “justice,” but telling an imaginary story about a whopping huge, sinister white monster who decided out of the blue to go kill an innocent little black kid because he just hated “niggas” and he really hated them in his neighborhood. They sat through every day of the trial like little martyrs and victimized figureheads, just to remind the jury they better make the right decision or there was going to be hell to pay. They saw all the evidence. They got their “real” answers, the known facts didn’t jive with any of their ignorant, hysterical, year-old speculative fiction, and yet, they’re still trying to sell their BS story about the murdering white demon. Why?

The Martinista message remains to this day that America is chock-full of 0ppressive white beasts with their pale chests, their cruel guns, and their bright red necks. Their sponsors and boosters and a host ofdownload-21_thumb1 clinging Civil Rights Industry parasites continue to preach that the “black community” and “young black men” have always been and still remain the frequent and ongoing casualties of this deadly white predation.

But it’s BS. It’s BS, and I contend that somewhere deep down in her heart, even Sybrina Fulton knows it’s BS.

The Trayvon Martin machine won’t even all-out admit yet that George Zimmerman isn’t white. He’s “white Hispanic” whatever that means.” Clearly, they got that patently obvious “fact” dead-wrong from the very start—because they didn’t care about the facts then and still don’t, save one: Their beloved little angel Trayvon is dead, and by God somebody was going to pay for that. They haven’t been on a search for justice. They’ve been on an evangelical mission to canonize Trayvon Martin as chi-15trayvonmartin-photo-20130714-450x315the patron saint of all the little black hoodies who end up dead in the night through misadventure.

What the Trayvon Martin conspiracy is doing is dangerous, and more tangibly deadly to the young black males of America, in a practical and measurable way, than George Zimmerman ever was or will be. If the Martin family and friends finally inspire just one of their devoted fanatics to put a bullet into George Zimmerman, it doesn’t save the “black community” from a single threat. George Zimmerman isn’t, and a million like him aren’t, the problem young black males face in the United States of America. Not even the fictionalized, George Zimmerman, the raging white “nigga-killer” is any statistically significant danger to the “black community.”

White, racist, actively murdering, hate-mongers, prowling the night for “nigga” with guns ready to shoot black boys on sight, in reality, are enjoying almost a statistical non-existence in this day and age. But the9173170_600x338-550x309 Trayvon surrogate who feels that Al Sharpton’s constant haranguing about white racist oppression in America, donning his official Trayvon “hoodie” uniform he bought from Sybrina & Co., taking a gun or knife or baseball bat out for a night of “wilding,” and “Trayvon Payback,” maybe even getting lucky and taking a shot at George Zimmerman, or any other randomly passing “white oppressor,” now there’s a very real monster living and walking among you. Creeping around among you all night, every night. Right there in your own un-gated, black neighborhood. There’s the real killer of young black males in the “black community.” It’s other young black males.

Take out Zimmerman, and that’ll be just one more black thug who shoots a free white man minding his own business. And odds are it will be for athletic shoes, a warm-up jacket, imasdfagespocket change and beer money, or just for the fun of it. So if you don’t think Reverend Al, and Jesse, and the continually sobbing Sybrina Fulton, aren’t providing these generations of restless, misguided young black males with more than enough motivation and justification and direction for their violent tendencies, you’re just lying to yourself. You set this pack of feral black youth out to kill off George Zimmerman and all his white friends, and the world will still be full of Trayvon Martins and their older, thug-mentoring black trainers. And they’ll still be roaming your black neighborhoods. They’ll still have guns, knives, bats, clubs and burglary tools. They’ll still jack cars and shoot each other in drive-bys and kill themselves in cockfights over territory and reputation.

George Zimmerman was never a problem for the “black community” or its young maleZimmerman8 component. George Zimmerman was only a problem for one young male member of the “black community,” and then only for less than one minute, and only because Trayvon Martin decided to get up in his face, knock him on his ass, climb on his chest, and beat the poo out of him. That’s a very specific set of requirements to make the George Zimmermans of this world a “risk.” And though these might be “rare” requirements relative to some nosey white guy packing heat running into some aimless, wandering “hoodie” in the middle of the night, the entire chain of events that led to Trayvon Martin’s death in respect to the social life of young black youth exclusively, is rather common if you replace George Zimmerman with any group of Trayvon Martin’s thug-wannabe peers.

You can kill a thousand white rednecks and tell yourself you’ve made the world safer for the nation’s little Trayvons. It probably won’t make any difference for even one of them. Sure, I bet you can find a thousand white racists fairly easily. It’s just that even they are not in the habit of murdering little black kids for racially motivated sport and bloodlust. It just doesn’t happen that often. So, in the “black community” it’s convenient to point your finger and blame them for all your little black casualties of the night. But that won’t make a single dent in the statistics that prove Trayvon Martin and his own friends always were, and 1000x665233always will be their own worst enemies.

Erase all the George Zimmermans in the universe, and you’ve done nothing to help Trayvon Martin’s memory or protect the lives of his peers. Some over-zealous community watch volunteer giving your little Trayvon Martin funny looks or following him around isn’t the problem you have to fix in order to protect the young black male population of the United States of America. You can pretend all you want that some big mean white racist just shot Trayvon Martin down on his own doorstep simply because of his black face and thug-style hoodie. But that’s just how you make yourself feel better about how you and your “black community” failed him, how he failed himself.

The way the Martinistas have conducted themselves in seeking “justice” for Trayvon has only made things worse for young black males. They’ve only emboldened the little Trayvons out there to be even more aggressive in their violent, larcenous, thug-like083 behavior, particularly against whites. Any future George Zimmerman who encounters them in some awkward or threatening situation is going to be even more anxious and fearful of them. The next George Zimmerman is now even more likely to be packing a gun and more likely to use it even quicker, with far less provocation. The Sybrina Fulton hysterical, hyperbolic, race-baiting juggernaut has only antagonized a white, brown, and multi-racial, multi-ethnic population that would have otherwise been sympathetic and willing to help.

trayvon-martin-gradDiscussion is pointless. Dialogue isn’t even possible. The Trayvon Martin crowd makes bold assertions and if you don’t believe them you’re a racist. That’s their entire shtick.

There is nothing to be gained by continuing a one-way diatribe about “race in America” or rather, “racism in America” if the “black community” and its representatives like Clan Martin are so deaf to reason and blind to the actual evidence in the case they keep pretending to be pleading. A black American president and attorney general, a
nation’s-worth of “black community leaders,” have deliberately cultivated a bittertrayvon-protest2-rt polarization of the population of the United States of America, around a legal case that has no bearing whatsoever upon any of the issues they raise in the name of Trayvon Martin.

Likewise, what George Zimmerman was up to with his gun and his neighborhood watch role the night of his interaction with Trayvon Martin, has no relevant connection to any of the inherently internal failings needed to be admitted and resolved in America’s “black community.” Attempting to browbeat a conversation, or bully concessions between the “black community” and the greater, diverse population is pointless until the latter has “cleaned up its own front porch,” as the saying goes. Why should the Irish, the Norwegians, the Polish, Asian, Native American, and American’s various ethnic communities of all national and racial descents, have any patience with, or desire to hear,090408_fed_way_attack_lg2 the constant, knee-jerk bleating coming out of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, when it’s so blatantly easy to point to Chicago and ask why it’s all your guys shooting us and each other to the tune of over 500 a year in Chicago alone? And why are conditions in the “black community” about the same in New York and Detroit? Big Democrat, “Black” power structure conclaves?

The combined fury and emotion generated by the prospect of convicting George Zimmerman and punishing him of something, anything, is a frenzy that has been driven exclusively down “black community” paths of adventure, from the streets of Sanford Florida, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The movement has infected the thought processes of the “Liberal” establishment almost completely. But, to most reasoned observers, it looks like little more than a vendetta that could be titled, “Operation: Get Whitey.”

By making George Zimmerman a political prisoner for a year, and then shame-parading blacks_riot_trayvonhis “guilt” through a highly public show-trial, and then unquestionably losing the case due primarily to the testimony of the prosecution’s own witnesses and presentation of evidence,  even in a stacked courtroom fixed by a politically appointed special prosecutor, the Martin posse have merely provided a forum and case study in systematic, anti-white intimidation and persecution by the growing black power structure. The Martin vendetta against George Zimmerman has only shown our longstanding racist friends that they really do have something to worry about if the “niggas” take over. They’ve been warning for years about the “browning of America” and how it’ll be anarchy, chaos, and payback time for the white man.

Sybrina Fulton and company have proved to them it’s all true.

Now the organized racists and hate groups will gleefully place their soap boxes at the head of the bialsharptonbigangrymouthg gathering the Trayvonites have brought together so conveniently for them, and in the pervading atmosphere of being just plain fed up with all the race-baiting and whining, it will be easy to make their sales pitches. But the best sales pitch they could ever present to a plain-dumb white population in particular, is the lunatic exaggerations, the mouth-foaming, demented tactics and incredibly stupid rhetoric of the race-hustlers, hate-baiters, political opportunists and attendant posse of all-out “No Limit Niggas” that make up the constituency of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin’s allegedly “noble” search for “justice.”artim-20091201

It’s a lot of things, on a lot of levels, for a lot of reasons. But it’s not justice.

I’m just sayin’: What’s the end-game here for the whole Civil Rights Era? What does all that blood, sweat and tears come down to in today’s terms?


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Justice For Trayvon, the TV Show

Zimmerman_Trayvon_Oakland_Riot_Verdict (1)Justice for Trayvon Martin? What does that really mean? Do Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, even know what they want out of that demand? And do their lawyers or the syndicated, civil rights mafia she’s fronting even care at all?

What exactly would justice look like for Trayvon Martin? For most of the Martin camp I tand_image_1373745955hink it would look exactly like a lynch mob. Mom and dad say they don’t want that. They say they don’t want violence. They say they want their son honored. They say they want justice.But…would they even recognize justice if it came up and bit them in the ass as this point? Do they really want justice, or does Sybrina Fulton just want to prove she’s not a bad mom? (Trayvon’s biological mother.) Does Tracy Martin (his biological father) just want to prove he didn’t screw up his marriage and destroy his son’s future because of the home life he shattered three times through poor parenting skills, career laziness and philandering? I’m not making charges, I’m just asking questions–questions that should ask themselves because of what the Martin camp doesn’t tell you, compared to the storyline they weave up front and their overtly weird familial arrangements.

I’m a Scandinavian. I’m a born cynic. There is no such thing as “face value.” Face has no value. But I had Tracy Martin down dead cold before I read any of this:

And I had Sybrina and her lawyers dead cold before I read any of this:

There’s clearly at least two things going on here. One is the George Zimmerman case, which ostensibly is a done-deal. It’s wrapped up. It’s all over and turned out to be a straightforward, open-and-shut self-defense case having nothing to do with either race or gun laws. Wrapped up that is, except for legal reprisals liable to be very embarrassing for the special prosecutor and the Martin family’s Civil Rights Gestapo who usurped normal legal procedure through sheer political intimidation, and skipped right to an asinine 2nd degree murder charge by way of a gubernatorially appointed state-level prosecution (persecution) team that bypassed standard Grand Jury review. Frankly, there wasn’t any effort spared in screwing over Zimmerman’s chance of a fair trial.

A former employee of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey’s office plans to2013-08-02T221608Z_1_CBRE9711PUZ00_RTROPTP_3_USREPORT-US-USA-FLORIDA-SHOOTING_JPG_475x310_q85 file a whistleblower lawsuit against George Zimmerman’s prosecutors, his attorney told Reuters on Tuesday.

The action will put pressure on Corey, who already faces criticism from some legal experts for the unsuccessful prosecution of the case, which led to the acquittal of Zimmerman for shooting unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s defense has also called for sanctions against her and her prosecution team.

Ben Kruidbos, Corey’s former director of information technology, was fired after testifying at a pre-trial hearing on June 6 that prosecutors failed to turn over potentially embarrassing evidence extracted from Martin’s cell phone to the defense, as required by evidence-sharing laws.

That there was no evidence of racism at all, much less killer racism, in the Trayvon Martin shooting was obvious to the original police chief and investigative team in Sanford Florida. It was also obvious to the original prosecuting attorney. It was equally obvious to theProsecution-portrays-Zimmerman-as-overzealous-wanna-be-cop state-appointed special prosecutor who was allegedly assigned the case under the self-righteous state mandate that Trayvon Martin had been the victim of unbridled, naked racism, and that the Sanford local authorities had refused to prosecute a “white” man just for killing a “nigga.” That argument never made it into the courtroom, because the proposition that George Zimmerman was any sort of racist was comical. There was nothing but evidence proving that George was instead, a mild mannered guy who mentored black youth as a volunteer in a community center, led a Civil Rights campaign against white Sanford Police officers who’d abused a homeless black man, and took a black girlfriend to his high school prom. Nonetheless, George’s Zimmerman’s persecutors gamely stumbled on with a brazenly hollow and awkward, self-defeating lineup of courtroom harangues, bad witnesses, unintelligible witnesses, witnesses and evidence that only helped the defendant, thus disproving most of their claims on their own, and pleading appeals to the jury centered around desperate, confusing leaps of illogic and fantasy, in their attempt to pin something or the other on Zimmerman. In the final moments of the case, the prosecution had panicked and determined it had no chance of gaining either 2nd degree murder, or the lesser included possibility of manslaughter. It began begging the judge to allow the jury to consider charges of “child abuse,” because Trayvon was still a minor.

So that’s the Zimmerman trial. That’s one issue sorted out. Or should be. And then there’s this coalition of black American pissers-and-moaners determined to erect or resurrect careers as professional free-lance race-baiters or perhaps find or re-establish their position as “House Niggas” somewhere on the fertile plantation of the “Great Society.”Cornel2 And make no mistake about it, for this lot, they don’t really give a damn about Trayvon Martin except as an excuse to bitch, a venue for their bitching, and a convenient framework upon which to hang their collection of longstanding excuses for their own failure as “leaders” in the “black community.–Cornel-West-Takes-Race-Baiting-to-New-Heights

It would be easy to single out Sybrina Fulton’s lawyers as the backroom orchestrators of this national production of a particularly clumsy racial farce. But that’s what they do. That’s how they make their living, and God Bless America I suppose. America is the land of opportunity, and they’re certainly opportunists. They’ve already pocketed around a half a million dollars paid out by the housing association of Retreat at Twin Lakes, where Trayvon died. They’ve tapped a victim’s compensation fund out of the state of Florida that may get them some petty cash, around 30,000.00 at the most. They’ve no doubt got a piece of the FL TRAY GPB Crump, Sharpton, JJ in backgroundTrayvon Martin Foundation, and who knows how much money that guilts-in off of “Whitey.” Their plan A, however, which was obviously suing George Zimmerman himself, ran into a snag when their coerced criminal prosecution culminated in an epic fail. (And I’ll bet Retreat at Twin Lakes is kicking themselves for not waiting.)

But, so far, Sybrina and Tracy have about a million or more reasons between them to play “happy couples” on the Twin Lakes settlement alone, in case you’re wondering why they’re back together all of a sudden after more than 14 years of hating each other’s (19)

Brandy Green, the married woman Tracy Martin was shacking up with at Twin Lakes the day Trayvon was shot, is out of the picture cold. Though you’ll hear her described cheerfully as Tracy Martin’s “fiancé,” that’s obviously not true since she’s already married and has long since vanished. Make of that what you will. Brandy Green is not Tracy Martin’s “fiancé” and never was. Not really. Maybe he told her that. But not really. It just sounded better for the cause than “lover” or “shack-up partner.”

Alicia Stanley, the woman who actually raised Trayvon Martin, and who is still may be married to Tracy Martin, is out in the cold also. But don’t count on that. Lawyers. Custody. Community property etc. It’s just a matter of time. Will CNN and MSNBC cover the follow up of that development? Not likely.

Stanley, who spent 14 years helping raise Trayvon, became emotional again when talking about how painful it was to not be able to sit in thedownload (22) front row at her slain stepson’s funeral.

“They told me to ‘get in where I fit in,’ ” Stanley said, getting choked up. “I can’t sit on the front row at my son’s funeral to see him home. That hurt me, that was the most painful thing they could do to me.”

For a whole year, the public had been sold an ex-wife. The public had been sold a fiancé. Turns out neither of these two women actually had anything to do with bringing up Trayvon Martin. The woman who did raise Trayvon wasn’t even mentioned, wasn’t even part of the narrative. The real question to ask about Alicia Stanley after she parted her way through the Martin machine’s vapor of conniving fart-gas and appeared out of the cosmic ether to sit down before the cameras of CNN, is how much are they now paying her to shut up and go away?

When Trayvon was a toddler, Tracy cheated on his biological mother, Sybrina, for some period of time, with at least Alicia Stanley and probably others. He then slithered himself out of Sybrina’s life and took up with Alicia. At some point early in his father’s divorce from Sybrina, Trayvon was shopped over to Alicia and Tracy, and they raised Trayvon as a couple in the same house, from the age of 3 until shortly before his death. That’s all 14 years of his conscious life. By then, Tracy had been shagging Brandy Green for some months, and when that became a problem for Alicia, Tracy moved in with Brandy at Retreat at Twin Lakes. He was probably just tired of Alicia by then anyway.

Though Trayvon had grown up with Alicia as his mom, and was raised with Alicia’s two tm1daughters from a previous marriage as sisters, when Tracy left Alicia, he for whatever reason, decided to send Trayvon to live with this biological mother, who Trayvon didn’t really know or care much about it seems. According to Alicia, he spent 90% of his time living in her household as he was growing up, and only had the occasional visit or sleepover with Sybrina and her mixed offspring from various relationships, including Tracy Martin. In any case, Trayvon didn’t take to that adjustment very well, and when Trayvon started getting into trouble in and out of school, Sybrina sent him to stay with his father and Brandy Green, at Twin Lakes.

The rest is history.

I think we can assume Trayvon didn’t like rooming with his father’s new girlfriend much either. The night he was killed, he had only arrived that day. Instead of hanging out with dad and his new squeeze, he walked off to the store, and then wandered outside in the rain all over the housing complex for almost an hour that night, talking to a girl “friend,” instead of coming back home to daddy. And then again, there’s the probability that neither Brandy nor Tracy were even home that night, and that they’d left Trayvon home alone to watch his little brother. Nobody’s publicly asking those sorts of questions for some reason, and though the police reports are no doubt quite detailed concerning such matters, no media outlets have bothered to pull from those either and explain it to us.

So, if the legend of George the “nigga killer” Zimmerman, is the first Big Lie told by the Martins, the second Big Lie the Martin camp tells is this tale of the perfect happy home with mom and dad and baby Trayvon. images (57)The Martin faction and its lackey press have systematically lied about all the basic relationships between Tracy, his son, Sybrina, Alicia, possibly still his wife, and Brandy, the married lover initially being passed off as a “fiancé.” Pretending that Sybrina and Tracy are simply a couple of grieving parents wins civil damage awards, gets you on the cover of Ebony, but Tracy and Sybrina Martin are a triple washout as a family. Trayvon actually came from three broken homes stacked on top of each other. Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are not a family at all and haven’t been for over 14 years. They are not “co-parenting” as the popular idiots pretending to be “reporters” or “journalists” in the mainstream media pretend. Tracy Martin is a shameful example of fatherhood, and by all accounts Sybrina Fulton couldn’t tell you what Trayvon’s favorite breakfast cereal was, or what hand he used to sign his name, or even if he could write.

To pretend that Trayvon Martin’s overtly dysfunctional multi-household family based largely upon serial adultery and abandonment isn’t likely to have factored into cultivating his thug-like behavior is idiotic. Trayvon Martin is a case study in why good kids go bad without sound male and female parental role models. But that’s not what the Martin team is selling. That’s certainly not what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, or Spike Lee want you to think about. They don’t make money off of that problem. They’d never pull off a rally themed: We Oughta Kick Our Own Asses For The Way We Sabotage Our Own Community!

No, instead, the “New” Black Panthers put a price on Zimmerman’s head, and hypocrites like Spike Lee Tweet out what he thinks is George’s address and invites his quarter of a million militant black acolytes on Twitter to go and get him.

Twitchy, a site founded by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, has been leading the charge against Lee’s actions by posting photos of his retweet alongside several tweets from others who advise that a visit to Zimmerman’s alleged address is in order.

“Get this mutha fucka!!” says one tweet with the address. “Dies,” says another that also includes the address. “Ima get a group of niggas to KILL George Zimmerman (the fat ass racist ass white man who killed Trayvon Martin)! He deserves to DIE!!!!” says another.

Perhaps it’s been fatally ingrained in the “black community” that the drama and adventure, the eventual profiteering from the Race Industry that began in the Civil Rights Era, is thedownload (32) epitome of “black” stardom. Perhaps racialists like Spike Lee and the Martin family circus are simply trying to cash in on the fame and respect of being seen as a Civil Rights Champion, because there simply is no other success the “black community” really respects. The fact that one of their own has become president of the United States they have for so long hated and maintained as an eternal oppressor nation, rather than fulfilling their fondest wishes, just lets the gas out of their biggest bag of wind. Perhaps that’s why Jesse Jackson was crying at Obama’s election victory. He thought he was out of a gig.

Never mind. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, has been a textbook example of courage in the seventeen months since her youngest son was killed by George Zimmerman. Thrust into the public sphere during a time of great personal tragedy, Fulton has carried her pain with incredible poise. It was no different when she spoke before the National Urban League in Philadelphia this past Friday. She told the audience: “My message to you is please use my story, please use my tragedy, please use my broken heart to say to yourself, ‘We cannot let this happen to anybody else’s child.’ ”

In that moment, she made the connection between herself and Mamie Till, mother of Emmett Till, the teen slain in 1955 for Emmett-&-Mamie-1954allegedly whistling at a woman, even stronger. Speaking on her decision to have an open casket at his funeral after her son’s face had been so badly beaten and disfigured he was unrecognizable, Mamie said: “I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.” These mothers of black sons publicly asked us to use their pain to seek justice. However, the way we use that pain cannot diminish the reality of the people who live with it. By which I mean, we have a bad habit of acting as if black women exist only as props in the story about black men and it’s time to stop.

Selling the lie. Selling the lie.

Trayvon Martin died because he doubled-back on George Zimmerman, a night watch volunteer who was keeping an eye on him until the police arrived after a spate of violent crimes 171496020and burglaries in the neighborhood. Trayvon did not normally belong there, he’d just arrived and nobody knew him. It was dark, raining, and Trayvon had been milling around out there for going on an hour, far away from the house where he was visiting. He did not just run down to the store for tea and Skittles. He was not just on his way back to his father’s crib. He was skulking around in the dark in a strange neighborhood for an hour in the cold and dark and rain. Trayvon had 4 minutes just to go home after Zimmerman lost sight of him, reporting that he was running away. His place of temporary residence was less than a minute away at an easy walking pace. Twenty seconds at a run, if that’s where he was really running. If he was truly concerned about being watched or followed he could have easily juTrayvonMartin_GunViolencwst gone home. Instead, annoyed at being “profiled” by a “white” man, he apparently snuck back around some buildings and got the jump on  Zimmerman, the night watchman who was annoying him with his vigilance. When Trayvon Martin was shot, he was on top of George Zimmerman, had him pinned down, was in complete control of the situation, and was wailing away, bashing Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk like a madman, while Zimmerman screamed for help.

And it wasn’t even close. The jury believed Zimmerman’s entire scenario based upon the evidence provided: Trayvon assaulted him, mounted him, beat on him, and Zimmerman ended the assault with one gunshot. But the best argument the prosecution could have even hoped to prove, is that the whole encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was a mutual clusterfook. Sybrina Fulton even confessed that this was her belief at one point during a fleeting moment of honesty and insight. She soon recanted this assertion when reminded by her attorneys that all the money they were going to get was based upon a conviction, and any conviction for anything was dependent upon her playing the victim and continuing to scream about racism.

Fulton was interviewed on NBC’s “Today” show the morning after George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the death of her son.

When asked what she would say if she could talk to Zimmerman face to face, Fulton said a person should apologize if they are remorseful. She then said she believed the shooting was an accident and things got out of control.

UPDATE, 1:20 p.m. ET: Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton, who said on the “Today” show early Thursday that she believed the killing of her son was an “accident,” has retracted those comments.

“George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood,” told MSNBC in a separate interview.

EARLIER: Trayvon Martin’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, said in an interview on the “Today” show Thursday that she believes it was “an accident” that George Zimmerman shot and killed her son in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26.

“I believe it was an accident,” Fulton said. “I believe that it just got out of control, and he couldn’t turn the clock back. I would ask him, did he know that that was a minor, that that was a teenager and that he did not have a weapon? I would ask him that I understand that his family is hurting, but think about our family that lost our teenage son. I mean, it’s just very difficult to live with day in and day out. I’m sure his parents can pick up the phone and call him, but we can’t pick up the phone and call Trayvon anymore.”

With all due respect to the mysterious juror B29, George Zimmerman download (38)got away with homicide, not murder. Because it was justifiable. But apparently, even though she couldn’t quite grasp the vastly different connotations of those two words, B29 was quite able to come to the understanding that even if she wanted to personally call it “murder,” there are times when “murder” is “justified.”

(Here we see a snapshot of ABC’s Robin Roberts physically putting those infamous words into B39’s mouth.)

The whole truth, is that legally, however the scuffle between Zimmerman and Martin started, at the point where Zimmerman was pinned to the ground being beaten with impunity and fearing for his life or serious bodily harm, he still had a self-defense case. It was homicide, there was never any question about that. But it was justifiable homicide.

Despite the race-baiting bluster of the Martin offensive, it was never in the cards that George Zimmerman was going to be portrayed in the courtroom as a murdering redneck–even though that’s the exclusive proposition the Martin camp pitched to the entire nation for over a year and still tries to. That’s the entire premise upon which the “Justice for Trayvon” movement was contrived. 99414891-trayvon-martinHowever, in practical, legal terms, it was far too obvious a lie that would only give them away in court. Outside of court however, that never did and still doesn’t matter to the worshippers of Saint Trayvon of Martin. Lie away. And just keep repeating it.

To compare Sybrina Fulton to Mamie Till, is to take a big dump right on Mamie Till’s legacy. To compare Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till, is to suggest that Emmett, like Trayvon, almost certainly had it coming. There is no legal similarity or moral equivalency between these two fatal incidents, the trials that followed, or the people involved in them. I’m tempted to suggest that those are the sorts of comparisons only terminally brainless people make: Uninspired, undiscerning idiots who don’t have the intellectual capacity or honesty to perceive things as they are, and are only capable of projecting what they feel emotionally about any given subject into their perception of the world so that what they want to be true becomes the truth. Emotion becomes their reality.

In the real world, Emmett Till was dragged out of his house, his eye gouged out, he was beaten about his face in till it was unrecognizable, he was tortured, shot, and dumped in a river by a group of actual dumbassed rednecks who killed Picture of Emmett Tillhim expressly for allegedly touching or flirting with a white woman. They came in, said “Give us that Chicago Nigger,” explained how they were going to teach him a lesson for his filthy behavior with their pure white flowers of southern womanhood, transported him to a secure location, battered him into a pulp and then shot him to death. Trayvon Martin in contrast, was shot cleanly once through the heart in order to get him to stop smacking the hell out of a defenseless neighborhood watchman he had pinned down in some sort of paranoid fit of macho bravado. The man who shot him was a fairly dark-skinned man from a multi-racial minority, a mentor of young black children, a service volunteer who lived in a diverse community, citadelyearbookwho dated black women, and a man who was decidedly brown, not “white.”

In the real world, The entire jury, the judge and court hearing the Emmett Till case was staffed from the start with KKK members. It was overseen by the avowed, racist white power structure that ran the whole south at the time. In spite of the evidence in Emmett’s case being so clearly against the accused, a jury of completely white, hillbilly racists nullified the obvious evidence and let Till’s admitted killers go free. Emmett’s murderers admitted right after exoneration that they had indeed done it, and boasted of all the details openly without any reprisals whatsoever. They lived peacefully on to become obscure old men. George Zimmerman’s court was conversely,kkk_lynching1 rigged entirely against him from the local mayor to the black president of the United States and his black Attorney General, who even in light of Zimmerman’s complete exoneration under an intensely slanted prosecution, continue to ponder tactics through which to perpetuate his persecution on a federal level, once again, pretending to be avenging some great racist travesty of justice. This in spite of the fact that Zimmerman had already been investigated by the FBI, the Sanford police department, and the Florida state attorney general. Not deterred by the facts, federal Attorney General Eric Holder put up a web site and a tip line hoping to drum up spies, white-lynching-partyfinks, stool pigeons, and back-stabbers, in the event that there was some old girlfriend or some guy he cut off in traffic once who still had a big enough stick up his backside over it that they’d come up with something good to use against George Zimmerman.

So far…nothing. Except for this:

Benjamin Todd Jealous, the head of the NAACP, launched a petition shortly after the verdict which read that “George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin.” The petition has since received over one million signatures.

Read more:

Contrary to Emmett Till’s killers, George Zimmerman has been in hiding and protective custody for over a year and will likely have to remain permanently underground for fear of his life from the black hoards of threatening  Trayvonites.

All the Martinistas of today are capable of comprehending is that in Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin, they see two dead black youth. It’s utterly beyond their capability to reason or discern that these two youth in two entirely different eras, arrived in that condition via two entirely dissimilar paths, and at the moronhands of two utterly disparate agents of death. Their perspective is fundamentally racist, and they frankly, often aren’t bright enough to tell the difference between overt racist brutality and death through misadventure. Moreover, about 98% of them won’t have a clue what “misadventure,” “disparate” or “dissimilar” mean, won’t be able to extrapolate the meaning of the pun “Martinista,” and will be too lazy to look any of it up. They won’t even sound out “extrapolate” because it’s got too many syllables.

If Emmett Till’s grisly slaughter openly at the hands of boasted white racists, and the openly biased trial that set free his well known killers, became the spark that ignited the fire of the American Civil Rights Movement, then the excuse-making farce of a witch hunt that Sybrina Fulton and her race-baiting conspirators call “Justice for Trayvon,” may well be the bucket of dank, senseless, hysterical piss-water that extinguishes that flame.

Unlike the accomplished, educated, productive, model of a single mother, Mamie Till, Sybrina Fulton as we’ve come to know her, is a woman who barely even knew Trayvon Martin, her own son, and in early interviews couldn’t give any details at all about him. Comparing her charlatanism to the dedication and dignity of Mamie Till should be embarrassing to all the shameless fools who propose it. If Sybrina Fulton doesn’t want any more dead Trayvons, tell her to teach young black david_shankbone-via-Flickr-CC-BY-2men not to freak out and beat up night watch commanders in housing complexes where they don’t live and nobody knows them.

To compare Trayvon Martin the cocky, wannabe thug, to Emmett Till, or to equate Emmett’s hick, bigoted assassins to George Zimmerman, the multi-racial mentor of minority children, is stupidity and ignorance on a massive scale. It only feeds the stereotype that “niggas” will believe anything. It only confirms the popular “white” belief that when it comes down to it, black people are the most racist ethnic group in the world. (Next, arguably, to the images (91)Japanese.)

Sybrina Fulton and her team of lawyers is engaged in performance art. They’re re-enacting the Civil Rights Era for fun and profit. It’s street theatre and they’re all playing out their favorite roles from historical Civil Rights models.

Above all else, Tracy Martin isn’t Sybrina’s loving spouse, that’s just a cash-enhancing motif rolled into the script they’re performing by their handlers. Tracy’s been groomed up by the “suits”and is tugging along, drawn by the big chain attached to his ever-fattening wallet.  The reason Sybrina Fulton now always appears with Tracy Martin by her side is because she doesn’t actually know a damned thing about Trayvon Martin. I doubt if she even likes Tracy at all, but she relies on him to feed her anecdotes and data about Trayvon and needs the symbolism of his presence by her side to maintain the credibility of her performance.

It’s an act.

From the very beginning the descriptions of Trayvon Martin by his parents did not make sense. Listening to questions of Tracy and Sybrina, and their answers – their responses were often disconnected, contradictory and, well, just odd in their lack of depth.

On example is this early interview with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother.   Note this is very early on before the media handler (Ryan Julison) took control of the scripting, [screening and pre-approving the questions to be asked] and made sure Tracy and Sybrina appeared together.

Another example was about 2 months later when Sybrina travelled todownload (30) London, England and was questioned again. Even months later, when asked the same or similar general questions, she just never seemed to be able to describe Trayvon.   Very odd.

Additionally odd was upon hearing of Trayvon’s death Sybrina never left North Dade (Fort Lauderdale) to travel to Sanford. She stayed home.   The first time she actually went to Sanford was to attend a press conference on March 8th.

Also, Sybrina was unable to describe Trayvon’s likes or dislikes. She gave conflicting information about his favorite foods, sports, and things he enjoyed. Sybrina said Trayvon loved basketball, but Trayvon told everyone in his social network he disliked basketball.

When asked about his favorite meal Sybrina said Trayvon liked Fried Chicken; the next time she said hamburgers, and yet another time she described something totally different.

Sybrina told investigators she did not know that Trayvon had a twitter account, and she did not know his name on Facebook.  Sybrina Fulton knew nothing about Trayvon’s U-Tube account, his following of Mixed Martial Art combat fighting,  or his home made movies from street fights to video’s of his cousin.

On the morning she found out he was shot, she sat in the parking lot of her work for a few minutes then drove home – and stayed there.

Look at poor Bill Cosby. He’s a black media pioneer and legend. You could sum up Cosby’sbill-cosby whole pitch with a phrase he uses frequently: It’s not about color. It’s about behavior. And a large element of the “black community” calls that condescending. A large percentage of the “black community” argues essentially, or sometimes specifically, that “nigga-ness” is every bit as good as being intelligent, well-spoken, employable, well-mannered and properly groomed. Those things are “white” things. “Nigga” don’t need to act white.

Sybrina Martin and her cohorts are actually arguing in favor of young black males dressing and acting like thugs, and I suppose, assaulting white men at will. When they say, “We are all Trayvon Martin,” they mean, any one of us all thugged and doped-up in our cute, official thug-hoodies could flip out and start pasting “Whitey” in the face if he looks at us askew. It’s patronizing for Bill Cosby to expect us to dress well, speak clearly, and not dole out an 64391_cbb4f23fb852523fc43614680ea9cdd1_ec5fcec805c934110af2909d52ac163bobligatory ass whoopin’ on “Whitey” now and then. Since we obviously can’t control our behavior, they argue in essence, it’s not fair that sometimes “Whitey” has a gun. They think “Whitey” should take his beating and not make a big deal out of it. Most of the time “Whitey” isn’t going to get killed. Just “ass whooped.” They don’t think that their vicious, degenerated offspring should have to risk their lives to simply deliver a routine thumping on “Whitey.”

Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon’s girl “friend” made exactly that argument on Piers Morgan shortly after Zimmerman was acquitted.

But it’s not usually “Whitey” with the gun these days. It’s Trayvon or one of his peers. The professional negroes in the Civil Rights industry who malcolm_x_by_esclamazione-d4dierxare so gleefully reveling in the tragedy that is the Trayvon Martin story, just want you to fixate upon the shiny thing they’re dangling in front of you. Hey, look at this giant racist hillbilly killer with a gun running around Florida’s “gated” white neighborhoods slaughtering helpless baby negroes just for “walking black!” They want you just to never mind all that “broken black family” nonsense. Don’t you listen to Bill Cosby when he tries to tell Trayvon Martin and his friends to pull their pants up, lose the hoodie, the drugs, the guns0 (1) and the bling, stop acting like thugs and learn to speak English. Don’t you dare bring that up you heartless bastard!  Tracy and Sybrina just lost their son!

Trayvon Martin’s not on trial!

No, but he should be. Had he lived, he would be. And  I think, his parents too.

I’m happy to engage in a serious and deep conversation with the “black community” about race and racism in America. But I’m not going to negotiate reality with the “black community.” And I’m not going to have much of a conversation with a “community” that invariably calls me a “racist” and threatens to kill me or do me serious bodily harm every time I write or say something that they disagree with. So I’ll let Charles Barkley say it for me:

BARKLEY: And let me say, Mr. Zimmerman was wrong to, he was racial profiling.

BARTIROMO: Absolutely.

BARKLEY: But I think Trayvon Martin, God rest his soul, I think he did flip the switch and start beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman. But it was just a bad situation. And like I said, the main thing I feel bad for, it gives every white person and black person who is racist a platform to vent their ignorance.


BARKLEY: You know, that’s the thing that bothered me the most because I watched this trial closely, and I watched all these people on television talking about it. A lot of these people have a hidden agenda. You know, they want to have their racist views, whether they are white or black.

BARTIROMO: The bias comes out.

BARKLEY: The bias, it definitely comes out. It was a bad situation. We all lost. And I feel bad for his parents. You don’t ever want to see anybody lose a kid.,0,

For instance, if getting to the bottom of why Tracy and Sybrina lost their son is really the point of this major legal, social, and political shouting match over who’s to blame for all theI-want-to-hear-more-about-Trayvon-Martin nation’s little dead Trayvons, one would think it pertinent to note that Trayvon’s dad is a career philanderer and apparent member of or hanger-on to the Crips. Though he’s covered his tats and no long makes “gangsta” hand signs in photographs, he lived a lifestyle in any case that destroyed Trayvon’s infancy and relationship with his biological mother, then destroyed Trayvon’s relationship with his step-mother, the only woman he grew up calling “mom,” and just before he began to have serious behavioral problems in and out of school, Trayvon was being tossed between his dad’s current shack-up lady-buddy and his somewhat estranged biological mother, who sent him back to Tracy because by then she couldn’t handle him.

Trayvon-Martin-Thug1-600x350The “black community” isn’t interested in conceding Trayvon’s dabbling in the “thug life” at all, and Sybrina Fulton is particularly in denial on this count:

The Truth? You can’t handle the Truth!

One could never say with any assurance that Trayvon Martin’s multiply-broken home lifetraycandthecrips contributed to his turn toward playing the thug, or lashing out at George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman who was simply curious about what he was up to out in the dark and rain. But his departure into the world of “gangbanger” behavior was directly coincident to his being torn out of the home and out of the arms of the woman he called “mom.” His father, still married to the woman he had always called “mommy,” further sent him to live with his long-estranged biological mothertracymartincrips rather than take him along with to the Retreat at Twin Lakes to shack up with his new girlfriend who was still married to some other guy. And you have to wonder why Sybrina would surrender a three-year-old Trayvon to a philandering father and the woman he cheated on her with. Or how it came to be that Alicia would have surrendered Trayvon to anyone.

You also have to wonder, where’s Mr. Fulton in all this? Is he dead? Gone? What? A cypher? Where is he all the time Tracy is making photo ops with his wife?

The whole Fulton/Martin relationship and all it’s inter-connected links are pretty F’d up as they say. But that’s not rare at all in the “black community,” so maybe that’s why they don’t think it’s any big deal. That’s not obama-gangsterthe troubling story they want to tell.

Nobody’s perfect. There are no perfect parents. There’s no perfect family. But the Fulton and Martin Street Theater Workshop is doing its best to convince you they are all of the above. But then, they get paid to show you what you want to see.

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"Nigga" Moments Can Be Fatal: A Frank Discussion About Race in America

During the Rodney King riots of 1992, Tracy Martin’s then young black peers burned down la riots 4their own neighborhoods, destroyed entire sectors of thriving new business districts that other “black leaders” had begged to come in and revitalize “black” city centers. In this case, “nigga” was pissed off at a group of LAPD who beat up a black man who’d made them chase his Hyundai through town at a hundred miles-per-hour until they ran him down. When the cops went to trial and were exonerated, “nigga” went crazy on “Whitey’s” ass. “No justice, no peace,” was the slogan. And of course, this was nothing new. This only repeated actions taken by their parents a generation earlier in the Watts riots.

The problem with these sorts of riotous “black community” reactions to alleged racial offense, is that less and less is gained by it, less and less is proved by it, as these alleged racial offenses become increasingly more trivial. While Rodney King’s beating looked bad on tape, the cops were pretty scientific about it and the fact remains that his injuries were never life-threatening, never threatened permanent injury or maiming, and he recovered in a few days. Rodney King passed away last year in great health, a “black community” hero and icon of adoration. The niggas who pretended to be his friends and champions, wiped out whole sections of their own black neighborhoods and businesses, that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars, and have not been replaced or recovered to this day. Who would move back into those riot-blighted sectors anyway? “Nigga” still lives there and still threatens to repeat his fits of self-destruction at the slightest imagined provocation.1336010402210.cached

I’ll give Jackson and Sharpton and their dwindling, old-school-negro civil rights activists their due. In 1965, in the deep south, rioting because Whitey won’t let you use his public restrooms, two black friends just got beaten half to death for using the white-only drinking fountain, and the KKK just hung some brother by the courthouse clock tower for unspecified reasons, seems pretty much warranted. However, destroying your own shite in the riot still doesn’t make any sense to me. Beating up people who support your cause and who have moved into your community to provide vital products and services is asinine for any reason.  It’s inexplicable nigga behavior.

The concept of a “sympathy” riot, up north or in some other city having nothing whatsoever to do with the issue or social causes that sparked the pilot riot, is even more inexplicable. It starts to look like nigga riots mostly because cuz nigga likes ta riot.

I can’t argue with even the most overt white supremists when they point obvious stupidity like that out. You couldn’t can’t hand them any more convincing justification for their racism and belief in the inherent inferiority of the “Negro” than what I can tune into on dadfathe evening news coming live from the “black community” itself.  There isn’t any better anti-negro propaganda for the KKK or Aryan Nations than simply Googling “LA Riots” or “Trayvon Martin Payback” and just reading what comes up.

The one group of people who never even entered South Central LA in 1992 for instance, was the Los Angeles Police Department. They were conspicuously missing in action. And if we give “nigga” his due, the LAPD were the one group of people, the only group of people, who needed their asses kicked on behalf of Rodney King. So the LA cops stay clear and let nigga beat and burn and bash everyone else. Their friends, families, strangers, neighbors. Everyone but the LAPD. The LAPD wasn’t around. The LAPD was thinking like white folks. Like real folks. And nigga was thinkin’ like nigga. Not thinkin’ at all.

Another group of people who survived the King riots was the new Korean and Asian business community that had set up shop in the area. They also had guns, and used them in a highly organized manner to keep nigga from burning and pillaging them out.

You might be seeing a pattern by now.

As a young-ish white male, I wondered repeatedly in 1992, watching the South Central mayhem on CNN, why in hell’s name these self-proclaimed “gangsta” thugs who were picking on random, innocents like Reggie Denny and passing motorists, couldn’t just get in a car, or ride the bus down to the local precinct station and take on the LA Fuzz they were actually pretending to be pissed off about. Maybe because the LAPD had guns and Reggie Denny and the other innocently passing bystanders and motorists they beat all to hell didn’t.

Whole websites now exist dedicated to this phenomenon of the “black community” la riots 2destroying itself, or lashing out at totally unrelated parties, alienating even people and other ethnic communities that otherwise would be totally sympathetic and supportive of their goals and cause. While virtually all of these sites are admittedly racists to the core, this phenomenon has become known as a “Chimpout.” If you’ve ever visited the primate house at the zoo only to upset the caged monkeys and have them suddenly start shrieking, flying around the enclosure, flinging their own shite at you and each other, it’s a fairly accurate, if unflattering and almost inherently racist analogy.

blacks-beating-up-whitesBeyond the “Chimpout” there was another recent young black phenomenon known as “wilding,” where roving bands of niggas would jump out of the shadows or nooks and crannies of some public venue, often in broad daylight, whack the crap out of some unsuspecting Whitey in front of everyone, and run off giggling about it. This form of nigga entertainment grew in size and intensity until it more recently developed into the “flash mob,” probably to continue the sport indoors at large shopping malls during the cold northern winters.

You can research black-on-white recreational rapes, murder, beatings and robberies for hours. There’s no shortage of material to browse through. Suffice it to say, Trayvonwhites-beat Martin’s fans on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, promised, and to some extent delivered on their boasts that the looting and mayhem seen in all the historically violent, previous racially-motivated riots, would be revisited upon the nation if Zimmerman were let off. But it’s not like they weren’t assaulting white people and each other every day before, during, and after the verdict anyway. Those are Trayvon’s peers. Those are the people Trayvon’s parents and “black leaders” are encouraging and defending with their hysterical rhetoric about “justice.”  You can call it “harmless” if you want to. Tell that to Reginald Denny, who happened to get his truck stuck in traffic in the middle of it all in 1992.

Tracy Martin didn’t actually have to be there, didn’t have to be kicking Reginald Denny in 1the head to be part of the Rodney King riot generation. The “gangstas” in the streets of South Central in 1992, the music they listened to, the culture they spawned, was the genesis of what Trayvon Martin’s peer group became. (Yo, MTV Raps!) You can bet that Trayvon grew up with his dad or his uncles and older cousins sitting around, watching those old videos on YouTube with a kickin’ hip-hop soundtrack added by some disgruntled nigga, layin’ down rhymes about THE MAN, smilin’ and grinnin’ out stuff like, yeah, that’ll show Whitey…

According to Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel, all Reggy Denny got was a good ol’ neighborhood “ass whoopin’.” Denny, if he hadn’t been in the gun-repressive state ofBlacks-Beating-Whites California, could have defended himself just like George Zimmerman I suppose. But by all accounts he was something of a peace freak and hippy. The guys beating on him had guns however. Nobody was asking them for permits. But then, I suppose the Monique Davis “black community leader” crowd would still be crying about that. They’d be saying, as they say now about George Zimmerman, that Reggy Denny wasn’t killed. His wounds weren’t life-threatening 21391_267852636687600_283410117_nas it turned out. By the Sybrina Martin standard, if he’d shot any of his rioting attackers, he would have been a cold-blooded killer and should have to go to prison. Any time some white guy shoots a black guy, the white guy has to “pay” for it. That’s the rule.

The “black community” is unusually eager to believe some pretty strange things. During the riots of the 1992 in LA, and in most other black communities, black talk radio stations were filled with theories about why their brothers were always burning down their own neighborhoods in places like Watts and Compton. The most common excuse was, because “white people put a chemical in malt liquor that makes black men go crazy.”

That’s the “logic” that makes sense to Trayvon Martin fans. That’s what passes for insight and wisdom in the “black community.”Just like burning down your own homes or beating up some random truck driver makes sense because you’re angry at the LAPD.


black-man-kkk-outfit-placard-1For what it’s worth, there’s still a black community myth going back decades that the “KKK owns Circle K grocery stores,” and anything you buy there funds the Klan. The truth about the KKK of course, is that it consists of about 300 inbred yokels married to their cousins in the backwoods of Appalachia who are lucky to manage one rally a year just for the photo-op, and can barely afford their own mobile homes, much less manage a national convenience market empire.

The hysteria over Trayvon Martin isn’t the first time the “black community” got it entirely wrong en masse. Forty years ago there were massive riots in Newark New Jersey, over downloadrumors that police had arrested and killed a black cab driver. 23 people were killed, 700 were injured and acres of property were devastated by fire and riot. The fact that the rumors turned out to be entirely untrue didn’t matter to the “black community” then either.

When the white working class started migrating to the suburbs of Detroit in the 1950’s, the 6a00e54fdb30b98834019104691d4a970cblack population that moved into the city likewise devolved into riot and self destruction. There was no Jim Crow south to blame, just a lot of unhappy niggas who migrated there themselves to get out of the Jim Crow south and still weren’t happy. That resulted in some pretty spectacular riots, but the very first race riots in Detroit actually go back to 1943. Even before then, at the outbreak of World War II, there was an influx of workers, black, white, and mixed ethnicities emigrating to the city to work in the defense industry406049607_510d6f22c2. That led to Polish and black fighting in the streets and escalated to full scale riots over jobs and business territories. These however, seemed purposed and personal. They were designed to gain liberty, assert civil rights, and accomplish specific social and political gains for the black population, which was being overtly and very physically repressed by a white majority. It wasn’t feral youth doing the organizing, and it wasn’t rioting for the sheer hell of it or to show they were pissed off at Whitey. I’m not conceding that a riot is ever a good thing. I’m just saying sometimes riots are prompted by actual grievances, and sometimes they’re not.

And there are recent black riots in both the UK and Sweden, all claiming to be due to blatant, repressive white racism.

oprah-winfrey-wears-giant-afro-for-o-magazine-coverBut how’s that sort of overwhelming white “racism” doing these days? Oprah Winfrey, the most powerful woman in modern media, worth some 2.9 billion at last check, couldn’t get the attention of a sales clerk at a high-end fashion boutique in Switzerland the other day, (where she shelters her income from oppressive, white US taxes) and cried all over the US media about that for a week, calling that racism. Or as she described it, she just knows instinctively it must have been because of her race. Just like she says, as she takes her place at the dais or at the head of the table in an office or boardroom, often as the only black person there, that all those white folks around here are thinking she doesn’t deserve to be there. Black people can read your mind Whitey, and they know you’re just hatin’ ’em 24-7.

Since she owns and runs the company in most of those situations, you’d have to admit it’s got to be some pretty subtle “racism.” And I guess if there are no black people around her it’s her own fault. Hire some. And for that matter, the entire nation of Switzerland apologizing to you because some clerk in a shop didn’t show you the handbag you wanted to see, is an extremely asinine example of “racism,” so if that’s the best you can come up with in all your years raking in “Whitey’s” dough, you need to look into psychiatric help for your paranoia.

(But then, she has also offered to go with “sexism” as an alternate explanation for her persecution.)

But Oprah almost “outed” herself, when it became clear that her entire racial pondering spree in the public eye, was clearly motivated by her attempt to garner attention and sympathy for her role in the “coincidentally” just released motion picture in which she was featured, The Butler.  The film tells the story of a black butler who raises a family waiting on “The Man” and examines the attitudes of wife, family, and offspring relative to the benefits of this honest work in a “demeaning” position. Go figure. Money, money, money Oprah. Poor baby.

Over thirty years after the insanity of Compton and South Central, you’d think the national “black community” would have developed a bit of sophistication. A bit of discernment. Adownload (1) shred of skepticism or self-criticism. A sense of proportion. But clearly not. Not if Oprah Winfrey is any indication. And she’s one of the bright ones.

Today, in Chicago, we still have to suffer the likes of Monique Davis, one of the Windy City’s highest “black community” representatives, and she still manages to invent out of her backside alone notions that top most previous black community myths for sheer idiocy, by claiming that it’s not really black-on-black crime plaguing her home town, it’s not Trayvon-killing-Trayvon, or Trayvon killing somebody’s little sister in a drive-by. That’s not it at all. It’s really white cops going around, secretly killing all those 500 black young men every year.

By the way homies, that chemical in malt liquor is called “alcohol.” It doesn’t make you go imagescrazy, it releases inhibitions and lets out your true nature without the filter of a brain to temper your thoughts or actions. If you riot, beat up helpless truck drivers, and burn down your own homes, shoot each other, and tend to slap around your “bitches and hoes” when you’re drunk, it’s probably just you being yourself. Statistically. Demographically speaking. Nothing personal. Nothing inherently racial about it.stides_cube

And yes, George Zimmerman did turn up at the scene of a truck rollover a week after his release from Sybrina Fulton’s bondage, and he did indeed help rescue the occupants trapped in the vehicle. Like I said, it’s a statistical probability for his personality type, social, political, and ethnic demographic. That’s just George being George. Statistically. Demographically speaking.

Historical disturbances in the racial fabric of America are often hard to pin down and rationalize. But Trayvon Martin’s case is right here and now, in the most information-based society in history, in the world. It would seem unlikely that anyone could not understand what it was all about. Yet, so many Americans, most of them black, choose to know nothing about the case and simply join into the riots and protests for cultural and ethnic reasons of fellowship.

From a national perspective, nobody could at first be expected to know that local law enforcement and the original district attorney’s office privately knew “Sybrina’s Folly” (as the whole “Justice for Trayvon” exercise should have been called) was little more than the  self-indulgence of a grieving mother. But the Martin rumor mill, disinformation and misinformation factory, exploited the ignorance of the national sentiment. They had the nation by the heart, its balls would eventually follow, and they didn’t need to trouble the nation’s brain with the matter at all.

The Sybrina Fulton attack plan was not an exercise in critical thinking. Their publicity download (3)machine spewed forth more than enough credible-seeming bullshite to make the whole “Justice for Trayvon” enterprise look reasonable. At first blush, of course their conspiracy theories sounded plausible given their southern locale and America’s overt history of racism. Even a race-baited and civil-rights-weary white America initially conceded that much. But in the cause-starved, eager-to-protest university campus centers full of eager, self-hating liberal young white kids were magnetically attracted to the young black community, the “Hood,” and the hip, hop, fresh def and happenin’ cause of Trayvon Martin. It was the “progressive” cause of all causes.

The religious fervor that formed around the myth of Trayvon Martin’s martyrdom, immediately characterized him as the archetypal pure innocent black victim of white supremacy. That market didn’t have to be sold. It was easy to believe. That market would believe it even if Sybrina Fulton broke down and confessed she’d made it all up with Rachel Jeantel just to get money and attention. So promoting Trayvon Martin to Black Sainthood was no trouble at all, especially in the context of the rapidly evolving Martin team’s flurryimages (9) of finger-pointing bullshite. This included the media’s edited 911recordings, anecdotal “witness” fabrications, speculations, completely ignorant, revisionist theorizing about Zimmerman’s “connections” that got him off the charges, “experts” who read his body language, a train of Martin-team pretended re-creations, hired voice “experts,” cascades of lying, social-media bigotry on all sides, and a modern ADD/ADHD-based news cycle that has cultivated a press and electronic media that eagerly lapped up the drama and heartbreak of the Martin narrative.

The legend of George Zimmerman as the world’s most heinous racist and killer, originated shortly after Trayvon’s death. It started forming from a couple of vague witnesses who jumped to conclusions without actually seeing anything, and not knowing for sure what they were actually hearing. The longest, clearest evidence of Trayvon Martin’s final encounter with George Zimmerman is a much-promoted 911 call in which somebody is calling for help, lasts only 40 seconds. Other audio witnesses also heard these cries outside their houses and contributed to the false narrative by claiming it was the voice of a “little boy.” Trayvon was also on the phone to Rachel Jeantel, a “friend” some four minutes before this allegedly damning 911 recording timestamps the still invisible struggle. A lot has been made of her testimony about this call, but the only verifiable thing about that call is the timestamp when it started and the timestamp when it ended.

While it’s certainly fair enough to assume there was a struggle taking place between Martin images (2)and Zimmerman during the recorded 911 call, we only have Jeantel’s word, and her often unintelligible recollection to vouch for the content of her own call. Many smartasses on the internet think she really nailed it, but never listen to the cross-examination and aren’t really as clever as they think they are. Just smart enough to be dangerous.

It’s easy developing these theories and crafting testimony to support them in the freedom and supportive environment of family, friends, and an eager prosecution team. The media was certainly willing to accept anything handed to it without question. In the courtroom however, Jeantel first claims she heard Trayvon say some guy was following him and then heard him yell to somebody to “get off.” She tried to say she heard some man, ostensibly Zimmerman gruffly asking Trayvon what he was doing there. Then she heard the phone bump. Or maybe it was wind noise, or Trayvon hanging up. In any case, she went on to conjure up a sketchy script in which she was certain she had heard Trayvon being assaulted by George Zimmerman, who she had decided was a sexual predator about to rape Trayvon, and then go home and rape his little brother. Combined with the 911 recording and the witnesses who had assumed a “little boy” was crying for help, this testimony was supposed to be absolute proof of Zimmerman’s guilt.

The Rachel Jeantel story is worth a whole dissertation in and of itself. She’s wrangled her story all around the block several times before trial and then embellished it on several talk shows after the verdict came out and jurors started saying she wasn’t credible. Apparently Tracey Martin didn’t think so either, and began to chuckle and hide his face in court when she began to voice her narrative of Trayvon and George’s alleged confrontation.

If you want to hang George Zimmerman anyway, this sort of “proof” is just fine and dandy. You just don’t bother to mention that the struggle Rachel Jeantel claimed started as George Zimmerman ran up and accosted little Trayvon while she talked to him on the phone, took place well over four minutes before what is actually known to be the timeimages (3) stamped moment of death for Trayvon from the live recording via 911 from far across the neighborhood in an entirely different location. The “little boy” alleged to be begging for help on the 911 recording, started doing his screaming over four minutes after Rachel Jeantel claimed that George Zimmerman had latched onto Trayvon Martin. Jeantel’s alleged start of the struggle was located a football field away from where Trayvon actually died. Far, far away from where we know the actual recorded struggle started and the on-site witnesses heard the cries for help first start.

In order for Jeantel’s scenario to work, George Zimmerman would have had to accost Trayvon Martin about a minute or at least 30 seconds before anyone heard anything, and download (4)then continue to either drag and wrestle, or struggle and chase Trayvon down the sidewalk past the T Intersection, and continue to fight and man-handle the kid for another 40 seconds before deciding to shoot him just for the hell of it, seconds before Zimmerman knew the cops should be arriving because he’d called them himself, and after several neighbors had very openly come outside and told him to knock it off.

But it’s not even that easy. The crime scene is only a few yards long between the first encounter of the two and the end of the fight where Trayvon bought the farm. If Jeantel’s phone call cuts off with Zimmerman’s “attack” at the T intersection where Zimmerman and all the evidence says it did, apart from the greeting and who threw the first punch,images (7) you have Zimmerman and Jeantel pretty much telling the same story to that point. The problem with Jeantel’s version, is that she claims repeatedly that Zimmerman followed Trayvon to his daddy’s doorstep, came up and attacked him there. That’s about 100 yards away and around a corner from where the actual incident took place.

So let’s play Rachel Jeantel’s game. She says Trayvon Martin told her he was already at his father’s (adulterous lover’s) house already. She claims Zimmerman had followed him all the way to this  temporary home, came up and confronted him. She claims she heard all off this through the phone. But this isn’t possible, even conceivable given the timing and actual distance from the scene of Trayvon’s death. So, let’s imagine that Rachel wasn’t just making up a good story to help her dead friend. Let’s imagine that Trayvon Martin was lying to her over the phone. Obviously, she had no way of telling where he really was so that much would be easy. But then, why would he do that?

West asked why Trayvon Martin “decided to approach this man and say ‘why you following me,” when he could have “just run home.”

“He was already by his house,”Jeantel replied. “He told me.”

“Of course, you don’t know if he was telling you the truth or not,” West speculated.

“Why he need to lie about that, sir?” Jeantel asked, skeptically.

West paused for a few seconds, then offered, “Maybe if he decided to assault George Zimmerman, he didn’t want you to know about it.”

Jeantel, whose testimony has been characterized by blunt language and irritability with the defense attorney, told West “That’s real retarded, sir,” and added “You don’t know the person. You do not know him.”

Perhaps, as West suggested, Trayvon Martin didn’t want to just come out and tell her he’d doubled back, and was planning to confront Zimmerman on his own terms with the advantage of darkness and surprise. Even so, the prosecution’s best witness clearly claims that it was Trayvon Martin who approached Zimmerman and initiated an agitated verbal exchange. Not even Rachel claims it was George who came up to Trayvon and started the hostile interrogation. It was Trayvon Martin who turned and snapped at Zimmerman, demanding a justification for his presence, not the other way ‘round.

But, one thing’s for certain, if at any time before his death Trayvon Martin had actually made it all the way home as he allegedly told Jeantel, the only way to ever meet up with George Zimmerman at the fatal T intersection is to spin off his doorstep almost immediately, and very deliberately decide to book it back down three lengths of houses and around a corner at a very brisk pace to catch George at the T where Zimmerman had just exited his truck to see if Trayvon was still wandering around the area. It’s absolutelydownload (5) clear that Trayvon Martin never went home, never intended to, and never dropped off the snacks he was still carrying, allegedly intended for his little brother. It’s clear that at the moment on the police non-emergency tape where Zimmerman tells the cops he’d lost him, that he was “running,” what Trayvon was doing is rabbiting around corners and buildings in the dark to shake Zimmerman off his tail so he could come back under cover and surprise him.

In other testimony-and there’s hours of it–Jeantel claims Trayvon never saw Zimmerman get out of the truck and that later in the conversation he couldn’t see George any more. That’s probably true. Trayvon spent four minutes sneaking around somewhere in the dark before he got pissed off or curious enough to turn around around and came back to find George unexpectedly standing there on the sidewalk at the T. I don’t know why this is so hard to conclude. Rachel Jeantel’s testimony puts Trayvon Martin at his father’s (girlfriend’s) doorstep at the moment of Zimmerman’s alleged assault. That’s a timed, recorded moment. A fixed time that agrees with other timed 911 tapes. It’s only the alleged location that is utterly bogus.

Because either Rachel Jeantel or Trayvon Martin was lying and making up a scenario about the assault of George Zimmerman to make Martin look better. One or both of these were attempting to say Zimmerman had hunted Trayvon down to his doorstep. That implies malice, and tends to justify Martin’s beat-down of Zimmerman. Neither Trayvon nor Rachel however, had any foresight to suspect that Trayvon would get himself shot, which screwed up their overall story in the end.

Zimmerman lost Trayvon Martin for four minutes shortly after his initial contact. Nobody contests that. That’s plenty of time for Trayvon to get get his tall, athletic butt home. And if that’s the story Trayvon wanted to tell Rachel Jeantel over the phone, fine. But then,images (10) why wouldn’t Trayvon just go inside and stay? Or call the cops. And where was Trayvon’s dad and adulterous lover all this time? Why would Trayvon make it “home” to safety, and then inexplicably turn back at his front stoop and confront some stranger who presented no immediate danger and was following him at a distance? If George Zimmerman really did follow Trayvon Martin right to the door, as Rachel Jeantel’s testimony implies, how is it then, that Trayvon’s death struggle and ultimate demise, actually occurred at the exact time Rachel Jeantel’ phone records suggest, yet not on his front porch, but some 100 yards away and around a couple of corners on the other side of several housing units?

The answer to these questions is a simple one. The entire Rachel Jeantel-inspired George Zimmerman as a killer-stalker scenario is a fable. It’s the way Rachel Jeantel wishes it happened. It’s the way Sybrina Fulton Inc. hopes it happened. It’s the only scenario that makes brave little Trayvon a heroic figure. If it didn’t happen that way, if it happened the way the actual evidence suggests, then Trayvon Martin is just another jumped-up, hooded-up black punk who did himself in playing gangsta with the wrong hankie.

So what we have here, clearly, is that Trayvon lied to, or to put it politely, was just bullshitting his friend Rachel over the phone to justify a thumping he was planning to put 6358724_f260on George Zimmerman. Or, alternately, Rachel lied to everyone after the fact to make her friend Trayvon look more like a victim. Or both. What actually happened that fateful night however, is almost inescapable. Zimmerman spotted Trayvon looking suspicious. Trayvon Martin spotted his observer, and found it very annoying that some “Creepy ass cracker” was giving him the eye. So he dodged Zimmerman, skulked around in the dark a while, doubled-back and came up out of the shadows exactly as described by Jeantel through the phone, and confronted George: “Why you following me?!!”

Some say Rachel Jeantel got her friend Trayvon killed that night by planting the seed in him mind that George Zimmerman was a gay rapist and if he let him follow him back home he’d rape both Trayvon and his little brother. I wouldn’t lay too much blame on Jeantel, given Trayvon’s history of  street fighting and apparent eagerness to engage in thug-like behavior. But I would again pose the question: where the hell then was Tracey Martin all this time? Apparently not home.

Apparently Trayvon had left his little brother unattended for an hour, home alone, and gone off eventually to the store, however long that took him to reach. And from the store, it was another hour roughly before he met his end in the Zimmerman conflict. There was no rush to get back home to watch an important athletic contest on the television as the Martin faction frequently claims. No rush at all. Over an hour of milling around in the dark in the rain is not a “rush to get home.” That daddy didn’t even report him missing until late into the next morning suggests it was no big thing for Papa Martin simply not to see Trayvon all night anyway.

No, the truth is, his daddy was out, probably partying with the mutually-adulterous girlfriend, and Trayvon was wandering around, scouting the new neighborhood in the dark for some reason only known to himself, and in the process of talking crap with a friend on the phone, noticed George Zimmerman watching him, and eventually became concerneda-woman-holds-a-sign-calling-for-the-arrest-of-george-zimmerman-during-a-protest-in-los-angeles about being followed home by a homicidal, perverted, cracker, rapist. The chain of events from that point on are fairly well documented and witnessed.

Zimmerman obviously never got closer than the length of a football field to Trayvon’s house. It was completely behind several other buildings. Zimmerman would have had no idea where Martin lived, and clearly Martin never went home. So Zimmerman was never there. Nobody confronted anyone there. The Martin/Zimmerman wordplay and fatal scuffle never started there.

In order to make the Jeantel-Fulton-Martin story work, George Zimmerman would have to have accosted the fictional little baby Trayvon (whom you’ve seen from all the public photographs) at his front doorstep, grabbed him up and run the hundred yard dash with a struggling kid in his arms in ten or twenty seconds, set him down at the T intersection, and then laid on his back so baby Trayvon could climb on top and start beating his head against the sidewalk. This would have to have happened because, a few short moments after Rachel’s phone goes dead, the instant she and/or Trayvon claim that Zimmerman “hit” our little baby Trayvon Martin, 911 calls are recorded of the struggle, and witnesses observe Zimmerman getting the crap beaten out of himself by a very large not-baby Trayvon Martin, who had assumed a “pound and ground” MMA position pinning George almost helplessly on his back.

There’s not a hope in hell anything like that at all happened between the real George trayvonmartyrdomZimmerman and the real Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin wasn’t a little boy. Zimmerman could have never commanded control of him. Neither George or Trayvon could have ever been close to Martin’s place of temporary residence. Painting George as a hulking adult and Trayvon as a little kid doesn’t work either. Witnesses saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman beating him all to hell. Trayvon was not struggling, not just fighting, but Trayvon was beating George Zimmerman’s ass.

The comical part of Rachel Jeantel’s testimony, inasmuch as so many Trayvon Martin fans think it so conclusively proves Trayvon’s innocence, is that even if Rachel Jeantel actually heard the correct version of the actual Martin/Zimmerman meet-up over the phone, you still have a pissed-off Trayvon Martin angrily confronting George Zimmerman over why he was following him. And at worst, you only have a George Zimmerman asking what Trayvon was doing around the place in response. You still haveimages (14) no idea who smacked who first, or who grabbed who or what the fight was even about from that testimony. And more importantly, letting the actual words exchanged pass for the sake of the argument, Rachel Jeantel’s testimony is entirely supportive of George Zimmerman’s contention that Martin came up out of nowhere and with a few words slugged him in the nose out of the blue.

“Trayvon got hit,” said Jeantel.

“You don’t know that, do you?” West shot back.

“No sir,” said Jeantel.

“You don’t know if Trayvon got hit, do you?” asked West.

“No sir,” said Jeantel.

“You don’t know that Trayvon didn’t, at that moment, take his fist and drive it into George Zimmerman’s face, do you?”

No sir,” said Jeantel. West also challenged Jeantel several times over whether Zimmerman approached Martin the night of the shooting, but she maintained her story.

“If he was going to confront the man he would have told me, ‘I am about to confront the man and see what he wants.’ He did not tell me that, sir. He just told me he tried to get home, sir. But the man was still following him, sir,” said Jeantel.

Rachel’s first problem with credibility comes with the several versions of her basic story, in which new details seem to be constantly appearing the more she tells it. She originally article-2364794-1AD4E417000005DC-337_634x469hadn’t told anyone Trayvon had called Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker,” or that he’d observed, “this nigga’s still on me.” The dialogue in which she and Trayvon talked about Zimmerman’s obvious homosexual desires towards the youth came up in some interviews, and not others. Those and other fairly important details went and came back again between repeating it to several recorded groups of people.

Zimmerman’s defense team pointed out that she’d made some 9 other calls to Trayvon that night.  When questioned about them, she couldn’t remember a single word of any of those, or even where Trayvon was when they were talking. Oddly enough, she has very article-2120504-1258523D000005DC-944_296x403precise memories of every word spoken, even by Zimmerman, who wasn’t even near the phone, and where exactly Trayvon was at the time of the one call most helpful to making Trayvon Martin out to be a martyr. Nevertheless, through Rachel’s phone records, and using other time markers like the time stamp on the video and register tape, from the market where Trayvon bought his now famous snacks, it became apparent that Martin checked out of the store at 6:23PM. Zimmerman’s first call describing Trayvon roaming the night and looking “suspicious” came in at 7:09PM. That’s giving Trayvon Martin 46 minutes at that point simply to walk a few blocks home. But he wasn’t anywhere near home, in fact he was slinking around an entirely different area of the complex over 100 yards from his doorstep.

Trayvon 7-11

Whatever else he was doing that night, he hadn’t just run down to the corner quicky mart to buy candy and tea for his little brother. And he wasn’t skipping merrily home. What he seemed to be doing is rambling around George Zimmerman’s housing development in the dark, in the cold, in the rain for the better part of an hour. If we assume it took him 46 minutes to dawdle back from the store, we can easily assume he dawdled his way over to it, loitering around the complex the same way for another 46 minutes. He still had therachel-jeantel-drudge Skittles and tea (Actually it was berry drink) in his pocket, unopened, undelivered to baby brother. And you have to ask yourself, what would be the point of wandering around in the dark and the cold and the wet for even the known 46 minutes, even if you were talking to your girlfriend on and off?

The least nefarious explanation would be that he was “talkin’ nigga shit widdiz hoe” and wanted to keep it private. Otherwise most normal folk would have just gone home to their comfy room, cracked open the goodies and had that lengthy conversation in a civilized environment. No crime in that, but props to George Zimmerman, that’s gotta look like pretty odd behavior to a night watch volunteer.

Rachel Jeantel claims however, that apart from the fact that she remembers every word of her last conversation with Trayvon, she thought so little of that last call that she hung up, continued doing her hair and getting ready to go out to socialize that night. Even though in her final tellings of her final version of the call, she now claims she was convinced Trayvon was probably cut off while under attack by a gay, killer-rapist, for some reason, she never followed up with that possibility after the abrupt ending of the call.

Which leaves us with the only other alternative: Did Trayvon at least in some sense, get what he had coming? Was the whole Zimmerman/Martin encounter just a case of nature weeding out the stupid?  Was George Zimmerman in the final analysis, just less stupid or perhaps, just better prepared for his own stupidity than Trayvon Martin?

While the nation’s first “black” president plays another round of golf, why is it so Obama Vacationdesperately necessary that all the plain dumb white folks and all the day-to-day simple brown, yellow, red, and slightly less-tanned Americans have to keep guilting-away their dwindling cash through donations, apologies, and pretending to tolerate violent, deadly, black-based and black-on-black based stupidity simply because it hurts Sybrina Fulton’s feelings?

Fact: a lot of crime and criminal behavior centers around idiotic black youth, and sillyObamaGolfAP (1) assed black males like Trayvon “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Martin. Is it really worth destroying race relations across all American ethnic strata to avoid hurting the feelings and pride of two politically and ideologically motivated Florida parents determined to turn their son’s tragic death into a Black-Power corporate empire? How does selling Rachel Jeantel’s farce of a storyline do anything at all to help other thick-headed black youth escape their own stupidity?  Is it just too much to have to accept the fact that some of these nappy-headed little black American angel boys are not so much the victims of a repressive white conspiracy, as they are the casualties of their own ignorant, sub-cultural idiocy?

You can’t pretend to have followed the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case at all and not know that the girl “friend” Trayvon was on the phone with just  before he got himself shot is Rachel Jeantel. Rachel appeared on Piers Morgan’s very accommodating, white-liberal-guilt-driven leftist cable talk show shortly after the “not guilty” verdict came down for George Zimmerman. She essentially admitted what nobody has even really contested: Trayvon Martin was indeed a gang-banging poser. Her only defense for130714-trayvon-cash2 Martin’s lifestyle choice, is that while he deliberately looked, acted, talked, wrote, published, bragged, boasted and gave every impression that he was a “thug,” she maintains that deep-down he was a very kind youth who wasn’t “really” a thug and only occasionally smoked dope. (Probably only just enough to make him slightly paranoid about creepy ass crackers stalking him…) The fact remains that Jeantel did neither the prosecution nor the memory of Trayvon Martin much good once she finally dragged her substantial ass out into daylight and had to sputter and grunt out a coherent narrative of some sort that people could at least try to follow in public. No doubt, until she showed up in court, it was Rachel Jeantel driving the whole narrative of Trayvon’s untimelyresize demise.

I’d say, consider the source, but by the time Rachel Jeantel materialized, the scenario was long fixed and non-negotiable.

Now, in the course of her Piers Morgan mutterings, Rachel Jeantel claims “they” changed it up some nine, ten, or so years back and now I can use the word “nigga” all I want. Not “nig-ger,” mind you but “nig-ga.” This new use of the word, she contends, means a “male,” any male, even if he’s Chinese. No negative or racial connotations with that at all she asserts. Just like “cracker.” That’s not racial at all either she maintains. Except it still only applies only to white guys, and specifically to cops or prison guards or security officers or other white rednecks who think they’re in charge. Nothing at all ethnically or racially demeaning about that at all any more. So she says.

I agree with Rachel to some extent about the evolution and usage of slang, but not entirely. “Nigga” is an easily identified concept connected to both current  and longstanding black 085355_181945_trayvonmartinfingers1402x293slang. It has indeed lost a lot of it’s hatred and racist overtones whoever is using it. However, she’s whitewashed (pun intended) her definition somewhat. To understand it’s full meaning, you have to in most contexts subconsciously connect the prefix “dumb” to almost every use of the word “nigga.” That’s the way the word is really, and almost universally understood in the “black” community, particularly when used by a white guy. This, perhaps, except, as Rachel points out, in the “New School.” So, Rachel, if that’s our future, then that’s who I’m going to address here.

Yo, nigga. Zup?

Rachel Jeantel’s assertions notwithstanding, I’m not going to be excused however much faith I put in her claims of current “black” homey vernacular. Not a chance of that. Not even by the “New School” thug-gangbanger posers she calls her closest friends. The rulesdownload (7) of correctly using the word “nigga” in truth, don’t apply if you’re both white and you don’t agree with them. If you’re black, even though not technically a “nigga,” you can say what you want. It’s niggas talking ’bout niggas. If you’re white however, a different rule applies. In that case: They may be niggas, but they’s our niggas.

I defer to “Boondocks” for any further definitions.

I’m not saying this. I can’t. I’m white. Boondocks however, makes it clear that “niggas” often engage in a thought process that is entirely foreign to the average “cracker.” The “white” population will never understand how Barack Obama for instance, non-governs the way he non-governs and gets away with it in the “black” community, or how he can be loved by them in spite of massive poverty and unemployment rates in that community. Rush Limbaugh has coined the term, “The Limbaugh Theorem,” to explain this phenomenon, in which he proposes that Obama deliberately avoids ever being seen in a position of running anything, or leading anything. Instead he’s constantly selling the black, liberal masses on the proposition that he’s lobbying the Powers that Be, trying to fix these injustices and broken governmental systems that have so obviously failed his constituency.

Even the great Limbaugh misses the bit point. It’s simpler than that. Barack Obama never 0ran for the office of president of the United States of America. As far as he’s concerned he’s been elected the Head Nigga in Charge. The Head Nigga is only in charge of the other niggas. He’s never actually the Boss Man. The Boss Man works for the Master of the House. Head Nigga is therefore always twice removed from feeling any actual ownership of the plantation itself except insofar as it’s welfare, and that of the Boss Man and Master, kicks back around to benefit all the little niggas working on it. And of course, the Head Nigga.

The Boss Man, well, that’s Bush. That’s the Republicans. That’s the House. That’s them. That’s THE MAN. The Head Nigga doesn’t run the place. He lobbies THE MAN on behalf of his lower-caste niggas. Head Nigga is friend to all the little niggas. Head Nigga is not THE MAN. Ever. Head Nigga is not even capable of ever even becoming THE MAN. That’s the way a community organizer thinks. Get the niggas up-in-arms, take their issues to THE MAN, and extract some concessions from the Boss. That’s what EOE and civil rights lawyers and lobbyists do. That’s what lawyers do in general. That’s what the Obamas do, or did, for a living. They are civil rights, community activist lawyers. Barack Obama has achieved the status of Head Nigga in Charge of all America’s hard-workin’ field niggasobama_poppin_caps. When Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair and an invisible president, that’s exactly how Obama himself sees it. That’s the Boss Man’s chair, that’s where Bush sat. That’s the guy I’m lobbying against. It’s not my chair.

The notion that all those little working-class niggas out there, black, white, brown, all multi-colored and multi-racial, are actually the owners of the American Plantation in this analogy totally escapes Barack Hussein Obama. So does the fact that in the old days when niggas got a little bonus it was because niggas worked their backsides off to impress Massuh. You might think the lack of any cotton-pickin’ goin’ on in the civil rights plantation today would be an obvious hole in their negotiating platform, but the truth is, they’ve convinced all the little white and brown and non-black niggas out, there, all we collective Americans, that we owe them retro-actively for all the cotton their great great great great grand pappy theoretically picked a hundred and fifty years ago or so. Some of us buy that I suppose, but mostly we just pay them off so they don’t riot. Barack Obama, like the Al Sharptons and the fossilizing race-industry hangers-on like Jesse Jackson only know how to get hold of money, how to get ahead, or wield power in Trayvon-Martin-Thugtheir lives and communities one way: you exploit the civil rights dodge the way it has worked since the Kennedy era. You hearken back to the days of an overtly, Jim Crow era system of black oppression by whites and pretend nothing’s changed. A black president only makes that a bit harder to illustrate. So you have to gin-up a little racial injustice and disharmony to keep the pot bubbling and the income trickling into the coffers. That’s the mentality that embraces Trayvon Martin’s political machine. Trayvon Martin isn’t a martyr and patron saint of lost black youth, so much as a  symbol of the continued employment of career lawyers and “community leaders” in the race business. He’s the little black kid hunted down by the evil white power structure in American’s institutional system of racism and killed for just being black they can all point to and say–see, nothin’s changed. Ka-ching, ka-ching. Just make that out to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

There is only one sure truth in the inter-play between Trayvon Martin from Martin’s perspective–from the perspective of any “at risk” young black male. From the perspective of the “black community.” Trayvon Martin had absolutely no control over what George Zimmerman was thinking that fateful night. Trayvon Martin had absolutely no control over what George Zimmerman was doing out there that night, good bad, armed, justified or not. But Trayvon Martin had absolute control over what Trayvon Martin was thinking and doing out there in the dark and the rain. And the truth is, George Zimmerman wasn’t “Whitey.” He wasn’t the fictional hillbilly racist invented by the Race-Baiting Industry. That entire theme vanished in the actual trial because there was no evidence for it at all.

Short of the sinister, baby-killing redneck monster created by the Sybrina Fulton Corporation, George Zimmerman’s race or racial biases had almost no opportunity to figure much into Trayvon’s death in any case. Zimmerman could have been Haitian or Zambian and had skin as black as a bowling ball. Trayvon wasn’t being “stalked.” Trayvon was being observed by the local night watch because he looked suspicious for whatever reason, call it “profiling” or not. But that didn’t get him killed.The Trayvon Martin shooting

Clan Martin and company desperately tried to sell the world on the notion that little baby Trayvon was snacking on candy on his front stoop and minding his own business when some huge, vicious white racist ran him down and shot him dead in cold blood. That was a lie. That was a lie they continued to tell with the help of a willing media, an overtly ignorant public sentiment (black and white) and a pandering, leftist political class. The Martin team sold this complete fabrication for a full year after it was known to be entirely baseless for fame and profit. This lie began at best as a mother’s hope and delusion to avoid having to face the simple fact that Trayvon Martin found out the hard way that Nigga Moments can be fatal. Martin may have only been “playing” the thug. But George Zimmerman had know way of knowing the difference between “playing” and “being” while he was getting his head beat into the sidewalk.

“Can I help you sir? Yes sir. No sir. I live right over there sir. No problem. You have a good evening…”

That’s the conversation that would have kept Trayvon Martin alive. You can say Trayvon doesn’t owe some “crazy-ass cracker” that courtesy because it’s none of his business what he’s doing out in the dark, skulking around the housing complex. Maybe not. But Trayvon Martin owes Trayvon Martin that conversation. I obviously can’t understand “black” culture entirely. But, this is the same advice I’ve frequently given my own large, Jordan-Davis-21dangerous-looking sons. That’s because, in the “White Community” we generally teach our children to avoid saying that one thing that will get them shot or beaten-down. In my experience however, in the “Black Community” be it with cops, bouncers, security details, community watch, or just heavily armed fellow homeys, the ethos or social standard seems to reward lipping off with just exactly the right thing to inflame violence. In my casual observations, one of the reasons more black guys get arrested than white guys on similar charges, is that the white guy knows what not to say to get thrown in jail for the night.

If you as a “black community” want to continue to argue the case that “Whitey” has no business asking questions or otherwise “profiling” large black teenaged males roaming the dark and rainy night, in a crime-plagued housing complex where they are clearly strangers, if you wish to continue to argue that “Whitey” has a beat-down coming for daring to be concerned about the character of big black youth dressed like thugs prowling around the darkness, then you will simply have to continue to make that argument weeping over a slab in the morgue.

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